Hi Everyone,

The talk around the school is all about the concert! We are so excited about the idea of a professional videographer team coming and live streaming our concert! This could be as exciting as sitting down watching a big footy game! You should have received an email and we have inserted a concert flier in this newsletter with dates and times.

A PICNIC? What are we doing about a community event to finish the year? An idea has been floating around about a whole school picnic in a large park. Tambourine Bay came to mind as a possible option. This could possibly happen on a Saturday or Sunday or it could be a Twilight Picnic the last Friday of term. Weather would be a factor so there might need to be a couple of dates as a backup option. If anyone has other ideas, we would love to hear them.

We would also need someone, or a group of parents to organise this whole school social event within the boundaries of the latest COVID restrictions. If you are thinking of being the organiser or creating a team, please let me know.

BOOK PARADE tomorrow Friday. We are having the parade at 10.30am and are endeavouring to live stream the event. Please look for the link which will be emailed out either late tonight or first thing tomorrow morning

Thank-you to everyone for the continued support managing our drop off and pickup processes. I am sure primary parents and kids are enjoying the faster turnaround in the mornings with no longer having to wait for temperature checks and sanitising of hands.

Many thanks for everyone’s support take care

Julianna xx

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Hello everyone,

I’ve been conducting COVID-19 safe pre enrolment interviews this week for families commencing in preschool next year. It has been so gratifying for me personally to see how open and welcoming the current preschool children are as the greet new children who are coming to see the preschool. It’s certainly warming my heart to see how confident, capable and caring our beautiful little people are!

This week we’ve been celebrating book week, though on reflection every week is book week in preschool as books and reading is such a big part of our daily curriculum! It was lovely having Wendy’s class come to preschool on Tuesday during buddies and spend the first part of the day reading to the children. Today, Thursday, we are having two author’s come and visit and then on Friday we are having a book parade.

We’ve been spending this week and last trying to think how as a preschool we can take part in the annual Currambena concert. At this point we have a few options though aren’t 100% sure which one we will go with. I’ve been including children in  the planning so hopefully we’ll have finalised our plans in the next week or so. As soon as we have I’ll let all families know.

A huge thank you to everyone that has been arriving promptly at 9.00am each morning. As we currently need to have someone on the gate to open it for parents it means we have one less teacher to engage with children for the first part of the morning. 9:00 to 9:30am is an important part of our daily preschool and school program that provide children with the valuable time to settle in to their day and connect with teachers and peers. As you all know we have a morning meeting every morning at 9.30am. If your child arrives after this time they don’t have the time to settle into the day and feel connected, it also means that we have had once less teacher to help them with this for half an hour.

As you all would have read in the Council email preschool families are now able to come on the school grounds of a morning and an afternoon to sign in and out of preschool. The school is requesting that families then leave the grounds promptly after this. Again a big thank you to all families that have been doing this.

Important dates for your diary:

Book Parade: Friday 23rd October

Hannah’s last day before maternity leave. Friday 6th October.

Last day to return the signed consent form for those children attending a school other than Currambena next year. Friday 6th October.

School Concert: Friday 27th November starting at 5pm.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Michael, Hannah and Cee

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Dear Parents,

Since last week, we’ve really got stuck into our work and play. Our concert preparations are underway and so far, the process is very collaborative. We haven’t got a script yet as we’re workshopping each scene together before we make any decisions. Most children have chosen a character and have begun to plan their costumes. All the costumes, props and sets that the children will use are designed and made by the children here at school.

In literacy, the children have been very engaged their own writing and drawing, showing fantastic commitment during quiet writing time. I’ve even had a few children ask for our writing sessions to be longer so that they can spend more time expressing their thoughts. We’ve been comparing the digraphs WH and WR, which both have silent letters in them, and the children have been challenged to expand their vocabulary with words such as ‘wren’ and ‘wrench’ and ‘wreath’.

