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7 to 11 year olds

Hi Everyone! Wow, we have made it! And what a busy year it has been…

Camps at Collaroy and Mowbray Park; so many excursions I can’t even begin to name them all, incursions with Peter Lehner and Boori Pryor; the trip to Laura and many more incredible activities. What has made this year incredible is the way our group has grown, and developed and now have so many new skills and immeasurable amounts of new knowledge. I am so proud of all of them and am really going to miss watching them grow next year!

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all the gorgeous children in my class for making my year a memorable one, and for allowing me to be a part of your learning and growing and hopefully memories too. I would also like to thank all the families of Olivia’s Class for entrusting your children to me and allowing me to be a part of their lives in so many ways. A huge thank you also to all the families who have driven, washed, baked, listened to reading, attended excursions, sorted, tidied, made coffees and loads more. I feel so priveledged to be a part of such an amazing group of people (little and not so little) and will think of you all often (but not too often) on my trip.

Lastly (but not least in any way) a huge bunch of love and thank you to all the staff at Currambena. I am grateful everyday that I have had the privilege to work with the most amazing bunch of people, who have never-ending supplies of support, energy, wisdom and much more!

I hope you all have a gorgeous year and I look forwards to hearing all about it when I return!

Lots of love, Olivia

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Hi Everyone! I do believe we have by passed summer and gone straight back to winter. Hopefully, next Tuesday (14th) we will have a break from this rainy, cold weather so that we can go on our end of year beach day! I am thinking Clontarf beach which is near the spit. I actually don’t have a car at the moment, and will need lots of parents to help out with transport if you can. Please let me know so that I can organise the day!

We are in the process of finishing our contract books at the moment and some of the kids are taking the books home to work on them. Please could you ensure these books come back to school on Friday as I need to photocopy bits and pieces for their files.

We made our last trip to Lane Cove Library yesterday and many children have decided to borrow books over the holidays. This means that all these books have been sent home and is now the responsibility of the children to get them back to the Library in 3 weeks time. There were also many books overdue on a number of cards, so please check for any overdue library books at home and make sure they find their way back to the Library. I would like to extend this reminder to our own school library as well.

Next Wednesday is our last Italian lesson for the year and the group have organised to have a party with Claudia. Please bring in a small plate of party food from different cultures to share.

Just a quick reminder now, if your child is sick and won’t be at school, please remember to email me each day they are off sick as, I need these for school records. Also, after 3 days off, a medical certificate is required for the school records.

I think that’s all for this week folks. Have a great weekend!

From Olivia

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Hi Everyone, we are back from Mowbray Park and what a lot of stories we have to tell you! The camp was fantastic, lovely weather, lovely company, lovely activities…

From swimming to archery, canoeing to horse riding, eating, playing and hanging with their friends; I hope all the kids and parents who came have just as many gorgeous memories as I do. Thank you to all the parents who came and helped out, drove and supported all the children. I hope you all enjoyed it!

We have been speaking about having an excursion to North Head next week , however, we will not be able to make it as time is running out to finish up for the end of the year. We will still, however be going to the beach on the Tuesday 16th December. Please let me know if you can help with driving, the more the merrier and would love to be able to spend the time with you all before I leave too. We will be deciding which beach today so we will keep you posted!

Lastly (and certainly not least), I wanted to thank all the parents for my afternoon tea last week, and my gorgeous pashmina and the gift card. I feel so lucky that I am part of a community with such generous, amazing people. And not to be forgotten, that scrumptious cake that Lisa made, anytime you feel the need to bake, I will make sure every crumb will go to a good home.

From Olivia

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Hi Everyone!

We have had a crazy week with lots of potential teachers for next year visiting our class which has been interesting and exciting for all of us. Thank you to the committee for all their continuing time and hard work on this.

We have also been preparing for Mowbray Park next Monday. Thank you everyone for your prompt payments and return of permission slips. We will be leaving school  at 9.30 Monday morning, so please make sure you are all here by 9 am so that we can go through a few things before we set off.

