Hello everyone,

Well, this is it, the last newsletter for 2019! How incredibly fortunate we’ve been to have had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful preschool community this year. We’re so proud of each child and how far they’ve come.

We’ve had a great year, some of the highlights include the children’s performance at Children’s Voices for Reconciliation, the school concert in which the preschool children gave a stellar performance, visits to the Lane Cove Library, Kimberley Playground, The Lane Cove Plaza and Pottery Green for Indigenous… the list could go on and on. It’s been a busy year with the children’s agency being reflected in how they chair morning meeting, their ability to share knock, knock jokes with each other and the end of day activity that the children now independently run. It’s been great to see children find their voice and confidently use it in all aspects of their day with us.

The children ran a fantastic thank you afternoon tea on Wednesday. The preparation, practice and anticipation in the led up to the event has been a great experience for all involved. The event itself was a wonderful celebration of what community is and how capable and competent the youngest members of our special Currambena community are.

A huge thank you to Emily O’s family for lending preschool their air purifier this week. With the horrendous air quality on Tuesday, scarily the worst in the entire world, we were able to make the air a little bit cleaner in preschool for the children to breath. Thank you also to everyone that has supported preschool throughout the year. The attendance at maintenance days, the washing, the end of term cleaning and all the input into preschool has been greatly appreciated.

I’ll be away from preschool this Thursday and Friday as I’m heading down to Jervis Bay to take part in Rory’s year 6 leaving ceremony. Cee will be working full days while I’m away.

Wishing everyone a safe and joyous Christmas break and a prosperous New Year. For those families leaving Currambena as your child makes their transition to primary in school within the wider community we wish you well, we’ll miss your child and your family, though know you’ll take a piece of Currambena in your hearts. We those of you returning to preschool we look forward to spending another fun-filled year with your families. For those heading off to primary in Jess’s class, we feel honoured to be able to continue to watch your children grow and develop as they continue their journey through our wonderful school.


Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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Dear Parents,

I’m feeling a little emotional as I write this final newsletter entry for the year. Its been such a wonderful year with a group of truly special children. Together we have learnt, laughed, played, explored and even cried. We’ve all grown a little and become better versions of ourselves as we’ve learnt to navigate this complex and beautiful world. We’ve come together as a group, supported our friends when they’ve needed it and learnt to ask for help when we’ve needed the support. Thank you to all the children for teaching me so much.

These final few days are filled with a range of activities that the children have suggested they would like to do together before the term ends. Unfortunately, the air quality has had an impacted of some of our choices, but regardless we’ve having a lovely time. Next week, we hope to go to the park on Monday for the last time. On Tuesday, we will have our giant clean up and swimming for the last time before we enjoy a day of celebrations on Wednesday. On Wednesday, our day will start with a whole school meeting (hosted by the departing seniors) before we head up to Lane Cove plaza where I’m planning to buy the children a gelato as an end of year treat. When we return to school, we’ll finish the afternoon with a movie and free play.

In classroom news, you’ve all probably heard the news that poor Turbo didn’t make it through till the end of the year. I’m not sure what exactly went wrong but I think next time I need to slow down the whole process and give the water a little bit more time to settle. We’ve buried Turbo up in the top playground and the children have shown enormous respect and care throughout. I’m also working against the clock to finish reading our class book “The BFG” to the class before the end of the term. Listening to a book being read aloud was difficult for some children initially as they adjusted to sustaining their attention without the visual stimulus of pictures. If you have the time, it might be nice to pick a chapter book in the holidays and read it aloud to your child. It’s a lovely bonding experience and a brilliant way to share and model the love of reading.

I am away today and tomorrow as I’m attending Alice’s graduation ceremony at Jervis Bay. It’s always an emotional time for the children as they reflect on their time spent at this very special place and say goodbye. Thank you for understanding.

It has been a privilege to be part of the wonderful journey the children have taken this year and I thank you all for being such a wonderful group of parents. I wish you all a beautiful break and I hope you get some rest and time to recoup.

Love Jess xxx

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Hello everyone,

I hope the weather hasn’t been affecting anybody too much. We had to stay indoors and cancel our trip to swimming because of the smoke pollution.

We have been practising some Swahili words for different animals, and rehearsing a short song for our music sessions. In maths we have continued with ‘position’ and drawn paths to the Lane Cove pool. We also created models of farms, boats, cities. We have looked at story writing and have created a range of stories from planners.

