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Hello everyone,

Well, this is it, the last newsletter for 2022! How incredibly fortunate we’ve been to have had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful preschool community this year. We’re so proud of each child and how far they’ve come.

It’s been a fruitful year with the preschool taking part in many wonderful events including Sculpture Week, Summerhill Days, music incursions, music week, Children’s Voices for Reconciliation, Lane Cove Library visits, Kimberley Playground routine excursion……. the list of events could go on and on. The children’s agency has been reflected in how confidently they chair morning meetings, their ability to share knock, knock jokes with each other and the end of day activity that the children are so independent in running. It’s been great to see children find their voice and confidently use it in all aspects of their day with us.

The children ran a fantastic thank you afternoon tea last Thursday and then another very successful Afternoon Tea for their buddies in Wendy’s class on Tuesday. The preparation, practice and anticipation in the lead-up to these events have been a great experience for all involved. The event itself was a wonderful celebration of what community is and how capable and competent the youngest members of our special Currambena community are.

Thank you to everyone that has supported preschool throughout the year. The attendance at maintenance days, the washing, the end of term cleaning and all the input into preschool has been greatly appreciated. For those families finishing in preschool this year please remember that your child’s Storypark can still be accessed by you and added to for free for as long as you like.

Wishing everyone a safe and joyous Christmas break and a prosperous New Year. For those families leaving Currambena, as your child makes their transition to primary in school within the wider community we wish you well, we’ll miss your child and your family, though, know you’ll take a piece of Currambena in your hearts. For those of you returning to preschool, we look forward to spending another fun-filled year with your families. For those heading off to primary in Vinnie’s class, we feel honoured to be able to continue to watch your children grow and develop as they continue their journey through our very special school.


Katrina, Michael and Lisa

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Hi everyone, please enjoy these beautiful photos from our adventure to the Magic Bridge last Friday with Olivia and Meg and with Jess’ class, it was such a wonderful experience, lucky kids!!

This week one of the highlights was looking at things “I can do” and things “I can’t do .. YET” – “yet” being the key word. We talked about growth mindset and how we get better at things through practice and try not to compare ourselves to others because we’re all at different points.

Thanks so much for the beautiful photo album for Vinnie and I, such a personal present and a gorgeous way to remember all of the children. We all enjoyed looking through it on Tuesday afternoon!! Thank you for bringing food to share on our party day and thank you for your generous gift card, wow, it’s too much! Thank you also for your lovely messages. I will very much miss this community.

Wishing you and all your families a very happy holiday season xxx Emma

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This week has been a gorgeous finish to a really fantastic year. Please enjoy some of the photos of our shenanigans.

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And that’s a wrap!!

Nothing extra to add this week other than it has been an absolute pleasure and delight to have taught your children this year. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.

Love, Sarah

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Hi everyone.

Last Newsletter and so many thank you messages to say!

Thank you to all the parents who have helped us this year, especially everyone who contributed to making our camp at Jervis Bay such a success last week. Cleaning utensils, checking the First Aid book, testing gas cookers, loading trailers, helping to set up, staying at camp with us, cooking supper treats… the list is very long and every contribution was greatly appreciated.
Many parents have assisted during the year, too, driving on excursions or helping with craft/art projects (thank you Will!) or simply being supportive when it was needed. Thank you all!

Thank you to my colleagues for another year of learning and working together. Special thanks to Emma for being such a terrific Currambena teacher this year and best wishes to her for her travels. Thank you to our assistants, Archana, Jodi and Sarah D. who have contributed so much to our learning this year. Thank you to Olivia for taking the group on Thursdays for the second half of the year and thank you to Daniel and Mikee for doing such a brilliant job in the office!

Thank you especially to the children in my group. We’ve had so much fun this year and it’s been such a privilege to share this learning journey with you. Best of luck to the Year 6s going off to high school. They all seem very confident and ready and we all wish them the very best for all the years to come. We know they’ll carry a little of Currambena with each of them in their hearts. Best of luck to those who are not returning next year.

A very special farewell to the families whose last child is now leaving after many years here at Currambena! You will all be much missed… thank you for all the years you have been here as part of our community. I hope you will also carry a little (or a lot!) of Currambena in your hearts and stay in touch through the alumni email group!

So it remains to wish everyone a fabulous holiday. Rest and relax and stay safe.

