Hello everyone,

We’ve continued on with our concert practice this week, only a week to go before the big night! For those of you that have children enrolled on a Thursday we need you to complete an excursion permission form for next Thursday, November 14th as we’ll be catching a bus to North’s Leagues club during the day for a rehearsal on the stage. We’re also after a couple of parents to assist us with supervision on the excursion, the time taken can go towards maintenance hours. Please come and speak to me or send me an email if you can come.

The children are really embracing the opportunity to run the end of day activity. They’re such a clever and confident bunch, reading stories, running relaxation, singing songs and coming up with some interesting games like snake bites and name card hiding.

For all the families continuing on in preschool next year I need you to complete and return new enrolment forms. This is to ensure we have up to date information and also to ensure the permission for our routine excursions is current. For those of you that may not have already supplied it I also need an up to date Australian Immunisation Register form before we can confirm next years enrolment.

On Wednesday we had our first visit to Lane Cove Library for the term. A big thank you to Ethaniel and his Mum for coming and lending us a hand. If any other parents who have a child that comes on a Wednesday would like to assist us with our visit to the library once a fortnight, please let me know.

Apologies for the multiple emails regarding sharing plans with you via Storypark. I’ve been experimenting with ways to open our program to all families in preschool so you can contribute to it. Seems it’s still a work in progress however you can view each week’s program through Storypark in the “About” section. There’s also copies of our agreements, parent handbook and other valuable information about preschool in this section for those of you that might not be aware.

Day excursion information

On mentioned above on Thursday morning we will be going on an excursion to North Sydney Leagues Club for a concert rehearsal. All families who do not attend preschool on a Thursday are welcome to meet us at North Sydney Leagues Club at 11:20am to take part.

We will be hopping on the bus from school at 11am and hope to arrive as close to 11:20 as possible. Please be mindful if waiting inside the Leagues Club that some students will be sitting their HSC exams so we must be quiet while entering and exiting the club.

The preschool day will continue as usual with kids to be picked up by parents at 3pm. We will see you all at the club just before 6pm.

Concert information

The concert starts at 6pm.

We ask that the children be handed over to the preschool teachers five minutes before 6pm. This gives us some time to get together and organise ourselves before moving onto the stage. The preschool teachers will be waiting under a preschool sign, to the right of the stage.

We encourage children to dress-up in whichever way they choose, the more colourful and imaginative the better! The children must be completely ready and handed over to the teachers at 5:55pm.

At the end of the preschool performance, we will move off to the left of the stage and we ask that at least one parent of each child is ready to greet their child after stepping down from the stage.

Venue and ticket information

Tickets will be on sale at the door from 5pm. The doors will open at 5:30 pm. The concert will begin at 6 pm and end at 7 pm. We need to be out of the auditorium by 7:30 pm.

Tickets cost $10 adult and $5 per child over 5 years who are not enrolled in Currambena. Performers are free. Card and cash accepted.

This year it is theatre style seating in the auditorium. The kids are able to sit on the floor in front of the stage as usual. There is a bar inside the room as well as downstairs.

Norths’ restaurant, The Pantry, is open all day. You can eat before or after the show. You can also reserve a table downstairs for after the concert. For more information visit http://www.norths.com.au/norths-pantry/.

There’ll be Currambena caps, calendars and beautiful silk scarves, designed by the preschool children for sale on the night as well.

We have been working hard on our songs and accompanying actions and are looking forward to performing them to our families, friends and wider community!


That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Dear Parents,

Concert rehearsals are progressing at a faster pace now that the script has finally been settled. There are still ongoing negotiations about our music though, with many discussions happening through the day. This year, the script itself is more complex than previous and I’m hopeful the children can remember all their cues on the night! But whatever the outcome, let’s all be super supportive of the children who show great strength in just getting up there on the night.

This weekend is the first weekend of our whole school approach to nit management. Please treat your child for nits regardless of whether you think they have an infestation. It is not necessary to use chemicals in this case as the dry hair and conditioner approach is very effective. Here is the link outlining your options: https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/environment/headlice/Pages/treatment.aspx

Concert notes:
The children have been working very hard on building their costumes in craft. I will bring these costumes to the theatre on the night so none of these should be coming home to you. Could you please ask the children to wear the outfit they want to wear under their costume to the theatre on the night. This will mostly be a combination of tights, pants, singlets and t-shirts. The children will wear bare feet on stage.

Tickets: $10 for adults and $5 for children over 5 who are not enrolled at Currambena

Children arrive: 5.45pm and are dropped inside the auditorium to Jess. Parents will be responsible for their own child’s supervision (other than the time immediately before and during their time on the stage)

Doors open: 5.45pm
Concert start: 6pm
Concert finish: 7pm
Auditorium closed: 7.30pm

There is a bar inside the auditorium for drinks but no food is allowed in the theatre. You can arrange dinner before and after with other families in the bistro if you would like.

