Hello everyone,

The smoke haze led to a change in our usual preschool days. As the smoke was so heavy, we asked the children to spend the mornings inside with the doors closed this week. This is the first time since 2019 we’ve closed a door, so the children have been surprised by the change and temporary loss of autonomy in choosing where they play. It has however meant that we can ensure everyone is breathing in clear air. It also meant that unfortunately we didn’t head off to Kimberley Playground or Lane Cove Library.  With a predicted heatwave on Monday, we may be missing the park again this week.

As we head into the last term of the year, I’ve begun enrolling new families in preschool 2024. For those families intending on staying in preschool next year that haven’t already let me know what days you would like your child to attend, can you please send me an email. If I haven’t heard from you by Friday 22nd September, I will presume you are not returning, and your position will be filled. For those families that have already let me know about the days your child will be attending I’ll be sending you an email and asking you to complete new enrolment forms for 2024 shortly.

We’ve been further developing on conflict resolution with the children using the teachable moment as well as explicit teaching opportunities during group times. We’ve been working on children’s trying to solve their problems in play independently before getting teachers, though stressing the importance of getting a teacher if the person you are trying to solve the problem with isn’t listening. It’s great to see so many children verbally communicating their feelings to each other and then verbalising to teachers how they tried to or were successful in solving the problem.

We’ve focussed on fine and gross motor skills during group times. Cutting can be a difficult task for many children to learn and master, so we’ve been ensuring everyone has lots of intentional and interesting opportunities to master it.

Music continues to be a huge part of our days. Boss of My Body and The Boundary Song are now deeply embedded into our day. We’ve had children repeat some of the phrases in the songs to peers and teachers as they negotiate and problem solve with others in their play.

As the term quickly comes to an end, we’ve placed up an end-of-term cleaning list for those families that want to get ahead with next term’s maintenance hours. Please pop your name down if you’re able to help us with anything.

Lastly, thanks to Cat, Lucy’s Mum, for the donation of spare pants for preschool and to Sophia’s Mum for the tomato seedlings.


Katrina, Lisa and Michael

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Hi all,

Week 9 has flown by. The children had fun this week walking to the Library on Monday and the Secret Garden on Tuesday.

We also spent some time this week recapping  our protective behaviours. We used resources from the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to talk about permission/consent. We also discussed safe adults, our early warning signs, our personal space bubbles and private and public parts.

We continued with our third set of phonics sounds and will learn a new set next term. We finished our unit of writing by completing a final draft page about our chosen prehistoric creature. I will try to make it into a book over the holidays, so we can show all the parents and carers our informative writing.

We spent some time this week making bundles of ten and working with numbers up to 50. We also practised adding three or four groups of different numbers together. Every day in morning routine we looked at adjectives, words to describe a noun.

In class meeting we voted on a “Dress Up Day” for the last day of school. We will dress up as anything you want, and watch a movie. Our toy agreement was changed by popular demand. $30 limit still applies to all toys, however, we can bring in up to 2 LOL dolls.

I hope you have an enjoyable last week of school.


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Hi Everyone,

The end of term is approaching very quickly as we race to tie up loose ends and conclude our learning across a range of themes. I dusted off the guitar this week for some group singing and we’ve started playing some drama games together in preparation for our concert next term.

We began our week by setting up our sugar crystal experiment and, as can be expected, the unexpected occurred. I was so worried about the candy not crystallising that when, in fact, the opposite happened, I was a little unprepared! By Thursday afternoon, our sugar and water syrup had clumped up into giant lumps of crystals with no way to extract them. We had a little taste, but this job has been left till next week when we can add some hot water and a hammer to the process!

In maths, we have been learning about division, with all children grasping some level of understanding of the concept, and all children showing a recognition of the mathematical symbol in a number sentence. The PIP presentations were very impressive, with a range of topics covered including Ancient Egypt, Chocolate and Taylor Swift.

Next Thursday the children will have an opportunity to show the class a magic trick/performance they may have learnt or developed. It’s a very low pressure opportunity which, I hope, will include a bit of dressing up and a lot of fun. If your child is talking to you about it, please help them out but remember we are not aiming for a polished performance but rather an opportunity to share with each other and have some fun.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend,


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Hi everyone, hope you are well and getting prepped for your holidays!

It has been a very busy week with the group, as we count down to the last week of term. We had our last lesson focusing on analog time looking at quarter past and quarter to, and with Jess’ help on Monday the children started to make sugar crystal candy. We might have left our sugar crystals to spread for a bit too long as they have started to solidify and stick to the walls of our jars! Instead of the neat sticks of sugar we were aiming for, we may have to break up our crystals into bite size pieces. I am sure the children will be excited to eat them either way!

