Hello everyone,

As always there’s currently lots happening in preschool!

We had our last drumming session on Monday. It’s been great to see the children’s skill and confidence in drumming develop over 3 short weeks!

In Astronomy we’ve been looking at fossils. We joined Jess’s class on Monday for our first astronomy lesson of the week, casting a big fossil for her class to explore later. For the astronomy lessons in preschool we’ve been doing a range of things. We’ve completed some rather complicated work sheets that children wouldn’t usually come across until later in primary as well as pretending we were palaeontologists and going on a dig in the sandpit to find dinosaur bones. We’ve also made imprints and continued to explore bones, fossils and all things related to dinosaurs!

We’ve added a couple of toy cash registers to our dramatic play area. This has led to lots of play as well as experimentation and identification of coins and notes. We’ve found it really interesting that most children don’t know that they are actually cash registers, obviously they’re almost an obsolete thing!

We had a very successful drip to Lane Cove Library this week. We managed to get there on time and listen to the lovely Mal (children’s librarian) read us some very interesting stories. Everyone was then able to borrow a book to bring back to preschool.  We’ve also been visiting the school library to explore the book selection, seems however the Rainbow Magic chapter books are by far the most sought after books amongst the children.

We’ve joined primary a few times of late for whole school singing in preparation for Currambena’s 50th Birthday celebrations in Saturday 21st September from 2pm. We’re hoping everyone can make it and take part in the celebrations! All classrooms including preschool will be open during this time. We’re hoping to have some assistance from preschool families who may be able to volunteer an hour of there time to assist with monitoring the use of preschool by visitors.

As a follow on with the children’s interest in their journals we’ve acquired a small table and set them up next to the writing area for children to have access to them whenever they like. It’s only early days with this, though so far it seems now they are easily accessible the children aren’t as keen to use them! We’ll continue to encourage children to add to these as they wish!

Thank you to everyone that’s been doing washing for us.Thank you also to the families that brought in jars for our soil experiments last week. As the end of term draws near we’ll be placing up an end of term cleaning list.  Please add your name to anything you can assist us with, all of which can be added to your maintenance hours.

That’s it for this week!



Katrina, Michael and Hannah



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Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome to Eva and her family. Eva, it has been lovely to have you in the class this week and already, in only a few short days, it feels like you’ve always been with us!

In mathematics this week, the children have begun to look at statistics. On Monday with Susan, the children conducted surveys, collected data and built graphs out of objects and pictures. They also consolidated their knowledge of teen numbers, highlighting the group of ten in every one. We have also been working on the ‘counting on’ strategy in addition. With this, we resist the urge to count from 1 and instead, try to count the smaller number on from the larger one.

This week I have also introduced the children to the chrome books. It is my intention that they will have limited and supervised access to these during some of our literacy stations when they will be used for relevant programmes that consolidate their phonics learning. For the moment though, most of the learning is about navigating the hardware and entering our usernames and passwords!

At the upcoming 50th birthday celebrations, we are planning a whole school sing-along that students old and new can join in with. So, as a school, we’ve been spending some time rehearsing. The kids sound terrific and the list of songs is great. How wonderful it is to have a bunch of songs the whole school can enjoy!

Also, I wanted to thank all those parents who bring their children to school on time. At Currambena, school begins at 9am and any arrival time later than this is marked as ‘late’. It is important that children are at school by 9am so that they have time to settle in and play before the more structured part of their day begins. If you have before school plans, please ensure they are finished in time to have your child at school by 9am.

It is also important that all the parents please leave the classroom by 9.15am. I understand that a quiet story or some block building is a lovely way to start the day, but please have this process finished by 9.15am. Not only is this important for the children as it ensures they have ‘connection’ time with their friends, but it is also important for me in relation to running a smooth and cohesive school day. If a child needs help separating from their parents, some reassurance after Mum or Dad have gone home, or help to resolve a conflict, I simply cannot do this at 9.30am as this is when I need to be with the whole group. In addition, if you need to quickly speak with me about your child, please try and pop in before 9am so that I have time to chat. (The only exception to this is on Thursdays, when Jane is in the classroom while I am in a staff meeting till 9am).

Thank you for your help.

I’ve recently been doing a bit of reading at university about cooperative learning and I thought I’d leave you with this one simple thought, as a reminder why Curambena values cooperation and resists competition.

“At the heart of cooperative learning is that competitors do not solve problems; they shift blame and focus on deficits”

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Jess x

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Hello Parents,

It sounds like Sarah and the children are having a great week! Some highlights have included:

Creating 3D shapes using nets. Discussing edges, vertices and surfaces. This was followed by a shape hunt and shape detective challenge.

Another week of African drumming and dancing.

Making and decorating dream catchers using pom poms, string, ribbons and feathers.

The children have loved being part of the whole school singing sessions, practising some school favourites and trying to keep up with Rattlin’ Bog!

