Louise’s Class Week 7

Hi Everyone!

We have been working hard to get our mini business started this week. We have generated lots of ideas and done market research surveying around school. Hopefully we will start making our clay models this afternoon. Thank you to William’s Grandma for coming in to help us. We have decided to give any profit we make to a very isolated NSW school who are trying to raise funds for a school trip. We will let you know when the stall will be happening.

We were very lucky yesterday as Danni (Ellery’s mum) came into school to help us see and find out a bit more about the transit of Venus. We all managed to see the sun with the spot on it, where Venus was, using special glasses. We also tried to see it using a telescope which was exciting! Thank you Danni!

We also did some work this week on anger management; what happens in your brain and strategies to help you calm down and think straight.

Thank you very much to those parents who sent in towels and pasta machines. It seems we chose the same day for cooking as Claudia did, so our pasta making has been postponed.

Please remember not to send any nuts or kiwi fruit into school as there are some children with severe allergic reactions to these.

Hope you all have a good long weekend. See you Tuesday.


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