Hello everyone,

A huge thank you to Chris Price (ex-Currambena preschool teacher) who has come into preschool every Tuesday this term to offer all children the opportunity to sew with her. Many had never seen a sewing machine before or had the opportunity to design and then turn their designs into something tangible. The joy and delight that children have experienced during these sewing sessions have been priceless. We really appreciate the time and effort Chris has put into providing this unique opportunity to the children.

On Monday morning the majority of preschool voted not to walk to Kimberly Playground to spend the morning playing there. We offered this again on Wednesday with most voting that we venture off to the playground for many of the children this was the first time they had been to the park with preschool. It’s always enjoyable to get out and about in the wider Lane Cove community and spend time as a community of learners on interesting and fun adventures.

As we approached the halfway mark of the year it’s been a great time to stop and reflect on how far everyone has come. There have been and continue to be lots of friendships being formed and everyone feels connected to preschool and to each other. We’re noticing lots of group games relating to sport and dramatic play. This week the children requested that the gym mats be brought out and we revisit pillow fighting that was introduced earlier in the year. There’s also been child-initiated and directed games of soccer on the basketball court and musical dance and song performances.

We’ve now completed our unit of work on astronomy. This week we reviewed what we had learnt, revisiting some of the hands-on experiences the group enjoyed the most. We brought out the satin sheet and star gas and stardust and made nebulae, returned rocks to dirt, and created astronomical pictures both on paper and in the children’s journals. There’s been a great interest in dinosaurs, something we’ll spend time learning about next week.

On Thursday the children enjoyed Craft with Chris creating plaster reliefs. We also all loved having Michael return to preschool bringing his musical expertise and providing us with the opportunity to sing some of the preschool’s favourite songs as he played along on the guitar.

A friendly reminder that preschool is licensed from 9 am to 3 pm. Please make sure you sign your child both in and out of preschool on arrival and departure. Our sign-in and out sheets are an important legal document and a record of who has arrived in the morning and collected in the afternoon.


Katrina, Lisa, Abi and Anna


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What did we do this week?

“This week we did craft and morning routine and games and sounds and we did sentence of the week.

“Our sentence of the week was – The bug was on the mug.”

“We went to the park with Sarah’s class.”

What was your favourite thing this week?

“Helping Archana clean the fridge. It was fun pouring the whipped cream.”


In Maths, we spend some time making teen numbers from bundles of paddle pop sticks. We focused on making ten and some more to make a ‘teen’ number. We also looked at making equal groups starting with a larger number. Make three equal groups with only 9 counters – etc.

We learned about idioms this week – a phrase that doesn’t really mean what it says. Some of the idioms we looked at this week were “Raining cats and dogs, Letting the cat out of the bag, Butterflies in my stomach”. We also spent time learning about verbs – words that convey an action.

The children were stoked to get their tie-dye shirts from their Craft sessions. In craft this week they made some Femo or Sculptey creations and some abstract collage portraits. The portraits are displayed at the back of our room.

We are still learning about living things, and how they move – with a focus on sea creatures this week.

Our Yoga sessions have been amazing with a mix of ages enjoying Dee’s instructions.

We will be walking up to the library this Monday afternoon.

I hope you have had a great weekend and see you soon!

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Dear parents,

What a busy and fun week! The highlight was of course the excursion into our beautiful harbour city. The itinerary worked like clockwork and the children managed themselves very well given the large amount of walking and some periods of waiting for the ferry/ lollies/ toilets etc. Sydney certainly put on a good show with beautiful weather and when we reflected on our favourite part of the day, the children mentioned everything from the bus and ferry ride, the lolly-making, playing on the cannons under the bridge and the sketching of the cityscape. It was lovely that some parents could visit us at Dawes Point Reserve for lunch. A huge thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers who were with us for the whole day, we really could not have done it without you!

In English, we had fun practicing when to use the articles ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’. The children enjoyed sticking the right article on objects around the room including themselves, their clothes and their body parts.

We learnt that the word ‘quadrilateral’ is the word for any 2D shape that has four straight sides, four vertices and four angles. It was good fine motor practice, to use pipe cleaners and straws to create these for our front door display.

In our lesson about oceans, the younger children had fun with a small science experiment that demonstrated how penguins keep themselves dry and warm with a coating of waxy feathers.

Looking around the classroom this week, I noticed that it is covered in children’s work, lists, signs and instructions. To the untrained eye, these random scribbles can look messy, but they are actually indicative of the children feeling ownership over their space and they are often quite meaningful. I really resist the urge to take anything down that children have chosen to display until I’m sure it’s obsolete.

Happy times!

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Hi everyone,

Thank you again to all of our parent volunteers for our excursion to the city this week! We all had a fantastic time on such a beautiful day. Our ferry ride from Milson’s Point was very successful and the children were filled with excitement as they looked at Luna Park, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House along their journey. Once we arrived at Circular Quay, we walked together to ‘Sticky’, a hard candy store that Jess’ sister owns. We watched as they pulled and stretched and layered and rolled the sugar out into long strips that they then chopped into the tiny cylinders we all know. James impressively identified one of the key ingredients they were using in the process – citric acid! After walking along the foreshore up to Dawes Point Reserve, the children engaged in some sketching of a chosen landmark or structure they could see including the Opera House, our view of the Harbour bridge from below, some interesting buildings in the CBD and the cannons and battlements in the reserve.