We also have conducted a science experiment using bi-carb soda, vinegar, bottles and balloons. You’ll have to look at our photos to see the reaction (of the experiment and the students!)

Thank you Sarah for covering the class while I have been away. It sounds like you had a very special time together.

A note from Sarah: “I have loved getting to know the class and teaching everybody, it has been a great week! Thank you.”

If any parents have any spare time this week/weekend it would be a great help for our towels to be washed in time for our 50th Birthday Celebration. These are located in the white box outside our classroom. Thank you!

It has been a pleasure to be able to fly to Greece and watch my (new) sister in law get married. It was a beautiful ceremony on the beach and a memory I will always cherish. I can’t wait to show you some photos when I get back!

Missing you all lots and see you next week.

Rosie X


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Hi Everybody!

This week, we welcomed Alex Meakin and her family back to the school. Alex was here in Preschool and after living overseas for a few years has returned into our class. All the children were excited about her joining us and have welcomed her into the fold with open arms – and a plasticene base!

We have been doing lots of singing practice for Currambena’s birthday. Apart from singing “Happy Birthday” and the school song “We’re the Believers” we will vote on a number of other songs we will be singing on the day.

We had the last of our drumming sessions this week. Thank you to Sibo and Yacu who instructed the children and gave us a wonderful opportunity to learn more about their culture and how drums are used in Africa. Yacu was telling us that apart from making music, drums are still used as a way of communicating and sending messages between tribes. They are an integral part of their culture in most parts of the country.

We have started our topic on Measurement and this week we looked at Mass as part of our Maths. We had an interesting discussion after the question: “Why do we have to do Maths?” was posed. The children were very insightful with their response and we also talked about where and how we use Maths everyday and the importance of  building on our knowledge and becoming better skilled – for life!

On Thursday 19th, Currambena is opening its gate to welcome our Alumni. The day will start with a whole school meeting, followed by sustaining. It will then run like a Free Friday. If you are free and would like to be here, to help welcome, meet and greet past students, parents and possibly teachers – you are most welcome. Just let me know!

Friday, 20th September is the date set for the next School Strike for Climate Change in Sydney. Once again, I will need to know who is planning to go and will not be attending school this day. Please discuss this with your child and forward me an email asap. I would very much like to have confirmation – days in advance. Details are: https://www.schoolstrike4climate.com/sept20 On this topic, those children who are interested will be given the opportunity to make posters for the strike next week. We will also be writing and forwarding a letter to Trent Zimmerman our Federal MP for Lane Cove, to express concerns about Climate Change and the future – the future that belongs to the children.

Next Tuesday, we will be going down to Tambourine Bay with Rosie’s class for the morning. Given Rosie’s departure and never having been to the area, we thought we should take her there. We will also be taking photos of the bush and swamp, so the children can draw and paint what they saw.

And I think that’s it for the week!!

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

It has been a fantastic week filled with PE, whole school singing, card games, board games and a lesson run by Jana and Maya. We have continued completing coding sessions with Shirley, working away to complete our personal interest projects and began typing our mini projects on a chosen mountain.

In Mathematics we have revised the six angles through drawing them and discussing the amount of degrees each has. We have focused on acute, right and obtuse angles through exploring items in the classroom and shapes.

Yesterday Jana and Maya organised a Chinese and Japanese session. The children were taught step by step how to create either an origami frog or balloon. Next we learnt the Cantonese and the Japanese numbers 1 to 10, how to write them and also how to pronounce these. Then it was time to sample Japanese rice and jasmine rice with the options of seaweed and pork floss. The children had fun using chopsticks, a very tricky skill that I haven’t mastered. To end the session, the children had a choice of taking a Japanese or Chinese number quiz using small whiteboards. Thank you to Jana and Maya for teaching the class and myself new skills and sharing your knowledge and understanding.

We combined spelling revision and handwriting this week and completed these on whiteboards. Our cursive writing is coming along beautifully and our knowledge and understanding of sounds for spelling continues to develop throughout the year.

On Monday we will visit Lane Cove Library for the final time for this term. Please remember any books to be returned and a hat.

Saturday 21st September is Currambena’s 50th Birthday celebration and I need help with holding the fort in our classroom while it is open for our guests to have a look around. If you can volunteer for an hour between 2-6pm that would be fabulous. Please email me if you are able to volunteer your time. Also on Thursday 19th September we will have an open school day. We will run the day like a Friday, school meeting will be first followed by sustaining and then free Thursday. If you can volunteer your time on this day to help around the school please let me know.

Thank you to everyone for the congratulations on receiving a permanent position as of 2020. I am very happy, grateful and excited to be continuing to be a part of the Currambena community.

That’s it for this week. Have an amazing weekend!



