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Hello everyone,

This term has flown by and here we are at the end of it! The music social and Leesa’s farewell on Friday night was just gorgeous. The preschool children were so excited in the led up to it, so it was lovely to see so many preschool children taking part in the singing as a part of the whole school.

In our Astronomy unit with Emma and Vinnie’s class we’ve been focussing on how soil came to be. Everyone has had the opportunity to start growing a seed that we hope will germinate over the school holidays.

The mud kitchen, the sandpit and games outdoors are high on the list of interest for many of the preschool children this week. We’re sure with the warmer weather next term we’ll see more of this continuing.

We didn’t manage to make it to Kimberley Playground this term, though, plan on starting next term on a Thursday. We’ll be giving families permission notes at the start of next term.

Wishing everyone a restful and enjoyable school holidays. School will recommence on Tuesday 11th October.


Michael, Katrina & Lisa

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Hi everyone,

Happy last week of term!

This week we’ve been finishing up a few things. We chose our favourite dinosaur to write about to finish up our informative writing unit. Last week we “published” our second class “book” and we already received lots of detailed positive feedback on our last book from the friendly staff at the Australian Museum!! They said, “The Education team and I had great fun reading these! It was a lovely contribution by your class to the plesiosaur knowledge of the Museum. … Please pass on the message that your students all have futures as palaeontologists, museum curators and science communicators. There was some beautiful drawings and great facts about plesiosaurs – we look forward to hosting any of them on future school trips or in the school holidays.”

We’ve been looking at reading and spelling with double consonants in phonics and finding the missing number when adding in maths! We have a few more sessions still to go with our science unit with preschool, mixing soil and planting seeds was a really engaging activity this week, thanks Michael! We sent these home on Wed. Hopefully, with some sun and water they may start to grow during the holidays! We also sent home some soap that Aidan’s parents generously made with us on a Friday earlier in the term – hope you enjoy using some hand made soap!

We voted for our movie for Friday, the last day of term. We wish you a beautiful and restful holiday break!!! Thanks for all your support this term. Also, a huge thank you to Vinnie for being a wonderful teacher on our class this year so far!! We will miss you and we had lots of fun surprising you on Wed with a little goodbye party.

Love, Emma and Vinnie

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This week has brought a fun finish to term 3. The highlight of our week has, of course, been our rock climbing excursion. All the children did a marvellous job managing their emotions and everyone climbed! It was so fun watching the personal journey that each child went through, some conquering some significant fears. Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the children and for making it a very special afternoon.

The children will be finishing their “bean journals” this week and will bring them home on Friday along with their bean seeds that have sprouted. It might be fun to plant the sprouted beans in sone soil over the school holidays and then watch them grow even more.

We had a fun time in English and drama this week, creating our own performances of repeatable tales. The four stories were performed titled “Where’s the Cheese?”, “How do you sleep on the moon?”, “Who likes Peas?” and “What’s for Dinner?”. It was a great foundation for the drama concepts we’ll be exploring next term as we devise our own class play for the school concert. In maths, we made quadrilaterals with pipe cleaners and straws and revised all the new language we have been learning to describe 2D space.

On Friday the children have voted to watch “Minions” as a class movie as a way to celebrate the end of a very successful term.

Lastly, goodbye and thank you to my friend and colleague Leesa. I wish you all the best for your move back to Wagga, you will be very missed.

Wishing you all a peaceful and restful break and I look forward to seeing you all back at school for our very last term for the year.
Jess xx

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Hi Everyone,

What a wonderful way to end the term with a music week and social. It was unfortunate that a chest cold struck me down and I missed it. But there was some gorgeous feedback on how wonderful it was, and especially, that there was so much parental input – showcasing their musical talent. Thank you to all who participated.

So we’ve had a fairly chillaxed (short) week: On Monday, we made pizzas from paper to represent fractions. We watched everybody’s dance moves they had coded through Scratch and visited Lane Cove Library. Tuesday, we wrapped up the last of our project presentations and then we got stuck into our cooking day! We spent the rest of the day prepping, chopping , cooking, eating and cleaning. Everybody helped prepare ingredients for our tacos, fruit kebabs and jelly cups. The children set the tables in the middle of the room with table cloths and we all sat down to eat lunch. It was very civilised and a wee bit gorgeous! The children also completed a couple of reflections on their projects and the term. What a term it has been! Wednesday there was more cooking in Spanish and we ended the day with our BIG CLEAN.

On Friday, we will be going up the street to buy our lunch, so, those who wish to do this will need to bring their own money. We will then settle in to watch a movie.. “Tom and Jerry”.

If some kind person could please take our towels home to wash and return that would be so wonderful. I’ll leave the bag on top of the lockers at the end of Wednesday.

Finally, a sad farewell to Leesa. It has been so wonderful to have worked with you over the last 3 years. It has certainly been full with challenges. I wish you all the very best in whatever you move on to do next.

Have a safe and well-deserved break folks and see you back here for our last and final term together.

Love, Sarah

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The children have been quite busy this week finishing off topics, completing work samples and presenting their personal interest projects. The final presentations were on wolves, Violet Jessop, The Periodic Table and The United Kingdom. The children did a fantastic job at engaging their audience and furthering their skills with using Google Slides.

The children would like to watch a movie on Friday. Notes were sent home on Tuesday as the movie is rated PG. All notes need to be returned for the class to be able to watch the movie, please ask your child for the note. The children can bring popcorn, biscuits or chips if they wish.