On the first night, we have a “midnight feast” (really a 8 pm snack). Each child is asked to contribute a SMALL treat to this event so that we can share in the celebration. Please keep in mind that it is at 8 pm and the amount of sugar that is ingested is directly related to the hour that your child will get to sleep (we all still need enough sleep for the busy days and the adults need some ‘down time’ as well). The important concept for this event, is for the children to be together not, in fact, to eat as much as humanly possible. Hence the SMALL comment. One small pack of chips, biscuits, lollies etc is more than enough. You can also consider fruit etc, so long as it doesn’t need refrigeration. The children have also voted to reveal their Kris Kringle’s at the “midnight feast”, and each child has decided that a small present is to be given to each other in this tradition. A maximum of $10 is to be put on this present and needs to be packed in the child’s bag with the rest of their luggage. Last but not least, this is a camp for the children and all the adults there are now honorary teachers (I will knight you all on Monday morning), and now carry responsibilities for a whole group of gorgeous children, this includes sun-screening, conflict resolution etc  (welcome to the club).

Now for just a small reminder, as per our nut policy, no nuts are to be brought to school. This includes food which contain nuts e.g. many muesli bars, chocolate bars, cakes etc. Uncle Toby’s muesli bars are a tricky lot when it comes to nuts. The only one’s that are OK to bring are the apricot crunchy or chewy ones. The rest contain nuts and can’t be brought to school.

That’s all for this week, fingers crossed (and legs, eyes and anything else that can be crossed) for lovely weather for Mowbray Park next week. Have a great weekend!

From Olivia

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Hi Everyone!

Well congratulations to all who participated in the concert. It really was a fantastic job! I hope all the parents/families enjoyed it as much as we all did. A huge thank you to Anita, Nicola and Chelsea who helped with sound, backgrounds and choreography.

In our busy school lives at the moment, we also went ot Sculptures by the Sea last Tuesday and we spent a gorgeous day wandering around enjoying the sculptures and ending the day off with a swim in the ocean pool at Bronte. Thanks to Don for coming and helping out.

Our busy lives continue next week with orientation morning on Tuesday 22nd November. This is the time when all the kids get to experience where they will be next year. If you are still not sure where your child will be, please come and find out before next Tuesday.

Just a reminder for Mowbray Park: The forms are due TOMORROW! Please make sure you get them back to me signed and money paid so that I can start to make the final bookings/arrangements etc.

I think that’s all for this week. Hope you are all well!

From Olivia

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Hi Everyone!

Only one more sleep till the Currambena Concert! Please ensure the kids are here at lease 15 minutes before 6 so that we can get prepared. The concert will be held on the deck of Fran’s room so please bring picnic rugs and chairs to sit on whilst watching the play. The social will be held after the performances have finished and we ask that you wait to eat until then. Just a few reminders that the main building and other classrooms will be locked on the night, and to please bring a dish of finger food (to avoid using plates and washing up)  to share with your family and a few others. Also, supervision of children is the responsibility of each parent! See you there!

On Monday, Danni (Ellery’s mum) came in and talked about child birth with the group. The kids found it fascinating and asked some really thoughtful questions. A huge thank you to Danni for taking the time to come and talk, the kids learned a lot, and have a billion more questions to ask now as a result. Michael Dadd (William’s Grandfather) came in today to talk to the group about ultrasounds and how they work, so thank you very much Michael for coming in and spending your time with us!

That’s all for this week I think, I hope you all have your Mowbray Park packs now, please get them back to me as soon as you can. Have a great weekend, see you all tomorrow night hopefully!

Sculptures by the Sea is next Tuesday (15th), please send hats, drinks bottles, lunch, swimmers and towel. Let me know if you would like to come too.

From Olivia

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Hi Everyone!

This week we are busy, busy, busy with play practice, dance practice, prop and costume making and still trying to fit some time in for other types of learning too. The School Concert is only just over a week away and we are all so excited. It starts at 6pm sharp on Friday 11th November outside Fran and Sarah’s room. Please bring your own picnic blankets/ chairs etc. There will be a school social afterwards and it is requested that you bring a plate to share with your family and 2 or or 3 others.

Every week, we have some kind of event until the end of the year so on Tuesday 15th November, we will be going to Sculptures by the Sea with Jo’s class and Preschool. We will be leaving at 9.30.

The week after that, we have orientation morning on the 22nd November. We are beginning to talk about class groups for next year so if you don’t already know, please come and talk ot me about possibilities for your child.

In week 8, we will be going to Mowbray Park (Monday 28th-Wednesday 30th November). Information packs will be sent home on Friday 4th November so please look out for them. For parents who intend to come (and haven’t spoken to me yet) please let me know a.s.a.p. either way so that I can book accordingly (before the end of next week). Permission slips need to be HANDED to me, complete with money, by Friday 18th November. Internet banking may be used , but please look for instructions and correct bank details in the information pack.

