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Hi Everyone,

The concert! There is great flurry of activity happening around the school in preparation, so please read the calendar for the latest update.

Earlier this week I participated in a virtual-tour set up by Future Schools Alliance, of  Unlimited Discovery School in Christchurch NZ. It was wonderful to listen to a student from this very imaginative alternative school. This particular high school student is very much into self-regulated learning being at home for three days and commuting 90km to the school for the other two days of the week. The school has survived and thrived against the odds, losing their whole school in the Christchurch earthquakes, relocating to a site outside of Christchurch and then eventually coming back into the city. It always gives me food for thought hearing from likeminded other schools.

 Basketball Court upgrade

Thank you for the information sent in for our basketball court re-vamp. It has been very useful.

Cheers Julianna




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Hi everyone,

It’s hard to believe we’ve only got a few more weeks of preschool. What a strange year we’ve all had to endure.

We’ve continued to focus our group times on discussions around transitions. We’ve been talking about who’ll be preschool elders next year, who’ll be in primary at Currambena, and who’ll be attending other primary schools. We’ve had a particular focus on how the children are feeling around this. There are mixed emotions, though also a lot of positivity and excitement about the changes that lay ahead for everyone.

We’ve been doing lots of videoing of play and dancing in preschool in preparation for the whole school concert next Thursday. This will be live-streamed to families, however, preschool’s performances will be pre-recorded and slotted into the live stream between the primary classes’ live performances. The children seem to be enjoying performing, putting on impromptu concerts throughout the preschool day.

A lot of the action continues to happen outdoors. The basketball court is a place children are enjoying playing ball games such as football. They’re also enjoyed observing the primary children playing cricket during the day.

Seems we have lots of budding engineers and architects in preschool. We were always aware of this, though their skills seem to have become more prevalent particularly over the last couple of weeks. There have been some very large and elaborate constructions in the block corner. As the children were wanting to not pack away at the end of the day, they were making don’t touch signs. This was however taking up so much floor space it was difficult for the cleaners to clean. As such, we made an agreement with the children that if they wanted to keep constructions up, they would have to build it on a table. The children have risen to this challenge and built some very elaborate and detailed buildings, incorporating both the floor and table space in construction.

Even though we continue to have a lot of rain we still require children to pack a broad-brimmed or legionnaire style hat each day they come to preschool. With parents not being able to come into the school it would assist us greatly if you could label all of your child’s belongings so they can be returned to them if misplaced.

Wishing everyone an enjoyable weekend!


Lisa, Michael, and Katrina


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Dear Parents,
We were all prepared for swimming on Tuesday but unfortunately the weather was so unpredictable that I felt I needed to cancel it or risk being caught in a storm. Despite being very disappointing it at least gave us the opportunity to get in some serious concert practice.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their child’s costume pieces. If you haven’t done this yet, please do so ASAP. Make sure each piece is labelled and in a big for easy storage.

In other news, we have looked at the double ee sound this week and continued to learn about time and digital clocks.

Must dash…concert practice time.…
Jess xxx

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Dear Parents,

Things are getting pretty real now we’re well and truly ‘in the zone’ for our play. The characters are all coming to life beautifully and we will be devoting more and time to our preparation over the next week. The children have all been given the choice of whether to take a script home if they’d like to practise their lines and cues, however for this age group, I find it’s most useful for them in the memorisation process for me to feed them their lines in rehearsal while they’re ‘on stage’ so there’s absolutely no pressure outside rehearsal time for the children to be memorising lines. There have been a few challenges on the costume front, so we may need to improvise next week and make do. The main focus for me is giving the children the opportunity to perform, develop voice and movement skills and build confidence.

My thanks to Vinnie and Susan for the time they’ve spent with the class again this week as I’ve followed advice to take a responsible approach to returning to full days at school given the various unknowns of head injuries. I’m hoping my last week with the children will be a full, fun and exciting one.

It was disappointing to have to cancel swimming on Tuesday. Curse you, La Nina! Although you are good for the garden… We will try again next week, so please make sure your child comes to school in their swimming gear and brings a hat, towel, goggles and water bottle as we will try again next week. I would love some parent volunteers to join us and help supervise, so please email me if you can join us from 1pm at school.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.


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Hi everybody!