Lots of love,

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Hello everyone,

We’ve got some tired preschool people at the moment, seems their yearly body clock is needing a well-earned rest after a big year.

A huge thank you to everyone for taking time out of your day and joining the children for the Annual Preschool Afternoon Tea on Thursday afternoon. It’s a really special event that we haven’t been able to have in preschool for the last couple of years because of COVID. The children did an amazing job in organising the event, deciding what we should cook, making the food and, most importantly, greeting and serving their guests. It was just gorgeous to see how excited and happy they were to serve their guests the fruits of their labour. They were all so patient in making sure their people were well taken care of before having something for themselves. We plan on having another afternoon tea for the Buddies next Tuesday to thank them for playing with us this year as well as saying goodbye.

We’ve obviously spent a lot of time cooking in preschool over the last 2 weeks. We’ve been particularly impressed with the children’s ability to crack eggs! Some of them have told me they’ve never done it before though they’ve been really good. All of the 24 eggs cracked successfully made it into the banana bread.

We’ll have out last visit to Lane Cove Library next Wednesday, a lovely opportunity for the children to thank Chris, the librarian, for sharing stories with us this year.

Lastly a big thank you to the sweeping fairies around preschool and the school of late. Thank you also to everyone that has signed up for a few end-of-year tasks in preschool. We’ll start bagging up washing next week.

Wishing everyone a restful weekend during this very busy time of the year.


Katrina, Michael and Lisa






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Hi everyone,

What a big beautiful year it’s been! Thanks for welcoming me to Currambena. I had a great time working with our class part time with Vinnie terms 1-3, and Jess’ class in term 2 and 3, and then full time on our class in term 4.

The children have learnt and grown so much. It’s been a year with a lot of sickness and absences – recovering from the effects of the pandemic – but it’s also been a year to appreciate being able to be together and in person in classrooms, having those joyful social interactions that we missed last year in lockdowns.

I wish you and all of your families a safe and happy summer holidays! Hope these holidays are a good chance to rest and recuperate and enjoy being together with loved ones.

This week we’ve been wrapping up everything, continuing with Morning Routine, doing some drawing and creative writing, helping tidy up the classroom ready for Vinnie’s class next year, lots of play and conflict resolution and learning to be patient and gentle with each other as we’re all pretty tired by the end of the year. We opened our time capsules on Tuesday and it was gorgeous to see how far everyone has come from their first piece of writing at the start of the year.

We have lots of fun things planned for the last few days of school. Tomorrow (Friday 9 December) we’ll do a bushwalk to the Magic Bridge, so please make sure everyone has hats and walking shoes! On Monday we’ll cook macaroons as requested – thanks Sarah for your recipe. I want to check if it’s ok if next Tuesday I buy the class ice creams at the pool as a special treat for the last swimming day. Please let me know if any of you would like to meet us up at Pottery Green for a play after swimming. Hope it’s ok, our class voted for the movie “Secret Life of Pets” for our last day next Wednesday. It would be great if you could please bring some food to share from home (healthy snacks / fruit or veggies would be amazing). Some of the children said they want to wear PJs and bring “cuddlies”.

Lots of love,


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Dear Parents,
It’s been such a pleasure to teach your children this year. And what a wonderful year we’ve had! The children have shown enormous resilience, making the most of their first full year in the classroom and creating some magical times together. None more magical than our end-of-year, postponed too many times, excursion to the beach. It was a glorious day with perfect weather and happy children. The conditions were so beautiful at Balmoral, I even got in the water! Thank you to my parent volunteers – Camille, Jennifer, Brette, and Celine who popped in to help out.

A huge thank you to everyone who has volunteered their time this year to make our little class work so smoothly. So much washing, reading, cleaning, sweeping, swimming, supervising and cooking. I couldn’t do it without you!

Finishing up a year with any group is emotional, but it is particularly so with this group as we’ve been together for two years and are so tightly connected. We’ve also endured the unique experience of COVID lockdowns together and learning from home through our computer screens. Despite the physical distance, in many ways I feel more connected to everyone for the experience. Perhaps seeing each others bedroom walls, pets, dirty washing and bedspreads is a bonding experience that can not be forgotten.

I think you are all doing an amazing job of raising caring, bold, sensitive and wholly amazing children! Thank you for trusting me to be part of their journey.

Wishing you all happy Christmas and a restful break.


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