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We are in Canberra this week seeing the sights of our national capital… I’m writing this on Tuesday and the excitement has been palpable in the room today! Details next week!

Not great timing to be away so close to the BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY but plans seem to be going beautifully … thank you to everyone who came to the meeting on Saturday morning last weekend. (Thank you also to Vinnie for taking the group yesterday when I was sick!)

We have discovered that some of the carefully prepared and sent “paperless post” emails have been going into people’s JUNK MAIL. If you are a current parent, you should have received your invitation, and hopefully have responded by now! If you have not seen it, please check your junk mail folder to see if it’s there. If it’s not, please email alumni@currambena.nsw.edu.au and say you’d like to receive one… or just say how many people are coming with you on the day!

We have also been advertising an Alumni Open School Day when ex-students and families can come and visit the school in action on Thursday 19th. This will run like a Free Friday (since Friday is the Climate Rally and many won’t be here we think)! If you can come along to school that day and help out with the visitors that would be wonderful. Bring some lunch with you and we’ll all sit and chat over lunch or cups of tea.

Have a great week. Love,

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Because Wendy’s group is in Canberra there will be no guitar or piano lessons Wednesday to Friday this week. Back to normal next week!

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School Meeting Friday 6th September 2019

Chaired by Kiyanush and Elijah

  1. 50th Party by Wendy

Wendy discussed having the children take guests on tours around the school on the Thursday (open school) and Saturday for the 50th Celebrations. If any child would like to volunteer, please tell your teacher asap. Singing will occur on the Saturday with any children present singing the Currambena Song.

2.Jump Rope for Heart by Zak

Zak explained there is still time to sign up online and raise money for Jump Rope for Heart. About 3 weeks left to collect donations and submit online.

3. Sticker by Lochie and Taal

Lochie and Taal found a sticker that had been placed on a Chromebook screen. A reminder not to place stickers onto the Chromebooks.

4. Water Agreements by Katrina

Katrina spoke about water restrictions happening in the local area due to the dam being under 50%. A discussion occurred around the use of water. It was voted that there is to be no water play.

5. Missing Matchbox Car by Katrina

A child from preschool is missing a small yellow and black matchbox car. If anyone finds it could you please return it to preschool.

6. Jump Rope for Heart by Zali

Zali thanked everyone for participating in Jump Rope for Heart activities that occurred on Tuesday.

7. Tree House by Amaya

Amaya reminded the meeting about the agreement of not climbing on the outside of the tree house.

8. Litter by Mia

Mia reminded the meeting not to litter and to put your rubbish in the correct bin.

9. Wasting Water by Evie

Evie reminded the meeting about not wasting water.

10. Mediation by Jasmin

Jasmin told the meeting that every Tuesday for the rest of this term, a group of children from Wendy’s and Leesa’s classes are participating in mediation sessions. Jasmin let the meeting know who is participating and that if any child or children need help they can go to them.

Meeting adjourned

Sustaining Currambena

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Hello everyone,

Thank-you to our Alumni Trackers  – Rowena Chow,( Jana’s Mum) Nicky Fraser (Daniela and Claudia’s mum) and Nikki Lawless (Imogen’s mum). We really appreciate the big effort you are all putting in to find our alumni

50th Birthday celebrations Update – 9 days to go!

We have discovered that some of the carefully prepared and sent “paperless post” emails have been going into people’s JUNK MAIL. If you are a current parent, you should have received your invitation, and hopefully have responded by now! If you have not seen it, please check your junk mail folder to see if it’s there. If it’s not, please email alumni@currambena.nsw.edu.au and say you’d like to receive one… or just say how many people are coming with you on the day! ASAP as we need to know numbers to give to our caters

We have also been advertising an Alumni Open School Day when ex-students and families can come and visit the school in action on Thursday 19th. This will run like a Free Friday (since Friday is the Climate Rally and many won’t be here we think)! If you can come along to school that day and help out with the visitors that would be wonderful. Bring some lunch with you and we’ll all sit and chat over lunch or cups of tea.

HELP needed please:

  • Sweepers Friday 20th– the day before our celebrations
  •  Helpers for set-up and decorations. This could be Wednesday, Friday or Saturday morning
  • Our tea & cakes table – Many thanks for the offers we have had so far to bake cakes for our cake table.
  • I am sure there will be more jobs popping up, as we get closer to the event. Please talk to Wendy

Maintenance Sunday 15th September – this is the week before our big celebrations. We would love to have lots of hands on deck for  sweeping , cleaning, clearing of debris & cobwebs around all the windows & doors, polishing windows…. in other words just making Currambena  look fabulous!


Currambena 50th Birthday Weekend Celebrations – Open school Thursday 19th Sept,

Birthday festival Saturday 21st

TERM 4 Whole school Concert at Sydney Norths Leagues Club 14th Nov

End of year social Wednesday 18th December

Cheers Julianna


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