The transition to high school is a rite of passage for all children and the ease of it varies for each person and according to the school they choose.

The teachers work closely with the children as they prepare themselves for high school. Regular contact is made with the parents during the 2 years prior to the child leaving Currambena. Through discussions with individuals, formal interviews, informal discussions and group meetings, consideration is given to options, processes and decisions about readiness, appropriate times and places. Potential school requirements and expectations, auditions, interviews, examinations, scholarships, open days, application forms etc. are considered. Matching the school as much as possible to the individual child is a major part of this process.

In the past, Currambena students have gone on to a wide variety of schools including selective schools, schools specialising in the performing arts, private schools and government schools. We are fortunate in that many students return to the school and make regular contact with the teachers, particularly at the annual fair and other Currambena events.

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