Myself and Leesa had some very sad news to deliver to our groups this week. But it was especially disappointing for the Year 3/4′s and those leaving Currambena at the end of this term. Due to the Government guidelines & Covid restrictions there will be no camp or an overnight stay allowed at school. We have tried very hard to think creatively in order to find a way to make something work which might resemble a ‘camp’ but it is not to be. So we opened the floor to other ideas and shared various options from theme parks to bike riding, a beach day, picnic, Aquarium and Taronga Zoo. All options went on the board to see what possibilities there were. In our research we narrowed things down. Some places were closed, were not catering for schools, or had indoor cohort and number restrictions which cancelled it out, for us. Interestingly, the majority of children were all in favour for another movie night at school which is easily done. We then thought it would be nice to do something off site as well, so a bush walk and picnic lunch at a park was suggested. We’ve set Thursday, 9th aside for our Movie night which will run like last time with the children staying back at school in the afternoon. However, we may order take-away for dinner and, weather permitting, have a fire pit to roast marshmallows. The following day on Friday, 10th we will take the whole day to go bush and have a picnic lunch. We know it’s not the same but everyone seemed understanding, disappointed but understanding that this year has been a difficult and challenging one. And next year, we hope, will be much brighter with some of the restrictions for indoor/outdoor events for schools being lifted. Fingers crossed!

Also this week, we began and completed all our project presentations. I have a sense the children are well and truly winding down and are just going through the motions to get to the end. So ticking off those ‘end of term and year’ MUST DO’s are bringing some sweet relief. We’ve been slowly making our way through fractions in maths, in between concert rehearsals, costume and prop making, swimming, Spanish, reading, a little bit of poetry writing and discussions with Leesa’s group. Hasn’t been much time for much else. Oh and the children completed their Spelling books last week so we finished up with a Big Fat Quiz!

There is still much to discuss to finalise things for our Movie Night extravaganza, so the finer details will either be in next week’s newsletter or sent as a separate email. Keep your eye out for a permission note to watch a PG movie. I foresee this coming up and will need to be returned and signed. Also next week, we will start discussing how our class Kris Kringle will work. Everybody was very excited about the prospect of this, so agreements and clarity around what will happen will be a focus of conversation.

That’s us for this week folks. Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Sarah

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The weather has been all over the place this week, though the children have made the most of it. We have been rehearsing for the play and the children are looking forward to full dress rehearsals next week. The children have been revising angles, multiplication strategies and times tables this week in Mathematics sessions. They have also been writing, reading, drawing, swimming, revising punctuation, discussing children’s rights and responsibilities, and listening attentively to our class novel.

It is with great disappointment that we are not able to attend camp this year. Our initial backup plan was also not possible given the current guidelines for schools. After discussing with the children the guidelines, we made a list of options. Then Sarah and myself researched the venues to see what was available. We now have another plan for an end of year experience. We are going to have a movie night for our classes on Thursday 9th December. The children will stay back after school, eat dinner and then watch a movie. I anticipate that a PG movie may be voted in, so please look out for a permission note later next week. We still need to discuss food for this night, more information will come. On Friday 10th December the two classes will go on a bushwalk and have a picnic at a park for the day. A fantastic opportunity to spend some time out in the fresh air and connect with one another.

Personal Interest Projects are due this Friday and we will begin presentations of these next week.

On Monday we will be having an orientation morning. The children will spend the morning session in the class they will be in for 2022.

Could you please remind your child to bring in any clothes that they need for the play in a plastic bag, by Monday 29th November. Thank you for your help with this.

That’s it for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Leesa x

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Hi everyone.

This week our play rehearsals are coming along well. Everyone has learned their lines, costumes are well underway and we’re getting into some serious voice projection, gestures and stage movement. We all hope you enjoy it very much when you see the film. Very disappointing that we can’t perform for you all live… so many things have been affected by COVID this year.

Our Year 6s have been attending high school orientation days which all seem to be going very well. They come back to school looking very pleased and confident. Some of last year’s Year 6s have been in touch with me recently to check in and tell me how well they’ve done this year, in spite of all the disruption. We’re going to organise a Zoom meeting in the last week of term so some of them can wish good luck to the current Year 6 group.

In our academic work, we are tackling patterns and algebra in maths and finding it lots of fun. In English, our persuasive writing plans and final written texts are almost complete. Some of the children have also typed their pieces into Google documents and completed a third edit for a slightly different audience. Some very impressive pieces of writing.

We have now finished our sex education sessions and everyone managed to handle the embarrassment of talking about the different aspects of puberty. It can undoubtedly be a tough time for young people and they do need all the support they can get. We talked about adults they could speak with and ask difficult questions if needed. Might be a good time to touch base with them and ask if they had any other questions. Some might be interested to hear how puberty was for their parents.

We began PIP presentations last week and will have some more today. It’s going to be challenging to fit them all in before the end of term! So far, they have been very interesting and well presented.

