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Hi Everyone,

Nothing  new to report this week.

I hope you all have a break and can enjoy this long weekend




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Hello everyone,

Another busy and fun-filled week in preschool. On Monday we had our first routine excursion to Kimberley Playground. It was a gorgeous event! The children followed all our ‘walking to the park’ agreements, being very mindful to stay on the foot path and only cross the roads after they had stopped, looked, listened and waited for a teacher to tell them it was safe. Kimberley Playground lends itself to lots of outdoor adventures and exploration of the natural environment, with our little people collecting some interesting natural resources for preschool. The playground equipment is pretty special, allowing children to really challenge themselves physically.  It was so much fun that many of the children didn’t want to come back to school.

We had our third tennis class on Tuesday. The children are picking up some great techniques and following our coach’s instructions, and working well in pairs and in groups.

The Preschool Stall on Wednesday was a great success, with the children showing great generosity in donating some wonderful toys and books. Many families also provided lots of great treats for us to sell. We baked up a storm on Tuesday, creating 100 vegan cupcakes. The stall was a lot of fun and raised $247.05 which will be donated to The Smith Family.

We have now added an Acknowledgment of Country to our morning meeting. We’re planning on making a poster of it and adding it to the front of preschool. Everyone seems to be picking up the words quickly. We’ve also begun learning a ‘body parts’ rhyme in Eora language called Marrin Gamu, which means body, in 2 different Aboriginal languages. Michael, Lisa and I spent some time this week looking at developing our Reconciliation Action Plan for preschool. We’re at the initial stages of its development and have 3 parents that are interested in working on this with us. If anyone else is interested, please let me know and I’ll invite you into the online RAP.

Many thanks to all the families that contributed to our stall on Wednesday. Thank you also to all our washing families.

Wishing everyone a restful long weekend!


Katrina, Michael and Lisa


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It seems this nasty cold has taken a foothold in my class, so there have been a lot of children away both this week and last. I know how miserable they must all feel, and I wish everybody a speedy recovery. Thank you to parents for obliging with COVID tests; I know it’s an unpleasant experience for young children. Please remember that I also need a medical certificate to justify any absence that extends beyond three days.

This week, we have been busy with whole numbers in Maths, learning and consolidating our knowledge of teen numbers. Children need to know how to count with fluency through the teen numbers and to understand deeply why we use two numerals to represent them. The children have been doing a wonderful job of representing and sorting these numbers in various ways. To support the children’s concept of place value, we’ve also been talking a lot about ‘groups’ of numbers, eg One ‘group’ of ten and 3 leftover makes 13. This language will continue to support the children as we move into multiplication and division.

We are very close to finishing learning the common sounds of each letter of the alphabet. Our “Alphabet & Number” celebration will be after lunch on Thursday afternoon next week (17th June). It would be wonderful if you could please provide a small offering for the party. Fruit, popcorn, or other small treats would be work well. As we have food allergies in our class, could you please write down the ingredients of your offering and stick the list securely to the container. If it is store-bought, that’s okay, just let me know.

Summerhill Day was a hit. Despite the rain, I was able to take a small group of children bushwalking, and in the afternoon I enjoyed knitting and chatting with another group of children whilst my socks dried out!

On Friday, Emma and I opened the wall between our classes and set up a book-making space for the children that they could choose to be a part of if they wished. It was beautiful to see almost every child thoroughly engaged over many hours on this activity. There was some beautiful writing and illustrations happening and a wave of very creative storytelling. It was a beautiful day.

