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Hi Everyone,

It is so wonderful to have this warm spring weather. In my garden, the wisteria is in full bloom along the fence and arching over the old wrought iron gate. The bees and I love it, all those beautiful pendulous flowers and the perfume that wafts into my kitchen each morning when I open the doors.

Another term has ended and for some reason it seemed very long so I think everyone is ready for a break. First day back for the kids is Tuesday 13th October. We are already discussing the concert and brainstorming how it can happen!

Please see the end of term update from our Council and many thanks for all their work.

Currambena Library book – If you are in the Lane Cove Library could you please collect this Currambena library book Dead Famous Inventors and Their Bright Ideas by Dr Mike Goldsmith


Tradespeople will be on site next week so if you do come into the school please keep a safe distance 

Monday 28th Sept – Forest Trees will be doing an inspection of our trees

Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd Oct – Beyond the Gate will be working in and around St Elmo’s replacing the slate steps. The stone will be delivered to the basketball court on Wednesday

Thursday 1st Oct- Gutter Clean will be cleaning all gutters in the entire school

Calling all parents – Currambena would love some care in the holidays! Sweeping, cleaning out the drains, washing out the lockers, tending to the wicker bed gardens, watering all the potted plants, mopping under all the eaves and around window frames for gathered leaves and cobwebs, doing a high cobweb check in all the toilets, tidying, sorting and sweeping out the shed, washing windows………. and anything else you see needs attending to.

 Many thanks for everyone’s support take care and have a lovely break

Julianna xx

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Hello everyone,

Here we are, we made it, it’s the end of term 3 in this strange and very different school year.

A big thank you to everyone that sent a text to the preschool mobile. This has saved me a lot of time in manually having to enter your mobile number. It’s also great to see that families are reading the newsletter and responding to my requests.

Connections with the primary children continue to be a big part of many of the children’s day. Capture the flag is now a favourite part of some of the children’s day. It can feel quite intimidating for some children to be a part of such a fast moving game with older children so we’ve made a few different mini versions of capture the flag in preschool for those children who may wish to be a part of the game though aren’t so sure in taking part of it with so many bigger people.

The ramp and sacks have become a popular place for many of the children to spend time challenging their agility and balance as well as learning to cooperate with others. The magna tiles have continued to be of great interest to many of the children, so much so that we recently bought more for preschool as often all the tiles we had were being used.

Many thanks to everyone for being so accommodating with all the changes to drop off and pick up this year. The school council continues to review these and will keep everyone updated, as you’ll see by the update in this newsletter.

Thank you also to everyone that takes the time to read all the information sent out by preschool. We know there is a lot but by taking the time to read it means you stay informed with what’s going on.

Preschool will resume on Tuesday 13th October. Wishing everyone a restful break.


Katrina, Michael, Hannah & Cee.

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Dear Parents,
This week we’ve had an absolutely gorgeous finish to the term. I’ve slowed things up to accommodate some very tired little people and consequently this gentle finish has made for some gorgeous times.

On Monday, I was so proud to watch all the elders present their projects. They were all carefully considered, well researched and presented with confidence. We had six very interesting topics; Fastest African Animals, Mythical Creatures, Diamonds, Dragons, Legendary Pokémon and Carnivorous plants. Congratulations to all the children for their efforts!

We also had a bush dancing session on Monday and in partners and as a class, we learned the “Heel and Toe” routine and the actions to “Give me a home amongst the Gumtrees”. A lot of fun was had by all.

Our investigation of vowels has been continuing and the children have made words using the very sneaky “spy” Y. The story I tell is that the Y really wants to be a vowel and so sometimes dresses up as an ‘E’ or an ‘I’ and says their names at the end of a word like happy or shy. The children loved the story and already seem to be embracing the rule during their literacy activities.

We have done more work on fractions this week and the children have had the opportunity to explore equal parts of a whole and a collection of objects. There was also discussion and activities about ways to divide including the continuous/linear model and the discrete model.

For sport, we played hockey again this week. I’ve been really impressed to watch so many of the children pick up the skills so quickly and to so enthusiastically embrace the game. Playing a team sport like this can be difficult for some children because there is a competitive element that means someone wins and someone looses, but I’ve been pleased to see the children manage their emotions, negotiate the rules and shuffle around the teams when things seem to be unfair.