This week, we have finally started our long awaited theme on growth and development. We have read “Where do I Come From?” By Peter Mayle and have discussed all the concepts introduced in this book from sex to having a baby. The group have been writing questions for our discussion box and we have been slowly working our way through these questions as a wholoe group. This does mean that many of the children are processing all this information at the moment, and it might mean that it is brought up for discussion at home. It also means that some might be tempted to use their computer time at home to research further on the topic and might require some vigilant parent monitoring of this. We will be talking about the dangers of using the internet to research this particular topic, but it might need to be reiterated at home also.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

From Olivia

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Hi Everyone, I would like to start off with a big thank you to Chris Price for taking my class on Monday when I was away. The day brought back many memories of being in Preschool years ago. It was lovely to hear these memories when I came back on Tuesday.

Thanks to all the rain, we have missed out on swimming and our visit to the library this week and the kids were very disappointed in skipping our visit to the pool. We discussed the idea that we might do a ‘make up’ visit in a few weeks. But I will let you know what we decide.

Most of this week has been taken up with script writing and play practice. We are now beginning to organise costumes and designing our set. The concert is on Friday the 11th November (in just two weeks). It will start at 6pm and will end at 7. A social will be occurring after this. Please check elsewhere in this newsletter for all the necessary details.

Next Wednesday morning is our Photo and Website breakfast. This is to celebrate our new Currambena website and also to view all the photos that have been taken of the children by Tracy Everingham (Olivia and Charlotte’s mum)and Kath Seward (Leo, Natalie and Thomas’s Mum).

That’s all for now I think, have a great weekend!

From Olivia

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Hi Everyone,

So many wonderful activities are happening at the moment. Not only are we in the process of writing our script for our class play; but we are also having our big brain presentations from last term and the kids are already excited about possibilities for their next one. This term we are doing big brains a little bit differently, we are going to build on our topics from last term. The reason for this is to understand the limitless possibilities of where our research can take us, and that when we think we have learned all we can about a topic, there is always more to find out.

In craft we are participating in the school dinosaur sculpture and making numerous little ones as well. Thank you to all of the craft helpers for your time and creativity and energy. This will lead into an excursion to Sculptures by the Sea with Jo’s class and preschool. We will be going on Tuesday 15th November but more details closer to the date.

Our class camp to Mowbray Park is booked and happening on Monday 28th November to Wednesday 30th November. If you are coming with your child, please let me know by Friday 4th November so that I can finalise costs, numbers and other bits and pieces.

Now for a few reminders:

  • One of our much loved red poufs is in great need of a refurbish. Please could someone come and sew it up so that we can keep using this.
  • We are currently trying to organise numbers for next year and need to know everyone’s plans for next year in terms of leaving etc. Could you please let me know by Monday 24th October so we can get the ball rolling on this one.
  • I have discovered a few cases of nits recently, including myself, so please could you check your child’s heads and treat accordingly.
  • Every Tuesday is our swimming day for this term and I would like to remind everyone to send their children with swimmers, towels, goggles and clothes that are easy to change into afterwards. Goggles are really important at the moment as we are working on stroke strength and coordination which is quite difficult without seeing where you are going.

That’s all for this week I think, have a good one!

From Olivia

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Hi Everyone, welcome back to school! I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing break.

It seems as though we have hit the ground running this term again as preparation for the school concert is already underway, big brains have been completed and the children are eager to present them to the class, as well as one person who has already made a start on their big brain for this term. Already, this term seems rather full as we prepare for the school concert (Friday 11th November); a drumming workshop next Monday (17th); Cath Ellis is coming in next week (19-21st October) to make some large sculptures with the kids, which will hopefully round off with a visit to Bondi for Sculptures by the sea. And of course, our yearly class camp to Mowbray Park on 28th-30th November. Phew!

In the classroom, we are busy completing some maths revision before we move onto data, chance, patterns, position and mass/volume this term. We are doing a unit on different text types for the next few weeks which will tie into our play writing and big brains this term. We have been reading “Ratbags and Rascals” by Robin Klein and did a narrative writing activity based on ratbags or ratbag behaviour. This resulted in a number of lists written by the children. We have had a discussion today about the difference between writing lists as a joke and actually carrying out these acts out on our friends and family.

Just a call out to the few big brain projects that are due by tomorrow (Friday). Please ask your child if they have completed it and brought it in.

That’s all for this week I think, have a great weekend!

From Olivia

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