The whole Currambena school community is involved, at various levels, in the process of making decisions that affect the school as a whole.

At an individual level, each member of the school community, children,parents and staff have an equal vote in matters that concern the whole school. Issues that require a vote are generally raised along with ideas, news and other concerns at the weekly school meeting which is held every Friday morning .

At a class level, the children actively participate in discussion with regards to matters related to their learning. This might include topics of interest that the children would like to learn about, suggestions for class excursions, ideas to implement in the classroom, and issues affecting individual or the class as a whole that may require brainstorming strategies to deal with any issues that arise.

The staff and school council also have regular meetings and the outcomes of all meetings that affect the whole school are organised by the school coordinator. This may require organising an event or an outside contractor, or communicating minutes of meetings to the school community. To read more detail about decision making at Currambena, please read the Democracy section.

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