Today, we had a big clean-up in the morning – putting away readers, scrubbings desks and sharpening pencils. We also cleaned out our lockers and book boxes in preparation for next term. The afternoon was then spent at the park – playing, reading, eating and chatting. Gorgeous!

Tomorrow, is our movie day. The children have voted that you can wear your pyjamas, dress up as a witch or wizard, or dress up as something else….or just come as yourself. So, in true Currambena style, wear what makes you happy! The children have voted to watch “Incredibles 2” and I will be providing some popcorn for them to nibble on during the movie. If you would like to send in a treat to share, that would be lovely, but we really don’t need a full table, so don’t worry if you can’t contribute this time.

Lastly, I want to wish you all a restful break. I know that this term has been challenging for many of us. The always present issue of COVID has added a layer of stress for many families and I hope that you can all take some small moments in the coming weeks to laugh, play and rest.

Jess xxx

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Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a good week. We are finally at the end of term 3 with the children and staff more than ready for a break. There has been a lot of excitement and discussion around what everyone will be doing over the holidays, with some traveling around New South Wales, whilst others just want some calm relaxation.

This Friday the children have voted on a pyjama day in which they will be able to bring a pillow, blanket, and a stuffed toy of their choosing. The class has also begun coming up with ideas for our play next term, which I am sure most are very excited about.

In Maths we have been looking at Time and how we use it every day. We have been using hands-on analogue clocks to explore O’clock and half past times. The children have shown a great knowledge of the topic and I am looking forward to seeing their knowledge to continue to grow.

In Literacy, we have finished our persuasive writing and next term a significant portion of our English program will revolve around the play, in which our class will be working on scripts, characters, settings, props, and costumes.

As we lean into the break we are continuing to work on relationships and use conflict management to strengthen their connections.

That’s all for this week, have a wonderful weekend.



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And….. we’ve landed…. into the final stretch of what feels more like the end of year than Term 3.

A very short post this week: this week has been solely devoted to getting through our topic and project presentations. And they have ALL been amazing! I’m just sorry you have not been able to share in the glory, pride and sense of relief the children are feeling now they have presented. But there will be several more opportunities to come.

I think the majority of us are all on track to get our Heroes and Villains stories complete by Friday. This was our goal and I think we are almost there. It will mean that I now have time to collate all their amazing writing and pictures into some kind of book which will hopefully, be complete to present to them at the end of the year.

On Monday, we had Peter and Sue come to teach us the complicated steps needed to bush dance. The group did amazingly well at listening to the directions and steps in order to create some sort of semblance.

Our Term 4 school concert is looking slightly ‘up in the air’ at the moment. As social gatherings are still limited and our booking at North Sydney Leagues Club is not, at this time, a viable venue or option – the staff are brainstorming ideas of how and where we can put something together to present. So watch this space!

A sad farewell…. to Zavier Seckold and his family. Zavier is leaving us at the end of this Term and moving to Kirrawee, in the Sutherland Shire. We wish Zavier, Christie, Kris & Summer all the very best in their exciting and new adventure. Thankyou, for all you contributed over the years that you were in the hub of the Currrambena community.

On that note, I hope everybody has a lovely and well earned break. Term 4 will resume on Tuesday, 13th October.

Stay safe! Stay well!

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

The last newsletter for term three and the first term that the class has been at school for the entire ten weeks together! It has been a busy term with lots of curiosity, laughs and determination to explore new concepts.

This week we completed our personal interest project presentations which have been wonderful to hear and see. The children set themselves goals during this process and the pride they have in their work was evident.

On Monday we were lucky enough to have Peter and Sue come in to do some bush dancing with the children. Lots of heel, toe polka occurring and listening to the rhythm of the music.

We had our last session on puberty this week. Next term we will be focusing on protective behaviours and keeping ourselves safe.

On Wednesday we completed an artwork using the theme time. The children used a range of materials to create a picture to represent this concept. Enjoy some of the artworks included in the newsletter.

