In Sarah’s class, most mornings are usually designated to teaching the planned literacy program. This involves developing skills for story writing, learning and practising spelling and grammar rules and working on the finer points of hand writing.

After morning tea, we usually focus on Mathematics. The afternoon timetable is varied and will include either PE, personal and whole class projects or a visit to the local library. Also included in our program are music and craft. Each week we also have a class meeting and a whole school meeting where we discuss important topics. Here are some of the children’s thoughts about their class, some things they like to do and what they like about their class and school: 

  • I like that you can do projects with someone and by yourself. I love having free time and when people call out games and stuff.
  • I like about the class that you can play plasticine and lego, and about the school I like that you don’t have to wear uniform, you can climb trees and you don’t have different teachers for different subjects.
  • I like that my teacher keeps on challenging us, every time keeps pushing us up a notch. I love all the people in the school; they are really nice to everyone.
  • I like that you don’t have to wear uniform, shoes or hat. I like our class because everyone is respectful.
  • I like how everyone makes their own projects because they are really cool. I like all of the teachers and all of the children.
  • In our class we get to have our own plasticine and bases. We have monkey bars in the top playground; I like them.
  • I like my class because it is really colourful and we get to have free Fridays.
  • Every Friday we get to have an ice-block and I love the treehouse and monkey bars. I like my class because it has lots of different activities to do.

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