Wishing you all a very lovely long weekend,

Jess xx

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Dear Parents,

It’s been ARRAYnbow of learning this week! We’ve been looking at arrays in Maths (think boxes of chocolates, cartons of eggs, and cupcake tins) and how they represent both multiplication and repeated addition. We found examples around the classroom, we used blocks and other materials to create them, we drew them, and we even painted them. In Personal Development, we continued our learning around protective behaviours by reading books about the difference between ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ secrets and how nobody can make you keep a secret you feel uncomfortable about. We also talked about keeping private parts private and knowing the correct anatomical words for them. I was very impressed with the children’s maturity during this session, which some children can find a little tricky to discuss. The children all chose topics for their Personal Interest Projects this week. Some have chosen to work individually and some preferred to work with a partner. We will be learning about ways to conduct research that don’t involve a computer, including going straight to the primary source where possible. Having said that, we will be using the Chromebooks at some stage during the process to develop our IT skills, and the children can choose to present their project next term as a slide presentation or as a poster on cardboard. If you could talk with your children about the topic they have chosen, that would be terrific. If their topic has potential for a ‘live’ experience (e.g. going to the zoo if their project is about an animal) that would be brilliant. As you will see in the whole school dates and reminders sections of the newsletter, we have our Big Day Out on Thursday 24th June (Louie’s birthday!). We will require some parent volunteers to help supervise on the day, so please email me if you are available to join us for some fun in the sun. Stay warm and well over the weekend. Emma

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Hi everyone!

Despite the drizzle, we had a fabulous Summer Hill Day last Thursday. There was a really lovely group, mostly made up of Wendy’s, who came together (in our classroom) to paint on canvas. It was so nice to have this cohort, who are now the school’s elders, back in this space to hang out for the afternoon. Friday’s movie night was a hit too! We got together with Leesa’s group in the afternoon to discuss what and when things were happening, and then off they scattered. Most children began claiming their picnic spots, ie spreading blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, and cuddly toys out across the floor to get themselves ready for the film – on the big screen! At the dinner call there was a very excited queue waiting anxiously at the staff room door. So I was very glad to have my dog, Theo, there acting as security. He did a wonderful job at keeping everyone moving in an orderly fashion. This production line ran smoothly right through to ice-cream cones with sprinkles. Once we pressed PLAY, Leesa and I (and Theo) were all able to take a breath! It is always such an exciting evening, especially for the younger group. Being the only classes at school, in the dark and the cold, and given that last year’s was postponed, made it all the more special. Thankyou to everyone for being so prompt at pick-up!

Well, it’s been another quiet week as the lurgies get passed around and children are away sick. A reminder that I need an email and record of your child’s absence for every day they are away, including the reason. Thankyou so much for getting Covid tests and sending me the results for our school files. Your co-operation with this labour is much appreciated.

We have done a mixed bag of activities this week, from meditation, to writing a book report, to singing and learning a couple of new songs, to some serious handwriting practice, and understanding the different ways to communicate the word “STOP” effectively. We said this word in different ways, increasing our conviction at each step, then discussing the effectiveness of tone and body language to give this as a clear message. We talked more about our Rock & Water analogy and learnt how important it is to remember (when in conflict) to remain in our Rock – grounded, strong, and powerful – but to come at it in our Water – using our words and listening to the other person’s point of view. This is never a one-stop shop, and given the number of children who missed out on this activity due to illness, we will do several more follow-up sessions over the coming months.

We continued with some number consolidation and practice, and we also played games on Chance and Probability. There was another tennis session this week where we learnt the tricky ‘backhand’. We discovered why the stroke is called this, and some children were curious to know the history and origin of the sport.

The playground was abuzz on Wednesday with the Preschool Stall. It was a very chilly, but thankfully sunny, day for this to go ahead on the top deck. We all love a good stall and raising money for those in need, so thankyou to Lucy in Preschool who brought this request to our school meeting last week!

Next week, we start our Personal Project presentations. These will be timetabled for the afternoon sessions between 1:30 – 2:30pm on a Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Once it is decided ‘who will present when’, you will be welcome to come and watch. As this Monday is a public holiday, the first session will start on Tuesday 15th. We should know the timetable by the end of today!

That’s us for another week. I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend.

Love, Sarah

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Our movie night was a huge success. The children played, ate, laughed, and kept warm while they watched a film. Neptune, our fish, was very confused that we were all still at school when his light went out. It was a wonderful night with both classes playing together throughout the afternoon.

Summerhill day was a great day filled with a range of activities. Although the weather was rainy, lots of activities happened throughout the school. Beading, knitting, painting on canvas, tie dyeing, algebra, building, story writing, bubbles, and so much more. There were a number of children who run sessions throughout the day; they did a wonderful job.

Another week of cool weather. This week we’ve spent some extra time on our Personal Interest Projects, as our presentations start after the long weekend. The children have signed up to a time, and this is on our whiteboard.

