Every Friday morning in school meeting, the whole school discusses and records the tasks which will contribute to us sustaining our own school and environment. Two children are nominated to do the recording on a white-board of what is to be done.

Each child chooses how they can contribute to the school, deciding what task they will complete depending on their age and skill. These tasks range from sweeping and picking up rubbish to cleaning the chicken coop and gardening. Teachers assist and supervise the more difficult jobs.

The aim is to develop an awareness of our environment and how we can contribute to its well-being. It builds a strong community spirit of responsibility and respect. Our sense of achievement is enhanced and the children are empowered with a feeling of belonging and contributing not just to our immediate community but to the world. The children’s awareness has created a healthier environment with a consciousness about recycling.

Students have witnessed and been part of hatching chickens from eggs, building a coop from recycled materials, caring for the chickens and reaping the rewards of eggs. The manure goes in the compost and can be put on the garden to improve our vegetables. Students are also developing physical skills using tools and digging gardens. There is also investigation and research to complete projects like setting up the worm farm.

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