We are currently seeking casual preschool educators and primary teachers to join our relief staff listing in 2022. We are looking for Certificate IIand Diploma trained Early Childhood Educators to work in our 25-place preschool, as well as qualified, NESA-accredited primary school teachers. To learn more about the positions, please email us here

Working at Currambena is a unique experience. Some of the teachers and staff have been working here for well over ten years. While we do follow the curriculum, our approach to learning caters to the individual children's needs and interests. We believe that learning happens everywhere and all the time, not just sitting at a desk in a classroom. We work, create, play, bushwalk, swim, talk, listen, learn to negotiate, communicate effectively and resolve conflicts as they arise. Living skills are incorporated into day to day activities. 

The school is run democratically; we do not have a principal, and decisions about the running of the school are made at class and school meetings, where children, teachers and parents have an equal voice. Teachers meet once a week and School Council members meet once a month.




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