Our project presentations started last Friday and the class has heard presentations on Plastic Pollution, Horses and Ponies, Weather, Food and the suburb of Rookwood and its cemetery.

As the term comes to a close the classroom needs to be cleaned for the next teacher. We will be cleaning chairs and desks but there are some jobs that parents could come in to help with. We need our window sills and windows cleaned as well as some small sections of walls have dirty marks on them.

We have had lots of different events this term. With all our preparation for concert and final night at the Leagues Club. Our excursion to Chinamans beach, Summerhill Day, our Bushfire Stall. I would like to thank all those people who have helped us out so much for all these events and all the other day to day jobs that make Currambena such a great place.

Thank you to all parents and community members,


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Hi Everyone!

I hope you all managed to make it through Tuesday’s ‘smoke’ haze unscathed. Due to the severity, we cancelled our walk to the pool and any other outdoor activities for the day. I was so impressed with how well the children accepted the news and adapted to their confinement. In the morning, we set the classroom up as an obstacle course, and with the air con blowing, made our way around the room climbing over and under furniture, doing star jumps, sit ups, commando crawls and push ups. We followed this up with a relaxation meditation and some quiet creative writing.

The children have designed front covers and back covers for our graphic novel book. This week we will vote on the one that will be included in the binding and will adorn the final product. Unfortunately, it won’t be bound by the end of this year but will be something to look forward to and will be in the classroom, in the new year.

The elders had a fabulous time on camp last week. The group, as a whole, were extremely cohesive and supportive of each other. They enjoyed all the activities the farm had to offer and returned home weary and satisfied of their achievement. The younger group who remained at school with the ‘other’ Sarah had a wonderful time too. They wrote letters to the Hon Scott Morrison about climate change (which we will be posting) and did a science experiment, testing rockets using vinegar and bi-carb of soda.

We have begun our project presentations this week and on Friday, will celebrate the end of year with a (Christmas) lunch and Kris Kringle. As i mentioned last week, the children have elected what to bring to contribute to our spread. So please follow this up with them. Also, Kris Kringle gifts will need to be brought in by Friday, for everyone to give and receive a gift!

Other things we will be doing to finish up the year will be a couple of self-reflections, and a major clean and clear out of book boxes and lockers…………… But today, we go water sliding!!!!! Thankfully the weather has cleared for it to be a safe venture. Thank you to the parents who are driving us there and back. Should be fun!

This is the final newsletter for the year…….. and what a year it has been!!! I feel there is  much more I had wished we had done but ‘time’ is not always a teacher’s best friend. Where this ‘time’ could have come from – I do not know – what with preparations for the APDEC conference and the 50th birthday celebrations, Summer Hill days, stalls, days out on excursions, concert preparation, camp, the strike, the art exhibition, Eva our PE intern, book week, voices for reconciliation, indigenous games and a day out at the beach – all being things we fulfilled, achieved and learnt from. I think it has been a hugely full and incredibly rich year. Learning is constant and is not always obvious. It doesn’t always come from a pencil, book or computer screen, or through the words spoken from an adult. The most enriched learning experience occurs through the unexpected happenings of an unplanned event. A spontaneous moment in ‘time’ that is uncontrolled or contrived. It happens when we are fluid and flexible, open to new experiences and change – the only thing constant.

Thank you, to all the staff, teachers and parents who have helped make the year that was -”Alone we can accomplish great things. Together we can change the world.” – Estaphania Guadalupe Estrada.

Have a safe and happy holidays!

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

We had an amazing time at Mowbray Park Farm Stay last week for camp. We enjoyed being outdoors, learning about wool, eating damper, horse riding, canoeing, archery, seeing 3 day old piglets, milking a cow, watching the horses gallop after the trailer of hay, whip cracking, boomerang throwing, playing on the playground, swimming in the pool, movie nights with popcorn, chips and marshmallows and watching a sheep being sheared. Lots of memories made during this time at camp. It was an amazing experience that I am sure will be referred to in the years to come.

This week we have continued to complete activities in volume and capacity, contact and non-contact forces, protective behaviours, writing, reading, drawing, we have finished our audio book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, today we will finish presenting our personal interest projects (I may be bias but the confidence, information and independence the children have shown through these has been amazing) and working towards finishing our Math mentals book.

One of our topics for discussion today in class meeting is voting on a movie to watch on the last day of term, which is Wednesday 18th December. The children are eager to watch a PG movie and after our vote today I will send home a permission slip with information about the film that was picked. Only if we get every permission slip back signed can we watch that film. As a back-up we will also pick a G rated film.

