Hello everyone,

We hope you all had a fantastic long weekend!

This term is steam rolling ahead, as is this year for that matter, it’s hard to believe we’re 3 week’s away from being half way through the school year! We continue to enjoy this great cohort of children, relishing the time we have together as a preschool community.

After last weeks cold snap we’ve been enjoying  the warmth and light of the sun as well as the opportunities it gives the children to play outdoors. The cubby house is quickly becoming a favourite place for many of the children. It’s wonderful to see children taking responsibility for their actions and after spending the day filling the cubby up with equipment inside preschool, clearing it out and packing it up with teachers only asking once. Hopefully this is flowing through to home life as well.

We’ve spent the end of last week and the beginning of this week completing art works for the upcoming whole school art exhibition. If any families have art works at home that were completed at Currambena, it would be great if you could bring them in so we can include them in the exhibition. To provide the preschool children with some knowledge about what an art exhibition is we’ve planned an excursion to the Lane Cove Art Gallery next Tuesday 18th June. All families with children not attending on this day are welcome to join us. We plan to arrive at the Gallery at 10:15 am.  We hope to visit Lane Cove Library before the term ends as well, so stay tuned for dates and permission notes.

We’re amazed at how perceptive the children are at learning Spanish. Carolina’s Spanish lessons are fantastic. The Spanish polyglots program on the iPads is very much a highlight of many of the children. Unfortunately one was smashed last week, leaving us with only one working iPad. We’ve recently purchased two new ones that hopefully we’ll be here by the end of this week or early next week.

During group times we’ve been providing opportunities for children to work alongside children they may not have previously spent a great deal of time playing with. It’s lovely to see how effective this had been in assisting children to build relationships with others. We’ve also begun relaxation times at the end of the day, the group seem to be really enjoying this, with many children requesting it each afternoon. We’re providing many opportunities throughout the day for children to engage in group experiences. Cooking seems to always capture the children’s interest and lends itself to team work and cooperation with others.

As always thank you to all the washing fairies. Many thanks also to the Oliver family for the donation of Rainbow Magic books.


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Dear Parents,

I hope you had a restful three-day weekend, I know some of you managed to get away for the weekend and others were busy visiting Vivid and places in the city. It feels very strange only having a four-day week!

Thank you to Monica who visited our class for story time on Friday. We learnt all about Colombia (where Monica grew up). The children had lots of questions about animals, the flag and what life was like. Monica told us a fascinating story about a man called Luis, who has devoted his life to bringing books to remote villages. His mobile library visits different places via donkey! It was funny to learn how Monica was once woken up in the middle of the night by an Alpaca!

Last Thursday the children were excited to learn more about France! We sung Frère Jacques, ate croissants and French toast, listened to French music and had a go at building our own Tour Eiffel structures. My appalling French accent had the children in stitches but they were impressed with a few of my French phrases. Today we are excited to learn about… Greenland!

Lots of the children are showcasing their love of writing at the moment. It is lovely to see lots of them using their writing books as journals, writing notes to one another, adding to their projects and writing as a way of recording ideas. Last week we created wanted posters, inspired by Snow White in New York. The children wanted to stick them around the school and some of them created a distressed look by using tea bags and ripping the edges.

On Wednesday the children enjoyed completing a quiz about the world with Susan. They answered some tricky questions in teams about different countries, continents and cities. After completing the quiz, they looked at a map of Australia and began plotting places that are significant and meaningful to them. Some children included; where they were born, where their friends and family live and where their parents were born.

I have seen a real shift in the children’s maturity and conflict resolution skills this term. The children are beginning to use clear messages more effectively and are understanding the importance of being specific. We are moving away from ‘stop I don’t like it’ and trying to explain further want we want to stop and how it makes us feel. We are continuing to work on our empathy skills and trying to understand the other person’s needs. Conflict is an inevitable part of our lives and it is great to see the children using their skills to find a win/win solution. Please remember if you have any concerns to come and chat to me (with your child) before inside time.

On Monday 17th June we will be having our 1920′s day. It would be lovely if the children could dress up and bring a snack to share at morning tea. It should be a great day to celebrate our new book!