Thank you to Beth Macdonald (Hazel’s aunt) who came in today to share the beautiful book she has written with her partner Paul, “The Hole Idea”. The themes in the book align so beautifully with the work we are doing on using our imagination to develop a script. Beth has generously given all the children their very own copy of the book which I hope they will share with you at home.

Every day this week, we have begun the day with a whole school story reading from one of the teachers. It’s been a lovely way to come together for book week and share the joy of reading across the age groups. We’ve also had a very successful session with Leesa’s class when the older children read their favourite picture books to the younger children. It was a very gentle way of making and consolidating new friendships.

Swimming began on Tuesday and despite rain in the morning, the weather cleared up for a gorgeous afternoon. Certainly there is some stamina to develop again after the holidays but this week, there was enough excitement to keep us going.

Tomorrow we have our Book Week dress up day. I know many of the children are super excited to come in their costumes. We are going to test our abilities to Live Stream from Currambena so if you are available please join us for the event over youtube at 10.30am. A link for the live stream event will be emailed out once it is available (later today or first thing in the morning)

Jess x

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Hello everyone.

I hope you have all had a good week.
We have been working very hard on our co
ncert script and have started to rehearse with great enthusiasm. Hopefully everything comes together well to present a great concert for the community!

This week we have been starting our day with a book reading with all the children, with a teacher reading their favourite book each day as part of book week. I am looking forward to seeing all the interesting book costumes the children come to Currambena with for the book parade on Friday! This is going to be live streamed! Join us if you can! The link will be sent out as soon as we can.

On Wednesday our class joined with Wendy’s class for the children to read to each other. It was great to see how nicely all the years interact with each other. On Thursday we are being visited by the author of “The Hole Idea”.

In Maths this week we have started our chance unit, looking at how chance is relevant in our daily lives and how we use it to make decisions. We will continue with this unit looking at how certain, likely, unlikely and impossible events may be in their everyday lives including the chance it will rain this week or a we will see pigs flying outside.

In science we have looked at the Earth’s precious resources and the importance of looking after these resources for the future.

As the season starts getting hotter, please send your child to Currambena with a hat.
Tomorrow, after our book parade, we are testing our livestreaming service for the upcoming concert. An email will be sent out to all including the details. We ask that if you have the chance, please access the live stream at 10:30 AM.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Hi Everybody!

A very quick one today!

We have mainly been focusing on developing our characters and script for the school concert this week and I am relieved to say it is coming along nicely. A flyer has been included in this week’s newsletter with some of the details of what we are planning, so I won’t repeat everything here. However, we are going to do a trial of live streaming tomorrow morning and film the school’s “book week” parade. So, if you are available to watch this tomorrow it will be streamed at 10:30 am!!!!! A link will be emailed in the morning for you to access this event. Cross fingers everything works. This will, hopefully, give us a good idea of how the concert will be projected to you at home.

Swimming went well this week. We did everything as per usual apart from the children using the change rooms at the pool. Due to numbers allowed in this space the children put their clothes on over their swimmers and then changed back at school. Given this, it might be a good idea for the children to either bring another change of clothes or something warm they can put over themselves to walk back to school in.

I had a conversation last week with the children about where they thought they might want to be next year ie. in which class? Thankfully, their personal thoughts are in alignment with mine and they have probably already shared the information with you. However, if you have any questions in regards to this please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Next week, Leesa and myself will be gathering the group (year 3/4′s) together to talk about camp. A separate email will be forwarded (to parents of children in this group) after this meeting. It will include the dates, venue etc. etc.

That’s us for the week. Have a lovely weekend.

Love, Sarah


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Hi Everyone,

This week the children have been continuing their Personal Interest Projects, reading, writing, exploring forces and revising position for Mathematics. There has been a pause on our play as I’ve been unwell, however we will be in full swing to finalise characters and our script very soon. Camp discussions have also been delayed this week. Over the next week more information about camp will be sent home.

