Julianna Term1 Week 8

Hello Currambena,

If you are not getting an electronic newsletter please talk to us in the office or you can collect a hard copy from the box on the table outside preschool

Thank-you to…

…the organisers and all those who contributed to the baby gift basket and the gorgeous farewell breakfast we had on Tuesday morning for Jo. We were so lucky with the weather.

…a little late, but to Eduardo who was down on his hands and knees the night of the Vocal Nosh cleaning out the drain at the front gate. I think it was becoming a very big puddle!


Wendy and I are away today until around 2pm to attend a conference in the city. Mikee will be in the office and Jo is taking Wendy’s class.


This week we have had the electrician in doing general repairs and testing all our emergency lights.

We have also had the fire extinguisher people doing the same.

A rep came in from ADT Security and will give us a quote to alarm all the rooms in the school.

We have a leak in the preschool roof and B-Mac will be here later this week to fix the problem.


We are still looking for a classroom rep for each class who can commit to a Monday meeting.  Please, please contact your class teacher and have a chat for more details

Next Council Monday 2nd April

Love Julianna

                              Go deep into your heart and listen to the rhythm of it.

There is a language spoken to you by the beings you have called into your cycle.

The problem is, we usually don’t listen enough, and therefore we don’t hear it.

-       Sobonfu Some

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