Looking forward to a great night!
Jess xx

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Hello again,

This week our scripted play has really transformed. We have been rehearsing in the large space of the classroom and have blocked out almost all the action. All of the children have made an immense effort in contributing and remembering all their lines.

Our exploration of the maths concept of measurement has continued in our various activities involving area. We have been using lots of different objects to estimate and measure a variety of surfaces.

We have spent some time learning the /or/ sound in some words with the letters ‘or’, ‘aw’, ‘ore’ and ‘au’. Thank you to the parents who have been helping with the reading stations. I also went to a school fair in Erskinville and picked up a small collection of large hardback information books. These are available for the children to use in their project work as well for them to take home if you are interested. There are also home readers available in Jess’ room for the children to take home and I have given them a reminder too.

I would like to remind parents that our synchronised nit treatment is scheduled for this weekend (9th of Nov) with a follow up on the next weekend (16th Nov).

I would like to thank all those who have emailed me about volunteering for the rock climbing day and I ask that the waivers be returned with the $15 dollars by the end of week 6. I do need one more parent to drive so please email me if you are available.

We are travelling to North’s for a rehearsal on Thursday next week in preparation for the production.



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Hi Everybody!

We are chugging along nicely and continue to prepare ourselves for the ‘big night’ next week. With an increase in play practices and an urgency to complete costumes – I am hearing discussions (over the plasticine table) about nerves around remembering lines. As we get closer to this event, excitement is brewing and bubbling, and our budding young actors are learning more about the importance of voice projection, body language and where they are positioned on stage. The organisation of this is a difficult one but we are getting there.

A reminder about the concert: Payment at the door is with cash or card. Tickets are $10 per adult and $5 for children over 5 years NOT attending Currambena. Doors open at 5:00 pm. There will be no tables, seating only. Please have your children at North Sydney Leagues no later than 5:30 pm when they will need to come directly to their class spot! We will have a designated area in the auditorium where the children will need to gather and get ready prior to their performance. This area will be signed “Sarah’s class” and will be positioned on the far right side of the stage area. Once everyone is in costume and the concert has begun children can watch each performance from the floor below the stage. After their performance they will be free to sit with you. Currambena calendars, caps, tea towels, bags and silk scarves will all be on sale at the door before the concert starts. It should be a fun night!!!!!!

Other things we have been up to this week: We visited Lane Cove Library on Monday and borrowed books for our projects. Speaking of projects, the topics the children have chosen we will learn more about this term are: Monkeys, Tigers, The Jenolan Caves, Food, Skiing, Disney, Movies, Rubbish, Sharks, Star Wars, Lego, The Sun. The majority of children have elected to work with someone – which gives them a wonderful opportunity to practice peer teaching, communication and collaboration. However, these are not skills that this particular group of children need a whole lot of practice with. They are such a cohesive and comedic lot, who work beautifully together – majority of the time that is! I often chuckle to myself whilst listening to them talk to each other. Using funny character voices to tell stories and play games. They are a happy bunch of bright, beautiful souls who I have loved having the pleasure to get to know.

We also continued looking at 3D shapes and honed our ability and skill at drawing and recording the different properties. Some of the children are using Google Docs to write and type stories and we had an explicit lesson on Handwriting. The teachers all got together last week, to compare samples of different children’s writing across the ages. One of the things we discussed was handwriting and how some children create their own way of forming letters and in turn develop bad habits. If this is not corrected, in the early years, the habit can become increasingly difficult to break out of. So there will time each week where we will look at the formation of letters – more explicitly.

CAMP: Is coming up Wed, 4th – Fri 6th Dec. Next Monday, along with Leesa’s class, myself and the elders (year 3′s) will have the first of our meetings about Camp. We will discuss meals, accommodation and the activities that will be offered. We will also be sending home details of the cost and a permission form for horse riding. This is an optional activity provided which will be an additional cost.

Please don’t forget to treat for NITS on the 2 weekends: This coming weekend 9th November for the First treatment and then the following weekend 16th November for the Second treatment.

And I think that’s us for this week. Have a lovely weekend.

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

We have continued to practice our play throughout the week and hopefully over the next two days we can finish our costumes and props. Next week we will have full dress rehearsals each day so that everyone is comfortable with their costumes and props. Thank you to everyone who has sent in cardboard boxes, paint and other materials for our play, it is very much appreciated.

A reminder about the concert: Payment at the door with cash or card. There will be no tables, seating only. Please have your child/ren at North Sydney Leagues no later than 5:30pm when they will need to come directly to their class meeting point. We will have a designated area in the auditorium where the children will need to gather and get ready prior to their performance. Once everyone is in costume and the concert has begun the children can watch each performance from the floor below the stage. After their performance they will be free to sit with you. Currambena calendars, caps, tea towels, bags and silk scarves will all be on sale at the door before the concert starts. It will be a fantastic night showcasing the work the children have put into their play.

