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Hello everyone,

Well, what a busy week we’ve had in preschool. Here are some of the highlights.

On Monday we went to Kimberley Playground with Vinnie’s class for an action-packed morning of fun and play.

On Tuesday everyone in preschool hit the stage in Wendy’s class for the Currambena mini concert. The children had the choice of participating or observing, with everyone deciding to perform.

We had Michael in on Wednesday and Thursday, this meant that we got to do lots of music with Michael accompanying us on the guitar.

We also had a special party on Wednesday to mark the success of a preschool person. There was lots of delicious dinosaur cupcakes that the children made earlier in the day and some other special treats and music.

The reptile show on Thursday was enjoyed by all. It was fantastic to see children buzzing with excitement as they returned to preschool full of tales regarding the reptiles they saw and touched.

On Friday Junie and Evie’s Mum, Kirsten spent the morning with us in preschool doing a little maintenance. She also provided everyone with the opportunity to make spoon people, the children were delighted with the results. Thank you, Kirsten we really appreciate your time and the effort that went into providing this opportunity for the children.

In what feels like a blink of an eye we are now officially at the halfway mark of the school year. Wishing everyone an enjoyable and restful school holidays. We look forward to seeing the children return on Wednesday 24th July 2024.


Katrina, Lisa, Abi and Anna.

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Dear parents,
We’ve had a very joyous finish to the term. Our team building project was a fantastic exercise in design and construction but more importantly in cooperation, compromise, team work, persistence, time management and problem solving. Thirty five children working in one space on a single project is quite a feat and our little community absolutely showed their beautiful colours. I hope you have all had a chance to pop into the classroom to see the ‘Currambena City’ but if not, there are sone photos in the newsletter.

In other news this week, we’ve had a little bit of fun with Vinnies class, sharing a lovely activity on foot size and data displays. Our reptile show was fantastic and gave the children many opportunities to see and touch a range of beautiful animals (there was even a crocodile!). There’s been birthday pavlovas (for Otto), popcorn, movies, pyjamas, ‘Among Us’ play and a fantastic mini concert. Congratulations to both Siana and Oce who overcame significant nerves to perform beautifully. And of course we’ve also had PIP presentations from the elders who have all presented with Google slides for the first time and done a fantastic job. With all the fun at school, I’m sure everyone is ready for a good rest and some under stimulation!

Over the holidays, I will be attending the International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) in Taiwan. This is a fantastic opportunity for me to share and learn ways of implementing democracy in education across a range of systems. I’m very excited for this opportunity to learn from like minded educators and to share what we’re doing here at Currambena. With travel time, unfortunately the conference overlaps a little with the start of term three. Fortunately though, this means that Susan will be taking the class for the first week of school with my return to school date planned for the 31st August.

Next term I will also be sending out written student records and arranging times for individual parent/ teacher conferences. With my visit to Taiwan these will most likely kick off in week 3.

Warm and toasty wishes to everyone for this upcoming mid winter break.






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Happy holidays everyone!

I hope you all have a lovely restful two weeks planned.

It has been a fantastic final week with the group, and we had a number of exciting experiences together to end a busy term.

On Tuesday, a number of the children were very brave and chose to perform a musical piece in Wendy’s mini concert. It is always a really beautiful experience as children from preschool all the way up to the eldest class get up and present something they have been working hard on and feel proud of. Well done to all of those performers!

We also had our PIP presentations this week. Thank you to all of our parents that came to watch, I know the children love having you there as support and really enjoy showing off what they have spent so much of their time working on. The children have overcome such an incredible challenge in working on their PIPs this term, and for a lot of them, was their first time properly creating a digital project and learning how to use google, google slides, and even just navigate their way around a keyboard. Congratulations!

Finally, with Jess’ class this week we completed our class city, appropriately named ‘Currambena City’. The children were so engaged with the task and it made a beautiful end to our unit of work ‘All Around the World’.

Thank you again for such a fantastic term, I am always grateful for your involvement in your children’s learning and supporting the little community we are building in and out of the classroom. See you next term!

Amelia x

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Hi folks….

We’ve had an extremely quiet time this week with 5-6 children away each and every day – a couple overseas and the others  – very unwell! So, we did a fair amount of chillin!! The group were supported by Amanda on Monday and ventured to Lane Cove library. They also looked at 2D Nets of shapes, recognised the 3D shape and its name. On Tuesday, we had the last of our PE choices and watched a magnificent min-concert in Wendy’s. It was so wonderful to see such an array of ages and performers. There were singers, dancers and musical instruments played. Congratulations to everyone who were courageous to get up and give it go!

Wednesday, we did some drawing and copied some instructional videos on how to draw… a hummingbird, minion, hot air ballon and ice cream. As Crafty was away sick this week we snuck in to the craft room on Wednesday afternoon and then again on Thursday. My ‘small’ group of children sat around the table chatting away whilst supporting eachother using hot glue guns, stanley knives and balsa wood to co-create various different sculptures. I took musical requests and enjoyed listening and observing them with their collaborations.

