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Hello everyone,

Welcome back to preschool for term 4. We hope you’ve had an enjoyable yet restful break. There’s been lots of eager little people keen to share their holiday adventures with everyone during morning meeting and throughout the day. It’s lovely to see that so many families were able to get away and enjoy our beautiful state.

This is a really busy term in preschool as we welcome in new families that will be starting in preschool next year as well as work with children in their transition to primary school next year. We’re so very fortunate to sit within a primary school so the preschool children are well versed in what a primary school is about.

I sent all families an email this week asking those families that have children transitioning to primary school next year to complete and return a permission form to enable me to send off an online transition to school statement. This is only for families that have children attending a primary school next year other than Currambena. Due to my busy work schedule this term if I don’t receive your completed permission form by Friday 6th November, Ill be unable to complete the transition document as this needs to be submitted through an online Government portal that can’t be saved as a draft.

Here are some important dates for your diary

Hannah (preschool assistant) will be leaving preschool to start maternity leave. Her last day being the end of week four. Term 4, Friday 6th November. Her position will be covered casually until the end of the year. The position is currently being advertised, we anticipate the new preschool assistant will commence at the start of term 1 next year.

Next week we’ll be celebrating book week at school with each teacher offering book reading activities every morning in Charles class. Next Thursday 22nd October we’ll have two visiting authors at school Beth and Paul McDonald, the authors of The Hole Idea.

On Friday 23rd October they’ll be a whole school book parade. Children are able to come dressed as their favourite book character and take part in the whole school book parade.

We are hoping to resume our routine excursion to Kimberley Playground from next Monday so please try to arrive at school as early as possible to 9am so we can help all children get ready to leave as close as possible to 9:30am as we can.

A friendly reminder to please back a drink bottle for your child every day. The bubblers are still not available to use due to our current COVID-19 restrictions. Please also make sure that your child has a complete change of spare clothes in your child’s bag.

Lastly a huge thank you to Lucia and her Mum and Dad Olivia and Alex for coming in during the holidays to clean preschool. The results were fantastic and we’re really grateful for their assistance. For the last couple of term Michael and I have been taking the preschool washing home to launder. A huge thank you to Michael who practically washed everything in preschool over the holidays We plan to start putting washing out for families to help us with this.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Katrina, Michael, Hannah and Cee


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Dear Parents,
We’ve had a great start to the term. The children seem well rested, enthusiastic and ready to get back into school life.

There’s not a lot to tell from the first 3 days – concert discussions have begun and the children are full to the brim with ideas about our performance piece. The challenge, as always, will be to bring these ideas into some sort of cohesive narrative piece.

In our classroom this term, we have 4 little tadpoles in a eco system with plants and snails. Thank you to Wendy for collecting these from her backyard and bringing them in for us. We also have a box of silk worm eggs from last year. These have been stored in the fridge over the cooler seasons, and I’m hopeful that they might hatch into little larvae over the coming weeks (fingers crossed). These new additions to the classroom have triggered some very interesting discussions about life cycles and seasons and the reason that spring is a time when we see so much new life.

I hope you all received the summery email I sent out on Monday with all our dates for this term. If you did not receive this email, please get in touch. Next week is book week and already there has been much discussion in the classroom about book characters and costumes.

Jess x

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Hello everyone

I hope you have all had a great week and an opportunity to rest over the break.

This term we are going to be very busy, starting with book week in week 2, NAIDOC week, Interest projects and concert planning. We are also starting swimming at Lane Cove swimming pool every Tuesday in the afternoon.

In Maths we are continuing on with time for the first couple weeks to refresh on the things we have previously learnt. It seems the children have done a great job of retaining lots of information over the holidays, as well as sharing all their exciting activities and adventures.

In Science, we are looking at the Earth’s natural resources, and how we can look after them through our everyday actions.

We are currently working hard on creating a script for our upcoming concert, with many great ideas on the characters, costumes, sound effects and music.



  • Next week is book week and on Friday we will be participating in a non-compulsory book parade. The children are encouraged to get dressed up in their favourite book character costume.
  • On Tuesday afternoon we will be going to Lane Cove Aquatic Centre. Please send your child with a towel, water bottle, foot wear, goggles, and a hat as it continues to get hotter throughout the Spring and Summer.

That’s all for this week, have a wonderful weekend!


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Welcome back everyone!