This week we have focussed on position for Mathematics. The children have revised the use of compass points and grid references. They have also completed a range of spelling activities, writing, reading, coding and we started a new topic about heat.

Nits are about at Currambena, and to combat this we’re asking that as a whole school can everyone please treat their child/ren for two consecutive weekends. First weekend is November 9th and second weekend November 16th to try to eradicate them from our school. Thank you for your support with this.

Whoops I wrote the wrong dates for camp in last week’s newsletter. We are off to Mowbray Park on Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th December. Talking about camp, next Monday we will have our first meeting along with Sarah’s elders. We will discuss meals, accommodation and the activities that will be offered throughout our stay. We will also be sending home details of the cost of camp and a permission form for horse riding. Horse riding is an optional activity which will incur additional costs.

Important Dates for your calendar:

Thursday 14th November Concert at Norths Leagues Club (6pm start)
Friday 22nd November Primary Day Out at Chinaman’s Beach
Wednesday 27th November Summerhill Day for Term 4
Monday 2nd December Orientation Morning, when everyone visits their class for next year
Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th December Camp at Mowbray Park
Wednesday 18th December Last Day of term and Evening Social

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend!


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The Halloween Parade last Thursday was good fun for everyone. Thank you to Noah for organising it! I think some of the children ate more than the four lollies I suggested was the limit for the night … and we had some tired people on Friday after Trick or Treating!

Nevertheless, the show must go on!

With the concert next week, our days are dominated by rehearsals and costume making this week. Our play is quite complex and we are working on voice production and how to stay in character when you are on stage for a long time without any lines to say! We all hope you will enjoy the end result!!

In English, we are writing stories of our own which we are going to review. We have been revising cursive letter formation, especially direction, and using cursive more consistently when we write. We have also started reading the second book in the Cherub series as our shared book. As usual with author Robert Muchamore, there are quite a few life issues which arise for the main character, James. We will be discussing these as we go along. We will also be having some sex education sessions in the weeks after the concert so this is advance notice. I will always answer age appropriate questions from the children openly and honestly. Please speak to me if you have any concerns about this and broach any topics you haven’t yet covered with your own children if you’d prefer to do this at home.

In Maths, we are continuing with Patterns and Algebra and it has been great to see the engagement with puzzles and sequences that need trial and error strategies. We also had a great session with Shirley yesterday on the Cartesian Number Plane. The children are plotting points to create a picture of a cartoon character. Quite a challenge! Thank you, as always, to Shirley for giving us her valuable time each week.

At Lane Cove Pool on Tuesday, I was able to observe almost everyone doing all the swimming strokes I need to see. The children voted that we will do PE at school next week and use some of the time on Tuesday afternoon for last minute rehearsal! After that, they have voted that they’d like to go iceskating at Macquarie Centre and to SkyZone for trampolining on the two Tuesdays 26th November and 3rd December. Please could you let me know if could help to drive us on either or both of these Tuesdays? Thank you!

Please read the notes about Jervis Bay in this Newsletter. I have included them here so that parents in other classes can find out about the camp too. Next week, I will send out the permission forms and more details about what to bring.

NITS: The whole school treatment weekends are the next two coming weekends. Let’s try to get rid of these pests.

CONCERT: On Thursday, we will be going to the Leagues Club for rehearsals during the day and then our class will be meeting early to have a final run through with the music and lights at 4:30pm. Please make every effort to have your child there with costumes and props ready for a final dress rehearsal. Doors will open for the audience at 5:30. Tickets will be available at the door. $10 each for adults and $5 for children over five who are not Currambena children. This cost is simply to cover the cost of the venue. There will be a bar inside the hall. Please bring your own water bottle rather than use the plastic cups that will be provided. Food will be available before and after the concert in the dining room downstairs. No food can be taken into the auditorium. We will have seating only inside, no tables. It’ll be a great night as always!

I think that’s all for the week. Have a good one! Love, Wendy

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Currambena’s oldest group has been holding its end-of-year, week-long camp at Booderee National Park on Jervis Bay, south of Sydney, for many years now. It is a much anticipated event, especially so for the Year 6 leavers who usually hold a ceremony on the last night at camp to celebrate their time at Currambena and say good-bye in their individual ways.

This year, the camp is from Monday 9th to Friday 13th December at Green Patch. We will be camping in a series of individual adjoining sites with a central area for cooking and meals. This is different from our usual site and our section consists of sites 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. We take our own tents, gazebos, cooking equipment and food and the children work in Duty Groups for meal preparation and other tasks. There is no power at the site but there are very good amenity blocks close by, with plenty of hot water. There is also plenty of drinkable water from taps at the site.

