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Hi Everyone,

A huge thank you to the Community, staff and kids.

The Farewell Social on Friday was just fabulous with lots of fun, dancing, delicious food and so many kind words from people.

I loved being part of school meeting today and hearing one more time everyone singing the Currambena version of “I’m A Believer”.

The beautiful gifts I received, all of them are just me. Thank you!

May the little mandarin tree give me the same thirty bountiful years Currambena has given me!

This is not goodbye but see you around.

With love,


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Hello everyone.

I am delighted and very excited to be joining the Currambena family. Such a great school with so many stand-out features. I am semi-retired, a CPA, and spent most of my career as an Investment banker. Also did a stint working for the World Bank that sent me to some challenging places around the world.

I am married to Karen and have 5 children, all grown up thankfully. Used to live in Turramurra, but sold the house with too many bedrooms and have downsized to a great apartment in nearby Lindfield.

For recreation, I coach and also still play competitive basketball as well as play the drums in a rock band. Music being my go-to relaxation tool.

Say hello when you see me next.

Bye for now,



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Mel (or Moo, as she is nicknamed) presented three days of music sessions for us here at Currambena and she is off on new adventures now, starting with the Summerhill Festival of Childhood in UK.
Mel is fundraising at the moment, having been sponsored by an organisation ADEC to go to the Summerhill Festival where she will meet people and hear from them and participate in workshops around education that honours child rights and all kinds of beautiful values. Mel herself lives with complex post-traumatic stress disorder after living in an unsafe environment as a child and teenager. At a
“Re-imagining Education conference”, Mel listened to people speak about what they were doing in their communities and felt a great security and a homecoming and a sense of wellness and hope. Mel is hoping to understand what is important for growing a self that is healthy and share her learning when she returns from her travels.
If you would like to help her financially, please donate at:

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Hello everyone,

Michael’s back! We were all super excited to have him return to preschool on Monday as we’ve all really missed him! A huge thank you to Tui for covering for him during his paternity leave.

It was lovely to see so many preschool families at Julianna’s farewell social, a lovely way to say thank you to her for all that she has done at Currambena over the last 20 years as our school coordinator. It’s always so special for preschool children to be able to come back with their families to school in the evening to participate in these special events that really draw our community together and provide an opportunity for children and their families to connect with each other.

As part of the unit of work we’ve been doing on fire safety we’ve had a couple of fires using the small fire pit. We’ve revisited our learning in regards to what to do if someone is ever on fire, assuring children that this is unlikely to ever occur, though important to know what to do just in case it does. We’ve also gone over the importance of correct first aid for minor burns. We’ve made a fire pit agreement with the children prior to having one and have been going over it before lighting them. They’ve come up with some great and very important rules, including not playing around the fire. We’ve also drawn a chalk line around the fire pit known as “the danger zone” this means you don’t go past it. We’ve discussed that certain clothing is particularly flammable and shouldn’t be worn near the fire, which includes many of our dress ups! You also need to make sure you’re wearing shoes so your feet don’t get burnt.

The children had a great time preparing for the whole school lunch on Wednesday. Preschool spent Monday and Tuesday making and baking 13 loaves of damper for the occasion. We made an overabundance of bread, though at least no one missed out.

A huge thank you to Abi and Celeste for the donation of some gorgeous dress ups. A big thank you to Jane, Oscar and Harriet’s Mum in primary, for removing the monstera plant from the back of preschool and fixing our boat. We’ve had the preschool end of term list up for the last week, but as yet no one has signed up for anything. Michael, Lisa and I will be completing the tasks with the children on Friday and taking the washing home at the end of the week if no one does, though that means there’s a missed opportunity for maintenance hours for families.

Wishing everyone a restful and warm school holiday!


Lisa, Michael and Katrina

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Hi everyone,

Our last week has been plagued by sickness! Only about half the class was there each day so we’ve missed everyone. On the positive side, it allows a bit more close attention for those that are at school! We’ve been trying to stick to our routine as much as possible looking at reading and spelling in phonics, continuing with the morning routine, and looking at sharing into equal groups in maths.

For some of our students who’ve left for holidays early, happy holidays!! Everyone else, hope you and your families have a wonderful break! Looking forward to starting term 3 after everyone has a well-deserved rest. More teeth are starting to fall out as the students grow older and wiser, can’t wait to see what we’ll all be able to do once we reach 100 days of learning in the first few weeks of next term!

We are currently writing reports about students’ learning in social skills, Maths and English, and we’ll organise our parent teacher interviews for early next term, so that will be a good chance to talk in person about where each individual student is at and what goals we have for the second half of the year.

Short entry for this week,

Lots of love, Emma and Vinnie

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Dear Families,

School council have approved the additional funds for our new classroom speaker, so we’ve voted on a colour, made the purchase, and a new speaker will be in our classroom ready for next term. Well done to all the children for their initiative and dedication to this project!

We’ve had a wonderful last week of school with lots of fun-filled activities. On Monday we decided to have an impromptu visit to the park with Vinnie’s class, and, despite the cold weather, the children warmed up quickly by running and climbing together. Some children had fun spotting spiders, whilst others made fairy gardens or played “toilet flush” in the open area. As promised, on Monday we also had a go at wrestling. We brainstormed different types of wrestling and agreed on some rules before rolling out the mats and having a go ourselves. It was lots of fun, and it created plenty of opportunities for discussion around fairness and strategy. The children loved it, and I have promised it will make a comeback when we return to school next term.