Thank you to Sarah for taking home our big bag of laundry last week and Susan for her ongoing care of our tadpoles. Some of our tadpoles are sprouting legs and are well on their way to becoming frogs, come and check them out!

Have a lovely weekend!


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Hi Everybody!

The children all seemed to enjoy their movie night last Friday and the evening ran smoothly. Thank you for being so prompt at picking up your child. It was certainly nice to have an extra day in the weekend to recoup.

Our student teacher Charlie completed his practicum with us this week, and he left us with a song! As a parting gift, he wrote and played (on his guitar) a beautiful song for the class. It was a touching moment and the children applauded him with hugs. I asked Charlie just before he left what was the main thing he would be taking away from his experience, at the school and in the class – he said: the fact that there is a school that teaches children about mutual respect and they are given a voice and a place to truly be themselves. We wish him well on his journey!

This week the children have looked at Adjectives – words that describe a subject and/or object in a sentence. We have also done some revision on strategies we use to solve problems using the 4 operations in Maths. With only 2 more weeks left to work on their Personal Projects the children have upped their game and are doing a lot of self editing ie. reading through their slides and adding punctuation, grammar and checking it all makes sense.

Unfortunately last week, due to the weather, we had to cancel our PE program. However this week it went off without a hitch. Thank you to parents, Susan Hunt and John Quilter who are passing on their experience, knowledge and skill to teach some of the children soccer and basketball.

For our research into Australian History we looked at things happening during the years 1868 and 1878. We discovered what a Penny Farthing was and who Burke and Wills were and what they did. We found out that from the 1870′s Aboriginal children were finally accepted and allowed to attend state schools and the main food eaten by the Europeans was Bread!

Finally for this week, we will be discussing….. What is Empathy? I will feed back the response in next weeks newsletter.

Next Monday, we have a person coming to talk to some of the classes about Cyber Safety. I’m hoping you have seen and read the flyer in the newsletter in regards to this. Thank you, to those parents who responded saying they thought my age group should also be included in the talk for children. This will happen during the day. If you aren’t already planning to  attend the talk for parents, I think it would be extremely worthwhile, so discussions can continue at home.

That’s us for this week!

Love, Sarah


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Hi Everyone,

Our movie night last Friday night was full of fun, food, laughter and at times aww moments while watching Wall E. This was a great opportunity to hang out with friends and enjoy a movie at night at school.

On Tuesday we began our biographies on famous people. Some of these include: J.K.Rowling, E.B.White, Charles Darwin, Colonel Sanders (KFC), Taylor Swift, Stan Lee and many more. We are researching information on these famous people and will publish the biography to display in our classroom.

During Mathematics this week we have continued patterns and algebra and explored letter and matchstick patterns. We also learnt about square and triangular numbers and drew diagrams to help us remember these.

We have finished reading Charlotte’s Web and will continue completing activities around this text for the rest of the term. Our new novel is ‘The House With A Clock In The Walls’ by John Bellairs. A fantasy text about a boy aged 10 named Lewis. He becomes an orphan and goes to live with his uncle Jonathan in an old mansion that contains a ticking noise.

On Wednesday we read the text ‘What’s your story?’ by Rose Giannone.  The picture book is set at the time of the first settlement of Australia. It describes the friendship of a little orphan boy from England, Leonard, and the friendship he strikes with a little Aboriginal girl called Milba. The illustrations in this text inspired the children to draft a picture that symbolises the story. Next week we will redraw this picture and paint it using water colours. Our discussions then led us to National Sorry Day and NAIDOC Week. We read some information on both these important commemorations and will explore the Aboriginal perspective on colonisation next.

Our upcoming excursion to Taronga Zoo will be a focus for the next few weeks as we familiarise ourselves with the map of the zoo, categories of animals and a plan for viewing the animals on the day.

Next Monday 17th June our class will be involved in a Cyber Safety session with Yasmin from Ysafe. There will be a parent session from 6:30pm till 7:30pm that night, so if you are able to attend please do.

Our last visit to Lane Cove Library for this term is Monday 17th June. Please bring in books that need to be returned.

Our Personal Interest Projects are due next Friday 21st June. The children are working hard to finalise their research, collate the information and edit their projects.

