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Hello Everyone,

We now have 4G set-up so we have managed that hurdle- Phew! The rest of the week has been a continuation of experimentation and creative thinking and I am sure everyone is hanging out for the weekend and no screen time!

Mikee and I have been ticking along in the office managing all the usual and researching how we can run this year’s AGM. The idea of a zoom meeting has really appealed to us. No more pleading and badgering to get our numbers of attendance for a quorum. People can now attend from their couch at home, how good is that!

We have all been meeting each morning in Charles room and so are able to spread out around the perimeter. Discussions are on the simmer about what next term could look like and the philosophy around what does learning on line mean for Currambena in fitting with our Core Values and Beliefs? This could take some time reflecting and brainstorming. We will keep you posted.

Have we hit the curve yet, are we riding the wave?

I think it is a little like surfing; waiting, waiting, here it comes, are we standing? Yahoo!Tumbling, rolling, my gad I think I am drowning, fighting for the surface, a great gasp, breathing; breathing!  Ok, back on the board and start all over.


Hope I am speaking for everyone and that we are all getting there in spite of the tumbles

Take care

Julianna x

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Hello everyone,

We hope this week’s newsletter finds you well during these strange and unusual times. Preschool remains very quiet with only one or two children in attendance each day. We’ve continued to miss the hustle and bustle of our normally lively, loud and busy days and hope to return to them soon!

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes as we explore and develop ways to connect with everyone while we can’t all physically be together as a preschool and Currambena community. I’ve spent time looking at Google classrooms that currently primary is using as well as other various platforms to stay connected with each other. After many webinars, discussions, assistance from both parents and teachers we’ve decided to stick with Storypark and Zoom.

As a parent myself I know how difficult it is to be juggling children at home as well as work. We know that preschool children are active and busy little people and whilst we can’t physically be with your children we’re looking at ways to engage and stimulate them.

This week we had our first Zoom meeting, throwing ourselves in the deep end opening up the meeting to everyone. Whilst it was chaotic and noisy it was also really lovely to see everyone and have the children connect with each other. We also had our first Zoom Spanish lesson and our first Zoom craft lesson. We’re planning to also offer some Zoom music, games and story times every day as well so stay tuned.

That’s it for this week from preschool. We’re remaining positive and strong with each passing day we’re one closer to all being back together!


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Dear Parents,
What a positive and flexible community we have proved to be. Thank you for everyone’s support and patience as I learn to navigate the world of on-line learning for young children.

This week, we have looked at some essential learning through a range of both explicit, integrated and play-based tasks. Some children have engaged consistently with the set tasks, whilst others have used the ideas to inspire their own learning directions at home. Both a valid approach.

On Monday, we focused on maths, with the Turtles taking some time to explore the number 3 and 4 and the elders delving into the teen numbers and the concept of the tens column. Many children revisited the ‘Ants Go Marching’ video to explore patterns in numbers and there were some fabulous representations of the square number patterns that they found.

On Tuesday, the Turtles explored the letter h, practising how to write it and exploring words that started with its sound. The Bull ants worked on the /d/ sound and did some gorgeous independent writing. We came together for a Hilarious Hat party over Zoom in the afternoon. It was so fun to see the crazy creations that were made.

On Wednesday, it was Spanish and Craft. Well done to everyone who engaged. It sounds like Crafty Chris ran a fantastic zoom session and you were all able to brainstorm and share your ideas for a stop motion video next term. I am excited to see how this develops.

Today, the children will be integrating learning from across the syllabus to create obstacle courses, make maps and write instructions. Although many children are already very good at knowing their left from their right, today will be a good chance to deepen that understanding for some.

There has been so much other learning going on at home. Lots of science construction including Lego, shelter and cubby making and even a catapult machine! There has continued to be a strong interest in living (and dead) things with insects, animals and plants being spotted on various walks. I have noticed a few photos of mushrooms that seem to be thriving in the wet weather. I think we might investigate these more deeply in our learning next week.

Please continue to share your learning on Google Classrooms. I feel it is important to stay connected and show love and care for each other now. If you see something that someone else has done that you like, please comment on their post. The virtual classroom belongs to all of us (not just me!) just like our classroom at school.

I will be sending out an email over the next week, asking for feedback in relation to our switch to an on-line learning platform. I would really appreciate your comments (both positive and negative) so I can continue to develop my practice.

Take care of yourself and each other,
Jess x

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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well during this time and your children are coping with the new learning landscape. As quiet and lonely as it is at school at the moment it has been wonderful meeting on zoom in the mornings and interacting with students through google classroom. It is certainly going to be a learning curve for us all, although we will come out on the other side with new technology skills and a deep appreciation for personal space.