It’s Book Week this week and to celebrate as a whole school we have had different people reading in the mornings. The children had a lovely reading session with Jess’s class on Tuesday. They chose a picture book to read to one or more children. Some pictures are included in the newsletter today. We have a dress up for Book Week planned for this Friday 23rd October.

Just a reminder that if your child is absent from school, could you please email me, preferably before 9am.

Tomorrow during our Book Week parade we will be testing out live streaming. Details should be emailed to all of you soon. The live will begin at 10:30am.

Important Dates:

  • Friday 23rd October – Book Week Parade
  • Tuesdays – Swimming in the morning

Thank you to Susan and Anika for taking the class while I was away unwell. Lots of fun activities occurred during this time.

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Leesa x

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We are making progress with our play and will probably have characters and a script well underway by Friday! We are quite excited about the idea of filming and live streaming the event from school with parents getting together in groups of safe sizes to share the excitement of our productions. It will be a very different experience from the usual one but will certainly have its own highlights! We are working towards live streaming the event and hoping families will get together and watch it, glass of wine in hand!

This week (apart from play discussions) we have been celebrating Book Week in various ways. We’ve had readings each morning with the whole school and we have plans for a dress up book character parade on Friday (possibly being filmed and live streamed!) On Tuesday, Moses came to talk to our class about his books and about the process of becoming a writer. We have also been reading and listening to children from other groups in the school, Sarah’s, Preschool (in Buddies time) and Charles’s group too. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos showing such concentration and focus! We have also begun looking at different media where we find stories, including film, drama and graphic novels. This is our new English topic. In our spelling time, one group each week is now choosing their own interesting words from the dictionary to learn, write in sentences and be tested on.
Tomorrow we are having a practise for live streaming… Greg has offered to come in and film and stream the dressup parade at 10:30! The link will be emailed either tonight or tomorrow morning. Please watch us if you can!

In Maths we have been learning to be really fussy about those four digits in 24 hour time… and exactly where is the hour hand pointing on an analog clock at 25 to 4! We have also continued to work on improving our time and accuracy on times tables!

PIPs are in progress too with most of the group having chosen their topics already and begun research. These are due on 13th November… not very many weeks away!

It was great to be able to go to the Lane Cove Pool again this week! Our school Council decided it was safe, given all the COVID safe procedures in place at the pool, and there was almost nobody else there when we arrived at 1:45! I was able to see everyone swim. I will be watching a different stroke each week and making sure everyone is developing their skills and strength.

Also this week, it is great not to have to take temperatures and hand sanitise at the gate! all the children can come straight in…! Another step towards normalcy!

I have some money left over from our sleepover… we didn’t spend quite as much as I expected on dinner and snacks… and I’m wondering if it would be OK with everyone if I donate this money to our sponsor child in Chad? We are rather short of funds for him this year since we lost almost a term’s worth of ice block money while we were in lock down. Please let me know if you’d rather I returned the money to you. It’s about $10 each.

A couple of people have already emailed me about camp. Could you please email to let me know if you are interested in being a cmp helper this year for all or part of the week, Monday 7th to Friday 11th December? We will need drivers as well as parents to stay and camp with us and there are also going to be plenty of jobs to do before and after camp, sorting gear and helping us prepare. Once I know who is interested in coming, I can work out how best to hold our meeting about it.

I thank that’s all for now.

Have a great week.


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1. Book Week by Sarah.
Sarah reminded everyone that it is Book Week next week and there will be a dress up parade on Friday so get your costumes ready!

2. Toy owl by Jana.
A lost toy owl was found at the Yurt Farm and Jana showed it to everyone and said to come to her if it’s yours.

3. Poscas by Cooper.
Cooper reminded everyone to put lids on Poscas so they don’t dry up. They are expensive art equipment and need to be looked after.