It was so gorgeous to see the children trickle into the school on Tuesday morning. They all returned with a spring in their step and smiles on their faces. There is lots to look forward to this Term!!! We have the all clear for school camps to go ahead which means my year 3 group have this to look forward at the end of this term, as does Leesa and Wendy’s groups. Details and information about this will be forwarded to you over the coming weeks. Lane Cove Pool has re opened and are taking school bookings, so we are planning to resume our swimming program from next Tuesday morning. Please make sure your child has a HAT, sunscreen (if they need their own), shoes, goggles, swimmers and a towel. Please also pack your child’s face mask, just in case!

School concert is a topic which is now on everybody’s lips and our class have already decided on the theme/idea for our play. As I mentioned last term, it will be a different experience this year. North Sydney Leagues is not taking bookings and we are still restricted with the number of people allowed in any one space. So, teachers are talking about how best to showcase the children’s efforts and make this some sort of community event. We have a few thoughts and ideas but will certainly let you know when this is more finite. Our current thinking is the concert will be one day/evening in either week 6 or 7.

Next week we are celebrating “Book Week” !!! The theme this year is: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. Some of the activities we have planned are: each morning we will begin our day with the whole school gathering together for story reading. For (the allowed) 15 mins, a teacher will choose books to read. On Thursday we have 2 children authors, Beth & Paul MacDonald coming to talk to each class about the book they have written “The Hole Idea” and the process of story writing. Different classes are also getting together during the week to read to each other and on Friday, after school meeting, we will have our book character parade, to end the week!

Other events happening within the term will be our Summer Hill Day and Naidoc Week. We are also hoping that restrictions may ease enough for us to have our annual ‘day at the beach’ as a whole school, at the end of term. But obviously this will be dependent on the restrictions with large group gatherings.

Personal Project topics have been decided upon and, as usual, there is a very interesting and diverse range of subjects the group have chosen to research. In maths we will continue to focus on looking at fractions for the next few weeks and then do some revision on numbers and the 4 operations. Apart from writing our play and script, poetry will also be a literacy focus for this term.

In Spanish this week Carolina said the children will look at activities we do to help mum and dad at home. It might be a good opportunity to put this into practice at home – in Spanish??!!

I think that’s it for the first week. I do hope you are all keeping well and found moments over the holidays to take time out.

A reminder of our pick ups and drop offs: Please remember to keep the footpath area free for the public to walk safely past our school. Hopefully, you will all be able to access the grounds before too long!!

Have a lovely weekend.

Love, Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

By the sounds of it, the children had lots happening in the school holidays. It was lovely to hear about these adventures and to see everyone’s happy faces. First week of term 4 has flown past with discussions and votes about our play, which will continue next week. Our annual concert will be different this year with the current restrictions. We’re discussing options as a staff that will allow us to best showcase the children’s efforts.

We’ve revised and continued our topic on position for Mathematics, reading groups have commenced and we are going to explore forces for a Science topic. We have lots happening this term with camps and excursions being allowed. More information about camp will come home in the next few weeks.

Personal Interest Projects have begun with a range of topics. These will be presented in week 9 this term.

Next week we have a number of activities to celebrate Book Week. Each day as a school we will get together and a teacher will read a selection of books. On Tuesday we will be visiting Jess’s Class to do some reading. On Thursday we will have an author visit and on Friday we will have a book week parade. The theme for this year’s book week is: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.

Swimming will commence next Tuesday morning and continue for the term. All children need a hat, sunscreen, shoes, towel, goggles, drink bottle and swimmers. School council may require us to wear a mask while walking to and from the pool, so please make sure your child has one in their bag.

Important Dates:

  • Tuesday 20th October First swimming session for the term at Lane Cove Aquatic Centre
  • Thursday 22nd October Author Visit for Book Week
  • Friday 23rd October Book Week Parade
  • Wednesday 4th November Summer Hill Day

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Leesa x

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It doesn’t feel as if it could possibly be so, but here we are in Term 4! I hope you all had relaxing and enjoyable holidays and are ready for these next 10 weeks!

Here are some of the planned highlights:

Week 2 Book Week. We have author talks and book readings and a book character dress-up parade on Friday planned for after School Meeting!
Also in Week 2 we re-start swimming on Tuesdays at Lane Cove Pool. Apparently the Olympic pool is now open!

Week 6 Naidoc Week .. a week of indigenous culture activities.

Week 7 Concert Week. We are working our hardest to figure out how best to provide all the wonderful aspects of a school concert event in this time of COVID-19! Filming, live streaming, student audiences… lots of ideas are currently in the mix. Please feel free to offer your suggestions! Play writing has begun and enthusiasm is high, as usual!