Upcoming Events:

  • Friday 21st June Personal Interest Projects Due.
  • Friday 28th June Whole School Art Exhibition and social.
  • Wednesday 3rd July Taronga Zoo Excursion.

That’s it for this short week. Have a fantastic weekend!

Leesa x

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A short school week but lots going on!!

Our PIPs are due on Friday and, with the short week, we are having a break from text books and concentrating on getting PIPs finished, proof-read, information printed out and given to me and a related art work also finished. Some are already done but some children may have quite a bit to do in the next couple of days! No shops on Friday if it’s not finished.

In English, we’ve been writing some wonderful stories and revising homonyms, prefixes, suffixes and compound words in our spelling lists this week. In Maths, we’ve worked on fractions, decimals and percentages. Thank you to Shirley for the interactive puzzles and games yesterday. Some of the group are becoming highly skilled with 3D creations on Tinkercad now too.

Our island creations are looking fabulous… you’ll be able to see some of them at the Art Exhibition coming soon! We watched a film about climate zones around the planet and seasons this week and we are working out the implications of climatic zone for the islands being created.

Round 2 of whole school PE began on Tuesday afternoon and our Games at School group played a couple of versions of tip. And yesterday, we had a workshop on massage with Eric, Jay’s dad. Thank you so much Eric! Most of us learned some new things and everyone who received a massage enjoyed it! It was good to hear the clear message that it’s OK to say no, or withdraw permission for someone to touch you, even if it’s a professional.

Next week is a very full one too! Here are some reminders!

MONDAY 17TH Student workshops during the day about cyber safety and screen use. 6:30PM TO 7:30 PM PARENT SESSION PLEASE REGISTER AND PAY BEFORE THE SESSION IF POSSIBLE.

WEDNESDAY 19TH FIELD OF MARS ENVIRONMENTAL INCURSION ALL DAY Warm clothes, closed in shoes, water bottles and healthy packed lunches are needed. Being at school on time is essential too.

THURSDAY 20TH Sydney Uni PhD student, Eleni, is coming to work with some of our students for her research into learning maths through movement.

AND, as if that wasn’t enough, the group voted today that they’d like to have a movie night at school on Friday 21st. I will need at least a couple of parents to help with this so please let me know if you are available from 3pm until about 7:30 that night.

Have a good rest of the week. Love, Wendy

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THE CONFERENCE IS NOW ONLY A MONTH AWAY!!! Thanks so much to those who have offered to help so far.

We still need plenty of volunteers on the ground on each of the conference days to help with logistics so please let us know if can give us a couple of hours on one or more of the days Monday 15th to Saturday 20th. We will be having a volunteer briefing day and putting together the welcome packs for participants on 13th July.

We also have a whole lot more calico bags to be washed and ironed! I thought they had all been given out but there is another box in my room… please come and take some if you can help with this!

We are still receiving enquiries from overseas people about financial support to attend the conference. The most recent is from an Indian storyteller, an indigenous woman from Darjeeling, who attended InDEC and would love to come and share stories with us here. If you were considering offering some money, please let us know asap sow e can use it for her.

Please sign up on the excel page Rowena sent around if you are able to offer a bed or a room.

Please let us know if you can be here to help with logistics on the Currambena Day, Tuesday 16th July. We are hoping that the community will provide morning tea that day for our overseas and local guests. Please let us know if you could do some baking and bring it to school on Tuesday morning, 16th July for the Currambena Day morning tea.

Please go to the website and register for the day or days you are interested in attending! APDEC2019.org

Many thanks! Wendy, Katrina, Michael, Di, Shan, Julie, Kris, Brett and Cec and Chris!

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1. Summerhill Day by Rory
Rory explained that Currambena was based on a school called Summerhill in England where children choose what classes they want to go to each day. Currambena used to have a Summerhill Day each term where each classroom had a program on the door and people signed up for sessions they wanted to attend. The meeting voted that we’d like to have a Summerhill Day and Wendy is going to speak to the teachers about what day would work and bring it back to next meeting.

2. Library care by Wendy and Tess.
The new graphic novels are all ready to be borrowed now. Please make sure you look after them and return them quickly after you have read them. Also please look after the library. One of the new curtains was pulled down very soon after it went up so please be more careful.