Swimming on Tuesday was good fun… see the photos in this Newsletter. We worked on breast stroke in the Olympic pool and it was great to see so many strong and capable swimmers.

Kris Kringle is also taking up some of our time as notes are written and delivered. We will have an end of year circle on the last day and presents will be given. Each recipient will try to guess the giver of their Kris Kringle notes and gift. Maximum spend of $25 please.

School Council meets tomorrow night and will consider my proposal about our end of year camp. I’ll email when I have their decision.

Have great weeks.


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Hello! My name is Miro and this is my time at Currambena.

I don’t remember much from Preschool but I do remember playing with this type of lego that was a massive trend at the time. I also remember when I met Julian and everyone was calling him Julianna. There was also the time I met Perry and he was called the Puzzle Master. We would argue about what bird in each of our names was better (I have Hawk in my name and he has Peregrine).

In Sue’s class, I remember having loads of fun. One funny moment I remember is when you could be naked at school when we were in the middle of a lesson. A friend of mine ran into the window entirely naked. Another thing I remember is a time when we did an experiment where we set out three types of food and found out which one the ants went to most. I remember there was meat, honey and something else I don’t remember.

In my next school year, I was in both Marius’s and Tammy’s class. I was in Marius’s class for two years so I’m just going to do them as one. I remember when we were choosing Marius and one day he shocked us by jumping from behind the chair. I also remember when I came back from Sweden we were doing a science experiment with yeast and Soren offered me a spot beside him. I also remembered we would make plans that when we were adults we would live together in a massive spaceship with loads of cool things on it. We also made a plan to steal the crown jewels!

In Sarah’s I remember I learnt loads of spelling. We did a spelling test every week and were always going into what was called Louise’s class at the time wishing we could go on the rafters. I also remember we did a play and I was Zack Power .

In Leesa’s class, I remember we were so excited about the rafters. I also remember that we patted the rats and made obstacle courses for them. I also remember we went to camp and we loved it. We learnt to crack whips and throw boomerangs. But there were two things that were quite funny. One was a cow that peed on my water bottle. There was also water that tasted like beans.

In my first year of Wendy’s class, I remember having so much fun. I met so many new friends and so much happened in the year. The main thing I remember is camp at Bendalong which was the best. I loved setting up tents, snorkelling and patting stingrays. There were so many other things that I enjoyed at camp but I don’t want to make the list too long. I also remember when we stayed overnight at school. It felt weird to wake up and be already at school but it was lots of fun. When we had to go into lockdown the first time, I enjoyed it because I could do my work in my own time, get it done early and have the rest of the day to myself. But I did miss my friends.

This year, being Year 6 has been quite fun. I loved the Little River camp. It was fun. We stayed in pentagonal cabins. We made rafts and our team’s one floated well. We also did canoeing and at the end we capsized them. Then we went abseiling. The second lockdown was quite fun too. I got really good at biking but it was good to be back at school. I’ve had loads of fun this year so far and I’m sad it’s my last at this school because this has been the only school I’ve ever been to and I’m sad to leave.

I will be moving down to Bowral and am going to a Steiner high school. I’m looking forward to going to this school (it’s called Aurora) because they have a forge and I’m looking forward to doing some metalwork.

So goodbye to Currambena and all my friends. Thanks for all the fun! From Miro.

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  • Scissors from the craft room by Phoebe, Zali and Crafty.

Reminder that material scissors with the red tag are ONLY to be used to cut material. They should be put away in the right place.

  • Movie by Wendy and Harper

Wendy’s Class is checking if it’s OK to watch a movie in class today. Although it’s not the last day of term it is raining and they have missed out on watching movies in other terms due to Covid.

  • Brooms by Wendy

Reminder to put brooms away upside-down in the storage cupboard. If you can’t put them in upside-down please leave them outside the cupboard.

  • Jump Rope for Heart by Wendy

Thank you and congratulations to all those who participated and contributed. The school received a thank you certificate.

  • Plastic free Wednesday by Wendy

A reminder that we should be mindful not to use single use plastic in lunch boxes. Wednesday is a plastic free day.

  • Nacho Pop by Remarius

Remarius is keen to have more hip hop dancing with Nate.  People voted they would like to do some sort of dancing at school next year.

  • Agreements and wheels by Katrina

Reminder about school agreements also being followed in Blue Umbrella time – such as wheel agreements on the basketball court.

  • Year 6 Leavers’ Project by Crafty

The project should be finished today, however it won’t be open until safety agreements have been made next week.

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