ABC’s and XYZ’s

Dear Parents,

We are enjoying this wonderful weather, the classroom is often empty and everyone outside engrossed in an extraordinary range of activities.

The ABC’s are still enjoying the company of Paul (our student teacher ). He began our first topic this term about crystals with an experiment with salt and water. This triggered an amazing amount of enthusiasm so we have set up and experiment to grow stalactites and stalagmites. Nicola brought in some wonderful crystals and each child has investigated a crystal and we now have an experiment table and a crystal display table. This afternoon Robyn (Heidi’s mum) is going to come in and share her knowledge on crystals.

On a less interesting note: Nits are back. Please Check and exterminate!

The XYZ’s have been exploring percussion in music and counting money for maths. They are also creating power points inspired by a project completed by Matthew when he was away.  The children are interesting in learning yoga for their PE this term. Is anyone keen to help?

The ABC’s are up to ‘O’ and everyone has logged on to the computer to experiment with reading books on line. If you are interested at doing this at home come and get their personal password and user name. I allocate a number of books on their level. When these are complete come to me and I can allocate some more.

On Monday I had three meetings: staff meeting, education committee meeting and council! (the joy of democracy.) The education meeting was very productive and we plan to have a forum on the 28th of May with the AGM. The aim is to share soup and bread and information, so that we can make an informed decision about more language and music in the school. It would be great if you could have a family discussion about these ideas so everyone can have input into the decision making process. Thank you to Alison who did a wonderful job and who put in so much time and energy to plan the meeting, get reps for each class, prepare the agenda and run the meeting.

Blake is planning to go bush walking on Fridays so please send shoes and hats on Fridays.

Take care

Fran, Blake and Nicola.

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