Tomorrow Friday 13th December the children have voted to walk to the Lane Cove shops to purchase their lunch and a drink. They will have 2-3 shops to choose from and the maximum amount of money is $15. We do have a plan B if the weather isn’t good as well.

Next Monday and Tuesday our class will be cooking with Jane. This is linked to our current topic about capacity and also as a fun activity to end the year. The children will be baking biscuits and decorating these.

On Tuesday 17th December we will hand out our Kris Kringle gifts, the maximum cost for this is $15.

I can’t believe this is the last newsletter for the year. The year has gone by so quickly, however we have made many memories throughout this time. I would like to wish Elijah Keppel and his family all the best in 2020. We will miss hearing your laugh, plasticine imagination and amazing drawings. Thank you Sabina for washing our towels and pillow covers throughout the year.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered throughout the year to attend excursions, reading with the children, driving to and from camp, coming in to present information, being in the classroom during the 50th and other times when we have had visitors, all the help with the concert, looking after Honey and Muffin, supporting the entire class throughout times of sadness and happiness, our stall and many other events that have occurred throughout the year. Without this support we wouldn’t be able to do everything that we have this year.

Thank you to the staff, parents and the entire community for making me feel so welcome into Currambena. What a magical place to call home. Looking forward to what the future holds for Currambena and Leesa’s Class.

Leesa x

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Gone Camping at Jervis Bay!

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My time at Currambena. Well, it was a while but I’ve nearly come to the end of the track that I have travelled. Leaving Currambena and even Sydney will be hard for me. I’m moving to the Blue Mountains for the rest of my education.

My first day at Currambena.

My first day at Currambena was bizarre. I nearly blinded myself on the first day of a new school. The story is that I was climbing a tree and fell onto a branch which nearly pierced my eye. Luckily, I landed about half a centimetre down and I pierced my upper eye. Great story for a first day, right?


Preschool was hard at first as I had to adapt to going to school on a daily basis. It was a good kick start for my education. Soon after I started learning at currambena, I met some kids. Their names were, Leo, Aidan, Tom and Arthur. These were the first friends I had at Currambena.


A year later I moved up to kindy. One other kid joined our class, and his name was Hubert.
As kindy went on, I started to learn numbers and how to write and other things. One time I was upset and hid from everyone in the dress up basket. I was in there for a while. Everyone was looking for me. After a while, I climbed out. I walked around and later was informed that THE WHOLE SCHOOL WAS LOOKING FOR ME!

The End

Ha! Jk It’s not the end yet!

Year 1

This was when we started to actually do work. You see… I used to have a tincy wincy bit of an anger problem. I ripped up work quite often and sometimes refused to work ‘cause I couldn’t understand what or how to work out the solution. It was a hard year. I learned to tie my shoes, you know, stuff. It wasn’t such a fabulous year. Also I met a new kid called Jonty. He was a really good friend.

Year 2-3

The reason it’s 2-3 is that it was one classroom and teacher for two years. It was good. I started developing reading skills as that was the thing I was best at. On April Fools, (which is my birthday) I filled everyone’s locker with… wait for it…. WATER! I’m still not sure why I was such an idiot ‘cause everyone was mad at me. Anyway it was a fun year.

Year 4

Year 4 was when I started getting more intelligent as I was older than the other years. That year, we had a classroom that had rafters and on Friday, we could climb on them. It was fun. At the time, I didn’t realise that this was Jonty’s last year at currambena.

Year 5-6

Year 5-6 were my favourite years of Currambena. I had a new friend group. That’s right it’s my favourite group as well. Kamu-James-Tom-Phillip and of course myself (that is in year five though). Phil was a new friend of mine. He was in preschool as well, but we weren’t friends back then (in fact, I squirted him with a hose in preschool!). We had 2 camps in year five. 1.Little River. 2. Jervis Bay. And in year 6, I had 3 camps.1. Little River. 2 Canberra. 3. Jervis bay. Jervis Bay has a lot of free time, Little River has a lot of activities, and Canberra was very educational.

I wouldn’t be the same person if I hadn’t gone to Currambena

I’m Marley Galea and that was my time at Currambena.

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Hello everyone,

This is our final farewell newsletter for 2019 and the end of a wonderful year celebrating 50 years of Currambena. What an incredible milestone!