On Tuesday, in a break from routine, we decided to play mathematics games together instead of literacy stations. It was wonderful to see the children working together in small groups, completely engaged in a range of counting and number activities. One group even invented a new game combining Cuisenaire rods and dice that dovetailed nicely with the concepts we have been learning when measuring area. In the afternoon we had our final shared sports session, and for me this was gymnastics. In was a great session with Chelsea, in which we did a lot of strength training and practicing of  handstands, cartwheels and forward rolls. Given the weather was a little chilly, keeping moving was the perfect way to stay warm.

A huge congratulation and thank you to Meg who ran Currambena’s very first ‘Soup Day’ on Wednesday. The children came together beautifully in the morning to chop and prepare a range of soups that catered to all dietary needs and preferences. The tables were arranged and decorated, and just as the sun came out, the children sat together and enjoyed their beautiful feelings of a warm belly and a loving community.

All the children have now finished their flying machines, and by Thursday afternoon everyone will have had a chance to present them to the class. There have been some truly inspiring creations! Well done everyone.

Tomorrow will be our last day at school for the term and the children have voted to watch the movie “Songwing”. If your child would like to bring some food to share as a small celebration, they are most welcome. Remember, no lollies, chocolate bars or nuts.

And finally, I’d like to wish Julianna the very best for her next adventure. Currambena would not be what it is today without her incredible thirty years of dedication, creativity, and passion. We will miss you very much!

Have a fabulous break everyone.
Jess x

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Here it is folks…. our last post!

So we slide out of this term in true Currambena style with a cracking great social and bittersweet farewell. I’d like to acknowledge all the wonderful parents who managed the gorgeous evening last Friday, but especially Judy (Lilith’s mum) for organising this event. It was a triumphant send off to our Julianna. There will be many who will miss such a stalwart and someone who holds so much of Currambena’s history. But clearly, it is time for her next adventure and a change for Currambena too. Thankyou Julianna, for everything you have contributed to the school over 30 years. Personally, you have taught me so much, and starting next term there will be a noted vacancy in the group – I will miss you!

In our class, we have really just been tidying up loose ends these past few days: completing reflections on our projects; thinking about personal goals for term 3; cleaning the classroom and, of course, there was our most delicious “Soup Day” on Wednesday. Thanks so much to Meg for dreaming this up and organising us ALL to work towards a community lunch. It was warming, inviting, engaging and communal – not to mention, DELICIOUS! We had children chopping ingredients in the morning, combining vegetables etc., for Meg and Carolina to keep an eye on cooking. Preschool made a cracking great damper to share around and, voila – soup, including: a Spanish dish with lentils and pancetta; roast pumpkin and vegetable soup. For those non-soup eaters there were rice noodles, pasta and cheese. And Wendy’s class did an amazing job at serving and filling the empty bowls eagerly awaiting to be filled.

I am already looking forward to our return in Term 3 (who’d have thought?!) as we have some exciting ideas floating around. But until then I wish you all a jolly good break – whatever that may entail, and hope you stay fit, well and happy for its duration.

Love, Sarah x

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The social last Friday night was a wonderful farewell to Julianna. We wish her well on her next adventure. This week has been busy for our class as we finished off Personal Interest Project presentations which included: lightning, candy, Baker Boy, and tigers. The children reflected on their projects and set goals to achieve for next term. We finished our class novel ‘Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow’ and voted to read the second book next term.

During the week we looked at what NAIDOC week is and that it is being celebrated in the holidays. The children also looked at David Unaipon, an Aboriginal man, whose portrait is on one side of the fifty dollar note. He was a writer, speaker and inventor, and an advocate for the rights of Aboriginal people.

On Wednesday, our class was tasked with cutting up pumpkins for the community lunch. The children enjoyed spooning out the seeds and cutting the pumpkin into small pieces, so these could be roasted. It was a lovely day to sit and eat together at the tables outside. Thank you to Meg who came up with the idea, organised the ingredients, cooked, and made the whole day possible.

We are half way through our Sound Waves program and our Think Mental textbooks, which the children are thrilled about. Over the last few weeks we have been discussing the importance of learning our times tables to help support our mathematical learning.

Thank you to all the parents who have washed our classroom towels and pillowcases, volunteered their time for outings, socials and Summerhill days, cleaned our classroom during maintenance days, and supported the children in their learning. We are looking forward to what term three will bring. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Leesa x

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Hi everyone.

What a wonderful social event last Friday night! A gorgeous farewell for Julianna which, I’m sure, was enjoyed by all present. Congratulations to all the organisers, especially the clean up team! The school looked fabulous on the night, the food and music were great, and everything was tidy on Monday morning!

Last week of term now and we’re just about going to get all our PIP presentations done… pretty impressive, I think, since we were away in Canberra just last week! As always, it has been a very full term and the children have learned so much and done so well.

We were all a little tired on Thursday and Friday last week after our very full three days away but we managed to get our journals complete, construct a reflective PNI chart about the excursion, and write thank you letters to those who helped us get there.

This week, our focus is on presenting all those PIPs and their accompanying art works. There will be some photos of these in this Newsletter. The topics have been varied as always… Bees, Plants, Egyptian Gods, Legal Cases and The Paranormal, just to name a few. The children are becoming very proficient at creating a Google Slide presentations and presenting their PIPs using palm cards. Almost all the PIPs have had well-constructed bibliographies this term too, which is terrific.

On Wednesday, we had a most successful Soup Day, organised by Meg. Each class chopped vegies or contributed by making table decorations, and we all ate together at tables outside. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the photos in this Newsletter.

Most importantly this week, we say goodbye to Julianna and welcome Daniel Martinez to Currambena as our new Business Manager. I hope he will have a long and happy association with the school.

Have wonderful, safe and happy holidays, everyone. We will be doing parent interviews early in Term 3, so I’ll see you then, if not before.


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