Julianna Term 1 Week 6

Hello Currambena,

There is movement in the office about the newsletter……….We are looking at the possibilities of an electronic newsletter. If you want a hard copy please drop us an
email or a note in the office. We can then print x amount of newsletters and
leave them in a central place for you to collect. As you have more than likely
have guessed, it is not happening today.


VOCAL NOSH ….. our first social for the year this Friday night 9th March on
the deck at Currambena or if wet in our classroom on the hill.

Please bring dinner to share, enough for your family and a couple of extras. A little dessert is always welcome too. There will be a limited bar so BYO if you choose.

Anyone who can arrive a little earlier, it would be great to get the trestle tables set-up. At the end of the evening if everyone pitches in, the clean-up is done very quickly.

MAINTENANCE DAY…this coming Sunday. We have quite a list of jobs that need to be done. It is also a great way to get to know other families and have a chat. With a bit of luck someone will start up the BBQ for lunch.


I have a grey plastic case that I keep in the office with an assortment of screw drivers. Has anyone seen where it has gone?


There is lots of interest in the community about language and music in the school. To address these educational components and where the school would like to go we are pulling together an Education Committee. If you are interested to be the classroom rep
and can commit to a Monday meeting at 5pm  please contact your class teacher. Once the committee is formed everyone is welcome to the meetings.

Next Council Monday 2nd April

Love Julianna

 It is crucial to have a trusted circle of people who can give you that sense of belonging and of community

-       Sobonfu Some

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