4. Sports equipment by Julian.
Julian asked if the school could please buy some new sports equipment because there are not many balls in good condition to use for games. There was a lot of discussion. One point was that we shouldn’t buy more balls until we start looking after the ones we have by putting them away and keeping them pumped up. Preschool has a pump. Susan offered to sort out the sports shed and pump up all balls so we can see how many are still useable. Thank you Susan!

5. Basketball by Zak.
Zak asked if people who are playing soccer could please move to another space if another group wants to play basketball where the hoops are? everyone agreed this was reasonable.

Meeting adjourned. Sustaining Currambena time.

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I started preschool when I was four years old which was about seven years ago. As a preschooler, my three main passions were sharks, spiders and Lego. There was a room in the back with lots of Lego. That’s where I spent most of my time. Now, my passion lies in video games. Man, how times have changed!

In my first year of preschool, I met Jay. I think that we only ever became friends because we have the same name… but that one detail was enough to spark a lifelong friendship. I still do think the spelling of my name is better than his.

Often, I used to think about living at school. I had an entire plan in mind, where I’d sleep in the library. It never happened of course but it was always fun to fantasise about.

I don’t have much memory of Kindy, but I do remember that Sue was a really great teacher. I even got to spend my next year with her by my side.

It was all fun and games in Blake’s class. The way he played with us was very enjoyable. I especially liked wrestling with him in the pool.

After Blake’s class, I stayed back a year. My new teacher for the year was Marius. Marius was one of my favourite teachers. He taught in really imaginative ways and always helped me out if I got stuck on something.

After Marius’s class, it was off to Sarah’s. Sarah could be tough and scary but she was overall a great teacher and helped me overcome many things. In Sarah’s class, I loved saying gratitude at the end of the day and writing the My Places book, which I hope will remain there for years to come.

Louise’s class was a blast! Louise herself was another one of my favourite teachers. She was always optimistic and saw the bright side of things. My favourite things about this year were the rafters, Muffin and Honey (the pet rats) and the class trivia at the end of the year. This year is when the work really began to get challenging.

When I first entered Wendy’s class in year five, I was extremely nervous but the year sixes and Wendy really welcomed me into the class and we had some good laughs together as well. Getting to do buddies, shops and a lot more camps was very exciting. By now I only got my work done in the nick of time and things were getting very complicated socially. But I came out better than when I arrived.

In Wendy’s class my favourite things were PIPs, all the camps with Canberra and Jervis Bay as my favourites. And I loved the big sleepover at the end of term three, even though I only got four hours of sleep.

Wendy herself is probably my favourite teacher in Currambena. She was always laughing at jokes made in class, chatting with me as if we were both students, helping me with work, sorting out problems and even things going on at home, all with a big smile on her face. But most of all, Wendy made me feel like we were equal.

And that brings us here. Before I know it I am in year six. I am one of the oldest kids in the entire school. Now I look downwards instead of upwards when I’m talking to other kids. I remember watching the kids in the older classes and thinking “I’m going to be like that one day” and here I am. Seeing how much I’ve developed over the years brings tears of joy to my eyes.

I’d like to offer a special thanks to all my teachers, Sue, Chris, Michael, Crafty, Blake, Tammy, Marius, Sarah, Louise, and Wendy. Thank you for being there throughout my entire Currambena experience, whether it was learning, playing, or just chatting.

I’d also like to offer a special thanks to my friends, Jay, Sean, Zak, Lucas, Charlie, Noah, Zoe, Arin, Elke, Sienna and, yes, even you Tess. Thank you for sticking by my side for the last seven years, supporting me and cheering me up when I need it and chatting and laughing with me always, you guys are like family to me.

And a special thanks to my little sister, for always being there for me no matter what.

Currambena, I can’t thank you all enough for welcoming me into the community, and making me feel happy and joyful throughout the whole experience. Throughout high school, university, my jobs, my retirement and my goddamn deathbed, Currambena will always be in my heart. Thank you. For everything. I love you guys!!!


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