Week 9 Monday 7th to Friday 11th potentially our class camp to the south coast, probably Bendalong Point, on the coast south of Nowra. This is real camping in tents for four nights, cooking our own meals and looking after our own gear. Please begin getting ready by checking tents, sleeping bags and rain coats. Parent helpers will come with us and the Year 6 ceremony is usually held on the Thursday evening. I will have a meeting in the coming weeks about this for ANY and ALL parents who are hoping to come along for any part of the camp. This will possibly have to be a Zoom meeting. More details as soons as I can be definite.

So far this week, our group is throwing themselves into work and play. I’ve changed some of our routine ways of doing things in our week…and, of course, we are discussing the play daily and making great progress. Our Maths topic is Time and we are currently discussing topics for group investigation. Some effective decisions at Class Meeting yesterday mean we’ll be suggesting more PE equipment for the school to buy and also putting together a class playlist of songs for sharing.

This week, I received the details of the Applications for Selective High Schools in 2022. This relevant for families with a child currently in Year 5 who might be interested in sitting the exam for entrance to one of Sydney’s selective high schools to start 2022. Please email me if you would like this information.

Lastly, thank you so much to Susan, Jennifer and Shona for helping with our sleepover at school on the last Thursday of Term 3. We certainly couldn’t have done it without you! The walk to Tambourine Bay and the BBQ lunch we cooked there was great fun and dinner, movie and sleepover were great successes too. I think it was a good thing that the next day began the school holidays though… we were all very tired on Friday!!

Have a great week.


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My time at Currambena was a very eventful one!
Pre –school was very exciting for little me! I came when I had just turned three and had just moved over from England. Here is a story I remember from pre-school.
When I went to pre-school I always came home saying I hated school and wanted to stay at home. One day I was playing in the sand pit and my mum came to say it was time to go. I was so upset that I ran away! I ran all over the school for about half an hour and I wasn’t slowing down! So they called one of the year six girls to catch me and she came down the back of pre-school looking for me. She asked if I wanted a hug and I wasn’t suspicious at all! She picked me up and it wasn’t until I was back in my car that I realised what had happened. For about a week I tried to fight year six girls, and then it went back to normal.
When I was in kindy my Nanny Hannah moved away to work in an orphanage in Tanzania so I wanted to help her. I brought up the idea of a stall in class meeting. The stall was the most popular one of the year and I was very proud. We raised enough money to buy a cow and I got to name her. I decided to name her Mabel after a book I was reading.

In year two I first made friends with Arin and Zoe.
In year three it was my first camp but…. the week before I had broken my wrist and had it in a cast. Luckily I could still go, but I could not swim or do horse riding which I was very sad about. But at least I got to go!!


In year four I really began growing up. I was super excited for the rafters and the rats (here is a challenge, find my name on the rafters it’s in black permanent marker!!) And was ready to face anything! I went to Collaroy camp and loads of fun excursions, I loved the rats and one time one of the rats got lost and I organised a Honey hunt. It was a big success!


In year five I first moved up to Wendy’s class and was so excited to be one of the eldest in the school! When we had our intro I decided that the year sixes were pointless to befriend, but quickly realised I was wrong and started to play with Alice, Daniella and Alexa. I first became friends with my really good friend Elke. I loved the senior’s room, and when I first went up there I danced!

And finally last but definitely not least…………………..
YEAR SIX!!!!!!

I LOVE year six. It’s the best!! I love going up to the shops and playing truth or dare with my friends. It’s really exciting that I’m going to high school next year, but I will definitely enjoy my last term at Currambena!

Love TESS!!

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Welcome back to our final term! Currambena really sings when all the kids are back and they fill the place with their chatter and laughter. I hope you all managed to have a break and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Chiko and I went on a NSW walk-a-bout our furthest distance being about 500 kilometres due west to Curlew Waters. The whole country is looking magnificent with millions of wild flowers, green everywhere, healthy contented stock, vibrant crops of wheat, barley, oats and canola, being perhaps only a month away from the beginning of harvesting. Bailage has already started with hundreds of round or rectangular bales scattered across the paddocks. I am sure this brings so much joy and relief to our farming communities.

A lot happened over the holidays with our Tradies. Leaking tap fixed at the front gate, new granite steps installed to replace the very tatty slate steps around the porches in St Elmo, new guttering fitted to the west side of St Elmo, all trees checked and deadwood removed and the roof gutters around the whole school cleaned out.

THANK-YOU to the families that came and did sweeping, cleaning and sorting around the school and the replanting of our veggie wicker beds. It is such a delight to see our community continues to take care of Currambena


Many thanks for everyone’s support take care

Julianna xx

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