In Louise's class, we have the first 30 minutes of the day as free play and socialising.

We then get going with our day. We do Maths and English altogether and other areas of the curriculum are covered by personal, group, class and joint-class projects.
There are specialist art and music teachers which the children see weekly. The children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and work at a level that is challenging for them. The classroom has a friendly, open feeling where the children can express themselves, take risks and feel connected to the group.

Some things the children said they like about being at Currambena and being in this class:

No uniform, fun teachers, climbing the rafters, playing with pet rats, being able to talk to the teachers about what you need, sitting on the couches, no tests, craft room, not much textbook time, awesome classmates, good activities, heaps of plasticine, free time to do what we want, friends in other classes, it's not competative, the tree house, book corner and learning areas, lots of maths, everyone is kind, making new friends, the things we are taught and the lessons we have, cool classroom and everything!

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