The Famous 19

Hello everyone,

Last Thursday, Skylen (our student teacher) gave her final lessons for this term. She brainstormed a supply inventory and asked the class what they thought the First Fleet would have brought along with them, in order to start a new life. It got them thinking about the various materials, foods and tools that may have been carried on the ships and what use they were, once they reached this land. Hanging in the classroom are the lists/responses they came up with.

We have started investigating Patterns, algebra & multiplication. The children created their own 100′s chart by paper weaving. They then had to think of a counting pattern and demonstrate their understanding by covering the numbers and writing this up as a times table. This gave them a wonderful visual to see the links between counting patterns and multiplication. This will be our focus topic for Maths over the coming weeks.

The children’s web-quest on”My Place” for this week is to choose between exploring 1808 and/or 1818. Notable differences between the living and sleeping spaces between periods are starting to emerge. This is beginning to give the children an overview of how sparse life was for the early settlers and how different things were, compared to today. For our writing activity this week, I had, a week ago, asked the class to imagine they were a child convict who had been ordered to Australia on the First Fleet and then write about their experience. With all that has been discussed since then, I felt their stories could be extended and elaborated upon.

On Tuesday, the children had a wonderful opportunity whereby they were given an insight into sight! Some students from Sydney University came and talked to each class about the complexities of eyesight and eye disease.

Thankyou’s….. to Karen & Anne-Marie for taking my class on Tuesday and Wednesday and Steve for soccer on Tuesday afternoon. To Deborah & Robyn for reading on Fridays. Carolyn, our resident ‘fish woman’…. I don’t think the fish would be swimming along so happily without you! Also, to Nicola and Belinda who are a huge support to our class.

And that was the week that was!


Upcoming excursions and dates for your diary:

  • Monday 28th May – Lane Cove Library (please return books that day).
  • Monday 28th – The Education Forum for languages and music at 6:30pm,        followed by the AGM at 8:00pm.
  • Thursday 31st – Alexander Park school will be visiting for lunch.
  • Tuesday 5th June – Rock climbing at ‘Climb Fit’, 10:30am-12:30pm.
  • Monday 11th – Public Holiday
  • Friday 15th – Movie night for “The Famous 19″ (details closer to the day).
  • Monday 18th – A visit from Lexodius Dadd, who will come and talk as part of our Aboriginal studies.
  • Wednesday 20th – A day trip to the Museum of Sydney with Louise’s class, as part of our Aboriginal studies.
  • Friday 22nd – A visit from Boori, storyteller extraordinaire, will spend the day at school, as part of our Aboriginal studies.


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