On Thursday we got to see most of our Year 2s present their PIPs for the term. As most of you saw, they have come such a long way from last term. I am so proud of the effort, focus, and passion they all put into their projects throughout the term, and their maturity and enthusiasm during their presentations. A huge well done to all of our Year 2s! I can’t wait to see what ideas they come up with next term, and what goals they set to improve on.

Have a nice warm weekend!


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We have had an enjoyable week. Monday started off with creating paper pizzas in our new Maths unit on Fractions. In sport we played rounders with the choice of using a tennis racquet or cricket bat and using teamwork and communication, so each team could cross the finish line.

In Science we looked at common sources of electrical energy and different ways they can be generated sustainably. We investigated some natural disasters, such as the recent earthquake in Morocco and how these disasters are happening more frequently and reasons why that might be occurring. We explored different gadgets or instruments such as solar panels, a dam, wind farm and wave powered tubes that generate electricity sustainably. The children then had a chance to choose one source of energy e.g. wind, waves, sun or water and design a gadget that will generate electricity with these renewable energy sources. The children had fun creating their own gadget and acting out how they think a wind farm, hydroelectric dam, wave powered generators and solar panels work.

Next week we have some fun activities planned and would love it if you could join us as a parent volunteer:

  • Tuesday 19th September 11:30am-12:30pm → mini pizza making
  • Thursday 21st September 9:30-11am → the children are making a renewable energy gadget. Please bring in recyclable materials such as cardboard, newspaper, construction paper, bottles etc.
  • Thursday 21st September 11:30-12:30 → creating and performing their infomercials on a product that makes their family’s lives easier
  • Friday 22nd September → Movie day. The children will be voting on Wednesday and an email will be sent to parents if the chosen movie isn’t G rated.
  • Friday 22nd September 11:45am-12:30pm → the children have voted to walk to the local shops to buy lunch. Some choices might be Chargrill Charlie’s, Guzman Y Gomez and Grill’d, Woolworths. Please remember to bring money for this expedition.
  • Friday 22nd September – Someone has kindly offered their slushie machine to be brought in. It will be free for everyone and if you would like to have a slushie, please bring in your own reusable cup and straw or spoon.

Last but not least, Year 3/4 camp is happening in Term 4 on Wednesday 22nd – Friday 24th November at Mowbray Park Farmstay, Picton. Sarah Macgillicuddy and I will be supervising the camp. The Year 2’s will join Jess’ & Amelia’s classes for some jam-packed fun during that period.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and see you next week!


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Hi everyone.

We’ve had another very full week with many highlights, including science investigations, infographic creation, dodgeball games with the whole class, our last trip to Lane Cove Library for the term, a class meeting discussion about our class play for the concert and some fabulous PIP presentations.

PIP topics so far have included Leonardo diCaprio, Drugs and Alcohol, Adolf Hitler, Black Holes, Mountain Biking, America and Flowers. The diversity of topics is amazing! It is such a rich learning experience when the children are free to choose a topic that interests them to research in depth and create a presentation. Standing in front of the group and presenting can be a little daunting but is such valuable experience, managing those nerves and telling the group about their topic. We always end with questions from the audience and then feedback using the feedback sandwich of a particular positive, a suggestion for next time and then an overall positive… another very valuable part of this learning process. I love hearing the thoughtful and often insightful comments from the children.

In Maths, we have almost completed 2D shapes and we concentrated this week on diagonals and transformations, using computer graphics to rotate images and working out a way to find out how many diagonals can be drawn in various polygons. Do you know the formula?

Our science investigation with Evi was lots of fun, seeing the carbon dioxide inflate the balloons when bi-carb soda was added to different liquids.

Next week, we will say goodbye to Evi and also to Rhea. Rhea will be much missed when she moves to the north coast to start at her new school. Evi has done some great lessons with us and we wish her well in her studies and her career. It was wonderful to have her supervisor from Macquarie Uni visit a couple of weeks ago and stay much longer than expected to soak up the Currambena atmosphere. The supervisor was so impressed with our school and loved being here. She spoke to Olivia before she left about enrolling her granddaughter.. and also gave Evi a glowing report!

I hope you all noted the CAMP DATES from last week’s newsletter – Monday 4th to Friday 8th December. This is a very important Currambena tradition, a camp in tents for a whole five days. We will be making decisions about meals next term and I will hold a meeting for parents about it early in the term. We take our own tents so please make sure your child knows if you are able to lend a tent for this camp and how many children can sleep in it!