So many, many thanks to go out to the community: the teachers and assistants for their endless patience, compassion, listening ear and time given over and above the normal day, our council as volunteers committing their evenings to add their support and very measured guiding hands to steering the Currambena ship, to the parents and  their wonderful community spirit supporting the school and the teachers and of course our fabulous kids.

There are a few special mentions to all those who helped organise and run: our end of  term socials, APDEC, 50th Birthday Celebrations, the Weekly Newsletter,  Maintenance Days, Library, Canteen, Playgroup, Parent/kid activities out of school hours, assisting with excursions and school camps, help in the classrooms, doing odd jobs around the school, Blue Umbrella. All this extraordinary support is what makes Currambena the robust, vibrant, community it is, and for me, a privilege to work here especially having the ever efficient Mikee working beside me.

CONTAINERS…Plastic, glass and bags. These have been accumulating in the little office next to mine. I will put them out under the Blue Umbrella this afternoon and would really appreciate if people could claim them. I really do not want to put them in the recycling etc

Renovations of the Bottom 4 Toilets- these works start next Monday 16th December. We apologise as this will be noisy but we decided we could manage the three days and have all the work completed by the time we start again next year.


Last Day of Term Social – see the wonderful full page advert with all the details. Please remember each family is responsible for the supervision of their own children at all times. All classrooms and upstairs in St Elmos are out of bounds.

A plead to all parents & kids- Bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles, craft work, shoes, towels, swimmers, clothes etc…please  ensure you take all this home with you on the last day! Anything left will be disposed of.

Helpers over the holidays. Please see last week’s call out in the newsletter from Dina for to assist with the cleaning and oiling of our decks. Any availability, if only for a couple of hours would be much appreciated. You will see Dina’s contact on the advert

WATERING OUR GARDENS over the summer break. Shona (Miro & Jens Mum) has offered to set up a roster system within the constraints of our current restrictions. If you can help, can you please get in touch with Shona.

Do you need to buy a Xmas present? We still have caps, bags, tea towels, calendars and silk scarves to sell in the office. Mikee and I can do Tap and Go if you want to use your card, cash is also welcome.


18th December – Last Day of Term Social starting at 4pm

4th February – First Day of School

Have a wonderful summer and keep safe!


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Hello everyone,

We received the draft report based on the rating and assessment visit that was undertaken earlier this term by the Department of Education and Communities in preschool. We’re really pleased to share with everyone that we received an overall rating of Exceeding the National Quality Standards! It’s great validation that Currambena’s democratic and alternative education philosophy is regarded so highly.

On Monday many of our Preschool Elders headed down to Jess’s class for their orientation into her class. It seems they all had a great time; this has led to many discussions in preschool about the changes that lay ahead for all of us. Some children will be back in preschool as Elders, many will be heading into primary at Currambena and some will be attending schools in the wider lower North Shore area. We’re all enjoying the last few weeks of being a cohesive and close-knit community of learners.

We had our last visit to Lane Cove Library for 2019 this week. The children voted that they would prefer to stay at school, so we won’t be visiting the Library in week 10. We have however lost two Lane Cove Library Books. Can everyone please check at home if you have the following books, please?

Ants in your pants! By Julia Jarman & Tom and Tilly fly away by Jedda Robaard. We’ll have to pay for the books if we can’t find them.

Less than a week to go before our Thank You Afternoon Tea.  We’ve been counting down the days to it, along with how many days until the end of school for this year and how many days until Christmas. Many of the children are excited about the latter! We plan to provide some intentional teaching regarding this based on the children’s requests.

We’ve started cooking for the afternoon tea next week. I’ve been really impressed by the children’s ability to crack eggs, it’s quite a skill though most children can do so with great accuracy. The children are really interested in cooking though for some the concept of not being able to eat the fruits of their labour straight away is something difficult to comprehend.

A big thank you to Louis and his families for the donation of new puzzles. The children have really enjoyed exploring them this week. Thanks to everyone that’s placed their name down to complete a maintenance job. We’ll start bagging up the washing next week. Thank you again to Louis’s family for coming in on the weekend and staining many of the wood surfaces, they look great. If anyone has some recommendations for fences can you, please let me know? I’m currently seeking quotes to replace the front fence to the front of preschool.


Wishing everyone a restful weekend during this very busy time of the year. Please don’t forget the biggest event of the preschool year will be held next Wednesday December 11 at 2pm.



Katrina, Michael and Hannah

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