During Mathematics this week, we’ve explored improper fractions and how to convert these into mixed numerals. The children have also looked at the importance of a decimal point for money and have completed questions involving addition and subtraction.

Reading groups have continued with fiction and non-fiction texts being read. The children answered a range of questions on each text to consolidate their understanding. New knowledge is discovered each week (I know I learn a lot from these texts too).

In English activities, the children edited a passage about the history of pizza. The children enjoyed reading the text, finding the errors, and then writing the passage out correctly.

On Monday, we visited the Lane Cove Library to return and borrow books. Our next visit won’t be until next term.

Our tennis skills are coming along. The children are showing more control of the ball, and understanding of how to stand, and they now know the difference between a forehand and a backhand.

This week, we finished “Charlotte’s Web’’ by E.B White, and the children have voted for a new novel ‘’The World’s Worst Teachers” by David Walliams. We’ll start reading this text once we have a copy of the book.

That’s it for this week. Have a lovely long weekend!

Leesa x

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Ball plans are going well and the committee is hoping that everyone will be here in rainbow colours for 6pm until 8pm on Friday. Most have already paid the $2 fee and decorations are already purchased. Lots of excitement, of course!

This week we have begun PIP presentations, and they are going beautifully so far. Topics have ranged from geography (Ghana and Norway) to pop culture (The Simpsons), biology (Snakes), history (Great Women), and psychology (ADHD). The depth of research and the expertise demonstrated in presentations has been most impressive so far. We will see four more today (we hope) and the rest will be presented with Vinnie next week.

In Maths, we have made fantastic progress with Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages. The understandings are strong, as evidenced in the posters we made yesterday. Feel free to come and have a look! The group will be moving onto a new topic with Vinnie next week.

In English, our scripts are coming along, and some of the short films are ready for rehearsal to begin. Filming is probably going to have to start next term, since the iPads are not yet here.

Unit 13 in Spelling and Maths books is due this week.

We are moving on from our Ancient History studies now, having spent quite some time learning about Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome in ancient times. We’ve learned about some famous people and about how most of those civilisations came to an end. The group is now curious about the two world wars, so they will look at some of that more recent history with Vinnie in the next two weeks.

Tennis is going well with new and improving skills obvious, and we are planning some bushwalking experiences for early next term. I’ll look forward to that!

Friday will be my last day for the term, so I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in any way this term. Thank you to Sally for planning and teaching French each Wednesday, and to the parents who have come along on Friday mornings to help with Sustaining Currambena. Thanks to those of you who came to our performance in Lane Cove on Reconciliation Day, too!

Have a wonderful last two weeks of term and a safe, warm, and enjoyable holiday!

With love,

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School Meeting Minutes Friday 4th June 2021

Chaired by Ewan and Taal

  • Chromebooks by Zariah - A reminder about looking after the Chromebooks.
  • Lost Money by Jess and Evie - Money was found under the monkey bars. Please see Jess if it is yours.
  • Preschoolers First by Lily - Reminder that at the end of the meeting preschoolers need to go first.
  • Tie Dye Fridye by Crafty – There are some shirts that have been tie dyed that need washing out. Please come to Craft today to help if you can. Crafty also reminded the meeting that next Friday (11th June) is Tie Dye Fridye. Wear your tie dye creation on this day.

Meeting adjourned

Preschoolers first.

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Hi Everyone,

High Tea on the Deck was a delicious success!

 Thank you to everyone who attended, to our organiser and team of helpers and to all those who baked!

We now have $126 in donations for the Ugandan orphanage Esubi Kids.

VISITORS to Currambena

Monday morning we had, Future Schools Alliance bring 19 people from various schools as far away as Kempsey to visit and hear more about Currambena. They asked lots of questions, were amazed with the whole story around our Build Week and the resulting play structures, were very curious about how we manage being a non-competitive school, and they loved the fact that we place such an importance on the value of learning through play. I myself am passionate about spreading the uniqueness of Currambena so always enjoying having these groups come to visit.

BOOSTER SEATS…… where are they??

We should have 24 seats. One was returned so we now have 14!!

We would really appreciate if parents could have a look in the garage, cupboards, boot of the car etc to see if they have any of these and return them to the office ASAP. We need to have an accurate inventory




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