Have a wonderful week ahead!


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Hello everyone,

What gorgeous Spring weather we’re currently experiencing. The preschool children are relishing it, spending lots of time engaged in play outside.

We had a fabulous time at Kimberley Playground on Monday with Vinnie’s class joining us for our walk and play at the park. The extra people only added to the enjoyment of the experience. We look forward to them joining us again soon.

This week was National Child Protection Week. Protective behaviours are something we embed in our preschool curriculum with children, so it was something everyone already understood. We joined Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson on Tuesday. The children really enjoyed it, with lots of requests to do it again so we repeated it throughout the week. Those who were interested were able to work on a My Body Safety Booklet if they wanted. The “Boss of My Body” song by the Teeny Tiny Stevies has been a huge hit in preschool, we’re sure the children will continue to request it for a long time to come.

Using skipping ropes to skip is being requested by many children as is music throughout the day. It seems that going for a walk around the school in the morning either before or after the morning meeting is quickly becoming a daily occurrence.

We had Chris Price come in on Tuesday for her last sewing session with the children this term. We’ve loved having her and are very grateful for her time and expertise with the children this term. We also had Dee, Marnie’s Mum come in for Kids Yoga on Thursday. This week the focus was dinosaurs. Dee continues to daze and amaze us with her amazing creative and engaging sessions, not to mention her flexibility!

A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to our beautiful card, presents and flowers on Wednesday to celebrate Early Educators Day. Michael, Lisa and I were touched and really appreciated the sentiment, beautiful words on the card and very generous gifts.

Thank you also to Shannon and Anthony. Zac’s Mum and Dad and Sophia’s Mum Jessica for putting together our greenhouse to keep our sunflower seeds in. Thank you also to Bianca for the donation of games to the preschool. A big thank you also to Hunter’s Dad Brandon for the stunning material for Chris to use in her sewing. It’s such a beautiful fabric that we plan to use some of it around preschool.


Michael, Lisa and Katrina

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Hi all,

We have had another fun week at school, with lots of different experiences for the children.

We all loved getting the bus to the King St Wharf and walking to the Sea Life aquarium. Then eating our lunch and walking onto the Darling Quarter Playground.

We really enjoyed joining Jess and Amelia’s for the magic show on Thursday.

We continued learning about more sea creatures this week. We looked at crabs and dolphins. We also continued with our dinosaur/prehistoric creatures informative writing with some activities around pterosaurs like the Pteranodon.

We also kept up our maths activities making equal groups of … and sharing into equal groups. This week we also started adding more than one unequal group together.

Next week we are returning to the library. If you have books you would like to return bring them to school on Monday. If you do not want your child to borrow over the holidays, let them know and send me an email so I can remind them at the library.

If you are free Monday afternoon around 1:20, it would be great to have two parents walk up with us. If more people are interested you are welcome to meet us at the library around 1:50-2.

Tuesday we will walk to the park, if you are free around 1:20 in the afternoon, please let me know.

As the days get warmer and the UV index is consistently higher, please remember to apply sunscreen in the morning, pack a hat and a water bottle, and light clothes. On hot days the children are allowed to play with water at school, but they will need a spare change of clothes in case they get soaked.


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Hi everyone.

Most children have enjoyed the beautiful spring weather by engaging in outside play this week. Running games and time playing in the preschool‘s outdoor kitchen, collecting clay and making mud pies have been popular. Less indoor play has meant less indoor mess and we have all enjoyed the significantly faster pack-ups at the end of each day.

During our inside learning, we’ve been writing lists, both in columns and separated by commas in text. Children finished sentences like “The haunted house was…” by adding lists of adjectives. We continued to expand our understanding of analogue clocks and also began to look at Australian currency.

Wednesday was Indigenous Literacy Day and we joined an online lesson featuring Justine Clarke, Jess Mauboy and the children from Burundi School who wrote “Shordi Krik”. It was an engaging way to develop our understanding of connection to Country and to reflect on our own special places.

On Thursday, it was all hands on deck to help carry furniture outside in preparation for the magic show. With time to spare, we decided to use the cleared space to enjoy a short, impromptu disco!

But the highlight this week was of course the Peter Wood Magic Show! There were card tricks, metal hoops, ventriloquism, sleight of hand, and even a live bunny and dove! There was so much joy and wonder in the room and I think there’s now a lot of inspired, budding magicians wanting to give it a go themselves.

Have a happy weekend,


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