During our Mathematics sessions we have looked at directional language, compass points and the children created a simple island map with grid references and a key. Our topic in position will continue into next term.

The children have voted to watch a movie on Friday for the end of the term. All children have received a permission note as the movie ‘Peter Rabbit’ is PG. We will also be having pizza for lunch and if your child would like to bring in a snack (popcorn, chips, cookie) for the movie they may.

That’s it for this term. Have a wonderful and safe holiday and see you for the final term of the year starting Tuesday 13th October.

Leesa x

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Hi everyone.

We are having a lovely week with lots of choices and free time in our “alternative to camp” week. Yesterday, we had a story-telling session with Freddie, Lord Fortunata (aka Moses Aaron) who thoroughly enjoyed himself telling stories for the group and was immensely impressed by the children and their knowledge of Greek mythology! I hope they will tell you all about it.

Today we are walking to Tambourine Bay and cooking sausages for lunch down there. We will be back at school sometime around 3pm for afternoon tea then we’ll play games, eat dinner, watch the movie and then sleep over! There is great excitement about it all! I hope, by the time you read this, everyone will have emailed their permission for the sleepover and for the movie. $25 is to cover the cost of food for the event!

Since last week, we have managed to complete our unit on 3D space in Maths and our Unit 24 in both text books. We have written self assessments for ourselves over the term and we have listened to all the PIP presentations which were really interesting and varied.

Last Newsletter for the term and it’s Sienna’s turn for My Time at Currambena. I know we always say it, but the year is flying past at such a rate! Term 4 looming large!

Thank you so much to everyone for all the support you have shown us in these COVID times. I sometimes feel we are in a safe little bubble at Currambena. It’s wonderful to be able to come to school and see the children playing and loving being here so much. We’ve been very lucky so far… and it’s thanks to all of us for doing the right things and keeping ourselves safe.

Have a very happy and safe holiday.


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My time at Currambena was awesome!
When I was in daycare, I would have to drop my brother off at Currambena in the morning. I would always love playing on the swings and equipment. I was so excited to come to Currambena myself.
When I finally came to Currambena, I was in preschool. I made a lot of friends but the first friend I made was Apol who is still my best friend to this day. My favourite teacher in preschool was Sue. She was so nice and caring.
When I moved up into Fran’s class, Fran had left and then it became Sue’s class. Sue’s class was very fun although I don’t remember it much. I just remember I had a lot of fun.
When I moved into Blake’s class, Blake had left so Marius was our new teacher. When we first met Marius, he came out from behind a chair. He always taught us through songs which was so much fun. Then, before I knew it, I was in Sarah’s class. Sarah was funny but sometimes a bit scary. In Sarah’s, some girls started being really mean to me but I learnt if they are mean then go find better friends.
When I moved up to Louise’s, I was super excited. Louise was so sweet and caring. My favourite part about Louise’s class was the rafters; they were so much fun.
I then moved up to Wendy’s. I was super nervous but once I got to know everyone it was awesome. Wendy is so good at sorting out problems and was nice, super nice. Wendy is an awesome teacher and I will definitely miss her and all my friends. The people in my class are awesome and I am really going to miss them.
That was my time at Currambena. I hope you enjoyed it. I definitely enjoyed it.

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Dear Community,

 We hope everyone is keeping well.  Council last met up on Monday 14th September, with main topics of conversation being around agreeing extra activities for Wendy’s class in lieu of camp being cancelled and understanding the school financial position as we move towards 2021.

Working with the wider community, as well as our own, to keep everyone happy and healthy is our main priority.  We’re ever hopeful to see some of the community restrictions being eased after Term 4 from NSW government – I’m sure everyone (including everyone on Council) is hopeful for this before the end of the year is out.

If we could maintain the current gate drop off and pick arrangements into Term 4, we’ll be able to review the latest information at our next Council meeting, which is scheduled for Monday 19th October.  If you would like to attend and/or have anything you’d like to add to the agenda, please email


Term 4 invoicing will continue as per Term 2 and 3 with no billing for maintenance and excursions and the building fund donation.

Wishing everyone a restful, well deserved break.

Your Currambena Council

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