In literacy this week, the children have been completing literacy choice activities including handwriting, phonics, reading and writing. In numeracy we have started a new and exciting program called prodigy which allows students to improve their learning online through engaging tasks activities and maths problems. I have already begun receiving some wonderful and creative personal interest projects.

I hope you all have a wonderful week.




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I don’t quite know where to start? What a week it’s been!!!

So by now you should be well versed with what the children have been up to in this class but for the sake of other families who might like to know here goes…….

What has ‘on-line’ learning looked like in Sarah’s Class?? We start with a morning Zoom to check in for attendance, to see how everybody is going and answer any questions about – anything! I have been posting the day’s timetable on Google Classroom each day and those who are able have been keeping to the schedule of activities. The children have continued with their Spelling, Maths Mentals, Handwriting and Storywriting tasks. All things we had well established as a part of our week. I also include various different videos and links, as ways to get physical and suggested activities for Science, Mindfulness/meditation and Reading.

Crafty and Carolina did their first Zoom with the children on Wednesday and will continue to do so, at their usual time each week. Crafty has his own Google Classroom set up where the children can access the set tasks and engage with him in a chat. He has an idea to create an animation with the whole class and it will be interesting to see how this will come together. But he is a visionary, so it will certainly be an experience, for all!

We are going to start our Personal Project presentations next week where the children will share these from their screen. These will have to overlap into Term 2, as we just won’t have time to fit them ALL in to 1 week before the holidays.

Thankyou, for your messages of support, your patience and understanding during what is a trying and very difficult time for everybody. I will continue with the daily email, for the time being, to keep you informed of any timetable changes and/or things happening and of course with the details of our scheduled zoom meetings.

Do something wonderful on the weekend and speak to you – on-line!!!

Love, Sarah



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Hi Everyone,

It has been very quiet in the classroom over the last week with just the sea monkeys, cockroaches and I in the space. Missing the laughter, chats, noise, questions and just being in the presence of the children. Everyone has done such a great job at working through the technological side of online learning. Well done to you and the children! I enjoy seeing everyone on Zoom and Google Meet throughout each day. Remember, if you need any help, please get in touch with me.

Over the last week the children have been engaged in a variety of activities from making ANZAC biscuits, creating art, Prodigy, Maths mentals, writing, reading, Spanish, Personal Interest Projects, addition activities, drawing, finding minibeasts in their home environments and completing riddles each day.

Thank you again for the continued support throughout this time. I look forward to seeing the children through our virtual classroom over the next week.

Leesa x

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A very steep learning curve for all of us this past week! Thank you so much to the whole community for all the support and offers of help in these strange times. I hope you are all keeping well and coping OK all things considered. As difficult as it is in self-isolation, at least we have the luxury of being able to do it. In other places in the world they are not so lucky!

Just a short note today because I’ve been sending emails to my families each day to check in about the on-line learning experience. I am so proud of my group and how well they are all adapting to it. We’ve even had some extremely successful PIP presentations this week and they have been most impressive! Some fabulous stories have been written and our Maths topics Data and Chance is progressing well.

When I’m not 100% focusing on the computer screen, it seems very quiet her at school! The chickens are having to scratch deeper and deeper to find any food! Even the pigeons have decided to look for pickings elsewhere!

Meanwhile, another bunch of bananas is growing near the beautiful, colourful dome and, with all the rain, things are looking very green. The pomegranate bush outside our room actually has three pomegranates forming!

Take care of yourselves. If we all try to look out for others too, we will get through this awful time in better shape.

With love,

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Chaired by: Xavier and Gabriel

1. Movie by Wendy

Wendy’s class wanted to know if their class was able to watch a movie today due to their camp being cancelled. The meeting voted yes for this to occur.

2. Pram clip by Cee Cee

Cee Cee informed the meeting about a clip that has been removed from a parent’s green pram last week. She asked the meeting to let someone know if they know anything about the missing clip or if they find it. The meeting reminded each other about our school agreement not to touch other people’s property.

3. Tree house by Crafty

Crafty informed the meeting about additional agreements about the Tree house.

  • Not allowed to untie knots or ropes
  • Don’t put your head through the ropes
  • Net is in test mode please stay off for the moment

4. Isla Leaving by Wendy

Wendy informed the meeting that Isla and her family are moving next week and this would be her last school meeting.

5. Jess’s Classroom by Jess

Jess informed the meeting that her classroom is open to anyone to come and play today.

Meeting adjourned. Sustaining Currambena.

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