We also spent some time on Thursday afternoon looking at flags from around the world and the similarities, differences, or significant aspects of their features. The children then created their own flags for our class city that we will be building during the next two weeks.

A lovely weekend to you all!

Amelia x

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Hello everyone

This week’s newsletter comes from me, Sarah D instead of Sarah M. Unfortunately Sarah M hasn’t been well but that means I have had the pleasure of spending the week with the ‘Capybaras’.

This week we have had a fun week walking to The Secret Garden with Vinnie’s class, working on some maths word problems, finishing up on PIPs and playing some drawing games I’ve learnt at art school. Some of my highlights have been playing handball with the class and watching some cool magic tricks at the magic show at lunchtime.

Sarah will be back next week, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sarah D

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Our Year 6/7 night last Friday was a lovely event. Last year’s leavers have gone to a range of different schools, a mix of public schools and private, and all reported settling in well, mostly after only a couple of weeks. They all sound as if they are coping well with the workload and all the different teachers and subjects. Their advice to current Year 6 students ranged from making sure you are organised and prepared for plenty of homework to getting involved in everything and don’t worry about making friends. Of course, it was lovely to see them all.

On Wednesday, we had a visit from Maya and Jana which was also lovely! They are both now in Year 8, Maya at Mosman High and Jana at Lindfield Learning Village. It was interesting to hear their perspectives on high school after 18 months. They are both enjoying their schools very much and spoke to the group about the differences between their two schools in terms of uniform requirements and the use of computers. We are super lucky at Currambena that our leavers feel so connected with us and enjoy returning to visit! Maya and Jana had a gorgeous time playing with children who had been their buddies when they were here!

In other news this week, the group had a fabulous day on Tuesday at an open day hosted by Synergy, the local Lane Cove Youth Centre. Thank you so much to Susan for taking them that day while I was unwell. The photos will show the different activities they enjoyed!

This week we have begun our Geography topic and we’ve started with maps of Australia and the world, naming states and capital cities, continents and oceans. We’re also beginning PIP presentations with accompanying art works. We have made a list of the order of the presentations and if your child is keen for you to watch them, please make sure they speak to me about this and we’ll do our best to predict when theirs will be. This is not always easy but we can give it a try.

In Maths, we’re working on fractions, with some interesting changes to content with the new maths syllabus. I love the historical context for fractions and sharing (division) in general… humans with a concept of ownership, share things and it’s good to be able to share things equally or at least fairly.

In English, we are planning our debates and starting to type out some pieces of writing for you to read. Please see the Google document for four typed versions so far. More to come. Quite a few of the children are keen to share their work so I will add to this document over the next week or so since there is so much to type out!!

This week I received the forms for the final numbers for Canberra. If you haven’t already, please let me know if your child is not coming on this excursion.

Have a great week.


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Chaired by Audrea and Rome (Amelia’s Class)

Friday 21st June

Concert by Wendy

§  Wendy just wanted to remind everyone that she will be holding a mini-concert in her room next Tuesday the 25th of June at 1:30 pm. If you would like to perform please let Wendy know what instrument you will be playing, the name of your piece, and how long the performance will go for.

A very short school meeting this week!

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Hello everyone,

We hope you all had an enjoyable long weekend. This week we warmly welcome Anna who joined Lisa, Abi and I in preschool. If you haven’t already, please pop in and say hello to her.

In astronomy we’ve been learning about fossils and how they are formed. We’ve started making plaster imprints that we’ll continue in preschool next week until everyone has had the opportunity to make one. We’ve also encased some plastic dinosaurs in gypsum to recreate paleontologists discovering fossils. We continue to revise our learning from astronomy, embedding this into our program. Just like stars, people need hydrogen to live and in preschool that means drinking lots of water which also contains oxygen. We also discuss the ultraviolet radiation the sun omits from the sun and talk about the level of UV each day. Whenever it is 2 or under, we don’t need sun protection outside as the sun also gives us nourishment in the form of vitamin D. Children can of course choose to wear sunscreens and hats if they wish.

The interest in cubbies continue, we have a couple of daily visitors from primary who have been turning the gym mats into mazes. Peer learning is very powerful, with the preschool children now making their own mazes and creating some very elaborate cubby houses thanks to the positive influence their connections with primary children are creating.

Soccer on the basketball court seems to be of particular interest to many of the children. It’s wonderful to see the children forming some close friendships, working collaboratively, cooperatively, and independently in engaging in soccer games with each other.

The new red leash and dog frisbees from the Woolworths donations were a big hit in preschool on Friday, igniting lots of pet play for most of the day. Who knows where this will lead!

Unfortunately, it seems we have lurgies about in preschool. A huge thank you to families for keeping unwell children at home when sick where they can rest, recover and not spread their illness to others!

That’s it for this week!


Karina, Lisa, Abi and Anna

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Hi all,

What a chilly week we have just had.

The highlight for everyone was Summerhill Day on Wednesday as well as our amazing Yoga session on Thursday morning. Big thanks to Dee for running that, the children looked enthralled along with a few adults. If you are interested in joining our yoga session it is open to everyone starting 9 am Thursdays. I believe Dee will run it for the next few weeks.

The children enjoyed progressing with our phonics this week. We have been practising blending sounds to make words and joining in camera words to read sentences together.

A short entry from me this week, I hope you have had a lovely weekend.

See you soon,


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