Currambena School was founded in 1969, following a Public Meeting of parents, teachers and academics from Macquarie University.

With vision and determination, they pursued the possibility of a less formal school where children’s curiosity and love of learning could be stimulated, where children’s individuality was respected, and where parental input was valued. These were unusual ideas in the mainstream schools of the time.

Woodley Preparatory School

An existing preparatory school, Woodley (see photo below), was purchased in Lane Cove for $60,000 and the previous owners agreed to finance the mortgage. After representations to Lane Cove Council by the founders, approval was given and the first intake of students of the new school, took place on 27th January 1970. There were 72 children in Preschool and 44 in Primary. Voting took place to find an appropriate name. ‘Currambena’ (a happy place) won narrowly over ‘Biala’ ( I understand).


There was initial opposition amongst some local people who feared children would ‘run wild in the streets!’ and from the Department of Child Welfare who did not favour primary and preschool children sharing a common playground. These objections were gradually overcome.


In 1971, the house next door to the school, 201 Longueville Road, was purchased for $21,000 to allow for future expansion.

Over the years, the Preschool has become smaller and the Primary larger.

The amount of parent involvement is as high, the teachers as devoted and the children as individual and enthusiastic as they were then.

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