3. Milk products by Chris.
A container for a milk product was found in the playground. Please be more careful with these because we have a child in preschool who is seriously allergic to milk in all forms.

4. Plasticene by Mabel and Amaya.
We have plasticene in our class so please don’t touch it or take it outside when you come to visit our room.

5. Umbrella by Kai, Benji and Hugo.
This was an apology for breaking an umbrella that was in lost property. If you owned it, please come to Kai, Benji and Hugo so that they can apologise in person.

6. Pillow fighting in Leesa’s room.
Leesa’s class have made some rules about pillow fighting in their room and these are on the wall. They have decided that only children from Leesa’s class are allowed to play pillow fights in the room.

7. Spiders by Ryan.
A reminder to be careful of spiders and not try to catch them.

8. Class Meeting to School Meeting by Alice.
Alice wanted to change the rule that topics have to go first to Class Meeting before coming to School Meeting. After much discussion, it was decided that topics you want to bring straight to School Meeting need to just be checked for appropriateness by a teacher first and then can go straight onto the School Meeting agenda if they are relevant for the whole school.

9. Cubby by Zak.
Zak was concerned about the cubby materials that are now sitting on the decking outside Rosie’s classroom. After much discussion, it was decided that the cubby builders will sort out the materials after School Meeting during Sustaining Currambena time.

10. Bamboo by Crafty.
There is not much more to do on the bamboo sculptures so please come and help during the day today with the turtle or your class sculpture. They are looking amazing!


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ySafe Social Media & Cyber Safety Experts – At Currambena. Monday 17th June 6.30- 7.30pm. Here is the link to register for the evening. http://bit.do/currambena. Payment can be made into the school fees account or cash on the night. Please bring your receipt of payment for entry. $15.00 per person or $25 per couple.

Campfire and social Friday 28th June. Parents needed to help with the fire, set-up and clearing away at the end of the evening. It is too cold to be waiting around a BBQ so we have decided to ask each family to bring a meal.

APDEC Conference 15th -20th July

Currambena’s 50th birthday celebrations 20th -21st September

Whole school Concert at Sydney Norths Leagues Club Thursday 14th November

 End of year social Wednesday 18th December

FREE YOGA/BREATHING and meditation. Join Meggan (Joshua‘s mother) and Shona (Miro & Jens’ Mum) over the next few weeks on Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 9am on the basketball court at school. Feel free to drop in even if you have just a few minutes to spare. No need to wear yoga clothes or bring a mat. Just bring yourself.

Bena 50th Bday banner

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Hello everyone,

It looks like winter has definitely hit! The arctic breeze has led to some very chilly days we’ve been closing the doors and cranking up the heating which is almost unheard of in preschool.

What a wonderful performance all the preschool children gave at Children’s Voices for Reconciliation last Thursday. Michael, Hannah and I were bursting with pride as they all hit the stage and nailed their performance. A big thank you to Zander, Louie’s Dad for coming along and also carrying our props, also to Jason, Kit’s Dad for also joining us. The children were fantastic in walking carefully to and from the event.

We’ve had some great changes to the outdoor preschool play space this week. Maia’s family very kindly donated a beautiful cubby house that the children have had a wonderful time playing in. Harriet’s family, (Harriet, was in preschool though is now in Jess’s class) fixed up the school’s boat that was just about ready to go in the skip and brought it back looking new. Both have led to lots of great play around preschool. Many thanks to both Harriet’s parents Andrew and Jane as well as Maia’s parents Kevin and Maree for these welcome editions to our play space. Thank you to everyone involved in setting both of these pieces of equipment.

The rain was very much welcomed in preschool this week. Our tan bark was looking very dusty with the rain adding a great texture to it that has elicited lots of interesting cooking experiences in our mud kitchen.

We’ve added an art lesson in the craft room on a Tuesday to our program. The children are enjoying having the opportunity to spend time in the space alongside their peers.

This week we’ve also added a relaxation time to the end of the preschool day on a couple of occasions. This is a great opportunity for children to wind down, relax and reflect on the day they’ve had.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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