This is my final newsletter at Currambena. Thank you for all the well wishes, gifts, hugs and beautiful messages. Currambena has taught me a lot, throughout the nearly four years that I have been lucky enough to teach here. The life skills and friendships that you gain are invaluable. I will treasure the memories of our excursions, concerts, camps and all the class moments throughout the years. I wish everyone the best for the future and I am sure I will visit in the years to come.

Leesa x

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Just a short Newsletter this week… very strange to have an unexpected holiday on a Thursday!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the social on Friday night. It was great fun and a lovely way to say farewell to Leesa. We all wish her the very best of success in her next adventure!

This week we are finishing off our PIP presentations which are so interesting and informative. We are all learning a lot about topics like Frogs, World History, Marilyn Monroe, Diseases, Cake and the Periodic Table… to mention but a few! Well done to everyone in the group!

We are also making 3D models… hopefully at least one photo will make it into the Newsletter today.

On Monday, we had a session with David from Y-safe about internet safety. Really valuable information for the group… and David was very impressed with the level of engagement and the knowledge of the children. We also had our second session with Talk Money presenter, Briony, who took us through some scenarios to demonstrate the importance of making calm, conscious and informed decisions about spending, especially online.

I hope you enjoy Immie’s “My Time at Currambena” in this Newsletter. We have 13 students leaving for high school this year, almost a record number, so we had to begin these Newsletter pieces this term in order to fit them all in!

A reminder that our Jervis Bay camp will be Monday 5th to Friday 9th December. Please note the dates. There will be a meeting early next term to discuss details.

And finally, have a wonderful, safe and relaxing holiday!


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Year 3
My first year at Currambena was in Year 3, and Leesa was my teacher. My closest friend was Harper and she showed me around the school, then I made friends with Perry, Soren and Jana. When I was in Year 3, Harper and the other Year 4 girls were always nice to me. They were Jasmin, Annika, Rosa, Gwen, Leila and Isla. They were always helping me out and telling me about the school.

Year 4
In Year 4, all the kids from Sarah’s class came up and I thought they would be Year 3 but they were Year 4. There were a couple of girls that looked nice but I didn’t know their names, so I was kinda shy around them, but after I learned their names, and they were Sophie, Zali, Alex and Claudia.

Year 5
Year 5 was a very big change for me because I was entering Wendy’s class and everyone said it was going to be hard, so I was scared and I was scared of Wendy but luckily I was already doing guitar with her, so it wasn’t too bad. I was sitting with my friends and I was feeling a lot better. At the end of the year I had the best camp I’ve ever had at Jervis Bay and I was sooo sad to see the Year 6s go. I cried so much.

Year 6
This is definitely going to be the saddest year for me saying goodbye to all my friends. I’m probably not going to see some of them ever again. It’s going to be sad having my Year 6 ceremony. I’m looking forward to doing Kris Kringle and Jervis Bay! It’s so exciting but I think this has been the best year out of all of them. Wendy has been the best teacher ever. I could not ask for a better one!

The End
I’m going to miss Currambena sooo much. It’s made such a huge difference to my life and luckily I won’t be leaving forever because my brother goes here, but I’m going to miss everything: the seniors’ room, my teacher, craft, canteen and especally my friends. They’re the ones who got me this far. Thank you so much Sophie, Zali, Alex, Jana and Claudia. I’m going to miss you all sooooo much.

Goodbye Currambena!

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My first year at Currambena was at Preschool. I spent 2-3 years there. I can only remember never wanting to leave my mum. Every time I went to preschool I missed my mum and one time I even ripped out some of her hair. My preschool teachers were Michael and Katrina. Michael would always play guitar songs and Katrina would make the playdough. My buddy was Izzy. I remember us all sitting in a circle and it was my turn to pick a buddy and I pointed at Izzy and ran for the playdough.

In kindergarten I think I had Jess as a teacher. I don’t quite remember but I do remember getting those blocks that stick together with magnets and playing with them every day or two. My class did our play based on a book with animals having a party in the jungle and I was a really pink flamingo.

Marius Year 1-2
In Marius’s class, we had a bluetongue lizard and Sophie and I would take it on walks every 2 days, and when we got back to class Marius would come back as “Elvis Presley”. There was also a student teacher but I don’t remember her name. All I remember is her giving me a giant tub of glue and saying it was a present (as a joke) and me taking it home for slime. I think we did a mediaeval play that year. I don’t remember it and our second play I don’t remember at all but I do remember a yellow school bus.

Sarah’s Class Year 3
Sarah was a bit scary to me through my time at Currambena (no offence Sarah). I only have memories of her shouting when they were rehearsing school play. And this year I had my first camp at Mowbray Park. The play that year was based on the crayon book.

Leesa’s Year 4
This year was the year I met my best friend Florence (who doesn’t come to Currambena). And I also started being friends with Imogen. Leesa’s class was fun because we got to climb the rafters and write our names up. I didn’t go to Leesa’s camp that year and the play was something about 2 girls and bad guys and animals.

Wendy’s Class in Year 5-6.
Wendy was a really good teacher and I loved the camps (other than getting homesick), the excursions and buddies. My first buddy was Arabella and my second buddies were Celeste and Justin. The school play in year 5 was based on Halloween and aliens, and the second play hasn’t started yet.

Thank you all the teachers Katrina, Michael, Jess, Marius, Sarah, Leesa, Wendy, Carolina, Julianna and Julie (our lolly-pop lady) for teaching me at least once and thank you to my friends Sophie, Alex, Claudia, Imogen, Harper and Florence and thank you Crafty for teaching me and being my favourite teacher for 9 years.

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