We will have some organised activities with Auntie Julie from the local Aboriginal community at Wreck Bay, a “Tools and Technology” talk and a campfire yarn/storytelling. We may also go on other walks, visit other beaches, maybe do some pippying and also have plenty of time to enjoy the beach at Green Patch, the rock platform at Bristol Point and walk around the bay to the Hole in the Wall. There is a local museum in Huskisson and other possible activities in the town if the weather is less than fine. Fingers crossed for sunshine!

Camp cost this year will be $230 per child. Parents coming with us are not charged though we ask them to pay for their own petrol (or contribute if they are passengers) and, of course, they will be on duty as helpers at camp.

Needless to say, a camp like this requires a great deal of preparation. As discussed at the camp meeting earlier this term, Susan Hunt is coming with us as the other staff member. I will soon put up a list of jobs needing doing. Many jobs can be done by our class parents not actually coming to camp. Please offer to help if you can.

After the concert, we will be deciding on menus and tent arrangements. Please make sure your children know what tent/s your family might be able to send. Please remember parents staying also need tents! Parents coming along also need to tell me if they have any special dietary requirements.

Thanks, Wendy

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I’ve been at Currambena for nine years, starting in Preschool.
Some of the things I really enjoyed are the plays every year, the excursions, craft and all the camps. Personally, my favourite camp is Jervis Bay.
One of the things I’ve liked is having a whole lot of privileges that other schools don’t have like no uniforms, no homework and being able to walk up to the shops on Fridays.
I would like to thank all of my teachers: Sue, Chris, Chris R, Michael, Fran, Blake, Sarah, Louise and Wendy. They have taught me most of what I know and I’ll really miss them.
I have made lots of good friends, including my buddies when I was in Preschool and the buddies I’ve had since I’ve been in Wendy’s!
I am looking forward to Jervis Bay but it will be hard to say goodbye.
Thank you Currambena… and bye.

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Chaired by Zali and Sophie (in Sarah’s Class)

  • Guns and weapons by Jess: Jess said she has been hearing of some play which includes the use of weapons. She wanted to remind everybody that no fake or pretend weapons are to be used in play.
  • Drains and Gates by Wendy: Could we please clear the drains during sustaining, especially the one in front of the gate.
  • Halloween by Noah: Noah wished everybody a “Happy Hallow week”
  • Magpies by Wendy: Wendy informed us all about a baby magpie in the school. The parents are around and are feeding it. If you happen to see it on the ground please leave it. And just keep an eye out for sweeping magpies.
  • Pomegranate tree by Alice:  Please don’t pick any unripened fruits from this tree – thankyou!
  • School meeting circle by Alice: Alice said she was pretty sure that everybody needed to be on the inside of the circle for school meeting. A show of hands from everybody agreed!
  • Shoes by Josh: If you see a pair of B/W Addidas shoes please could you return them to Josh.
  • Eggs by Sarah: If you have an egg in the fridge please don’t forget to take it home and pay for it.
  • Random Balls by Sarah: A reminder to not kick or throw balls randomly.
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Hello everyone,

CONCERT – 6pm – 7pm 14th November. This is at North’s Leagues Club with seating only. Families can come early and eat in the restaurant or wait until after the finish of the concert. There will be a bar and a water station in the auditorium. North’s will be providing plastic cups so please keep your cup and take it home for re-cycling.  We need to be all out of the auditorium by 7.30pm.

Payment for entry will be at the door starting at 5pm. You will have the option of cash payment or Tap n Go.

Cost: $10 per adult. $5 per child over five years and not currently enrolled at Currambena.

Please be mindful about respect – towards our young performers, to the care of the venue, other patrons.

 50th Birthday merchandise will be on sale at the door all at a reduced cost.

Cotton & trucker Caps, Linen tea towels – $15.00 each. Jute bags with the Currambena  Jacaranda flower – $7.00, 2020 Calendar – $10.00, Pens – $2.00, Original artwork 100% silk scarves – $65.00 Payments can be made using your card on the Tap & Go device.

NIIIIITTTSSSSSSSSSSSSS Drastic action!! Don’t forget…The first nit attack is this weekend! Consecutive weekend beginning 15th November


MAINTENANCE HOURS – if you are looking to complete your hours for this term I have included a long List of jobs. If you want to take on any of these, please let me know and I will put your name to it. Maintenance hours must be recorded in the book by 10th DECEMBER

Travel- Please remember, if you are going to be away for more than 3 days you need to fill in the travel request forms, which are in the office. This is a legal requirement for our school registration



Whole school Concert – Thursday 14th November at Sydney Norths Leagues Club

End of year social – Wednesday 18th December if a group of parents would like to organise

Cheers Julianna

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