Thursday, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Reptile show which was pretty spectacular and we did our Big clean-up. On Friday, it was lovely to welcome Amber back for the day and sad to say farewell to Sebie and his family. A walk up the street to buy lunch and a movie was a befitting end.

Next term, in the 2nd week, I have an excursion booked to the Museum of Sydney then Hyde Park Barracks. On Tuesday, 30th July, a bus will pick us up in the morning and drop us off at the Museum where we will have a look at an Aboriginal art exhibition. We will then stop off at The Botannical Gardens for a bite and make our way up to Hyde Park Barracks for a tour and experience as… ‘Life as a child convict’. The bus will collect us from this venue and transport us back to school. I will have 2 spots on the bus for 2 parent helpers. Let me know if you are free and would like to join us for the day. Should be a great historical experience.

Thankyou, to Jennifer (Lexi’s mum) who has kindly offered to take over as our class parent rep.

I think thats all apart from saying… have a restful break and I’ll see you for Term 3 on Wednesday, 24th July.

Love, Sarah

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Middle of winter, end of term and half way through the school year! Some of our Year 6s are beginning to feel both excitement and sadness about the prospect of leaving Currambena in another six months. On 7th August, there’s going to be a Philosophy Evening for all parents and we’re hoping to hear from some of our ex-students about the impact Currambena has had for them in their lives. I hope you all have this date in your diaries.

We have completed our PIP presentations now and they have all been so interesting and well presented. I have learned about Sol de Janeiro products and lots about Sweden, that snails can swim, that Olivia Rodrigo is only 21 and that there are over 40 million games on Roblox! It is such a wonderful learning process for the children, researching a topic of interest and putting together a presentation about it. Congratulations to all the children for their efforts this term.

In class this week, we held a parliamentary debate on the topic “That pineapple belongs on pizza”. It was fun to hear the persuasive uses of language in operation as well as the parliamentary processes… speaker calling upon members to speak, Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition summing up the arguments… and then the vote! The motion was not passed and a great deal of fun was had! Next term, we’ll hold a formal debate with only six speakers and a chairperson.

I will add more of the children’s writing to the Google document … hope you are enjoying this! PLEASE ADD THE LINK AGAIN THANK YOU!!

In Maths, fractions are going well. We’ve learnt about equivalent fractions, mixed numbers and proper and improper fractions as well as adding and subtracting when denominators are related. There’ll be a little to finish off on this topic next term.

We have been practising spelling and placing the states, territories and capital cities of Australia on a map and some of the children can accurately spell and label all of these already. There’ll be more Geography next term along with History as we prepare for Canberra! Much discussion about this in the past week and I hope to be able to send final details in an email soon.

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped our group (or the school!) over the past term.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and stay warm and well.


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Congratulations to all the performers at this week’s mini concert! What a fabulous array of talent … singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and all with such confidence and obvious enjoyment! Well done everyone involved!

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Hello everyone,

Firstly, a huge thank you to Gina and everyone that attended maintenance day last Sunday. As always, the school looked amazing on Monday. We were thrilled to find the outdoor area of preschool looking so pristine. We all really appreciate the time and attention that was put into this and from the conversations we’ve been having with children know that many of the preschool families were involved with this.

We were again fortunate enough to have Michael back with us for most of the week. He has superstar status in preschool, with lots of excitement from the children each day when he arrived. It led to lots of children requesting he joins them for games of soccer on the basketball court and plays his guitar, so children could revisit songs they are interested in.

The children voted to not walk to Kimberley Playground on Monday, though we did head off to Lane Cove Library on Wednesday. Hopefully, next week we’ll walk to the park for our last Monday of the term, weather depending!

As our astronomy unit has finished, we are now providing group time in place of this. This week the children have enjoyed participating in construction experiences, developing a dance for the upcoming music concert, and have begun project work on dinosaurs. When we offer group time we are first coming together as a large group, children are told what activities are available in each group, and then able to choose to participate in the group they are interested in.

There continues to be a lot of illness about in preschool. Preschool children have immature immune systems, and as many, if not all the children in preschool, were born during COVID, we are finding the spread of illness is more prevalent than ever. A huge thank you to everyone that has kept unwell children at home to prevent the spread of their illness to others.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Lisa, Abi and Anna


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Hi all,

This will be my last newsletter entry for the term, as I am going on leave for the next week.

Meg is returning to Currambena to cover my class for the week. She has been working and living out west in country NSW.  She is very capable and I am sure the children will have a wonderful time with her.

This week we focused on Reptiles – this will continue into next week with Meg to coincide with an animal incursion. Our class was very keen for me to organise this – we will have a special Reptiles Up Close on Thursday.

We walked up to the library for our last session of the term. The children enjoyed looking through the books and having parents who walked up with us read them stories.

We looked at making equal groups and sharing between groups as opposites. For example, making three groups of three is the same as sharing nine between three groups.

On Thursday we had an interesting discussion in class meeting about sicknesses and packing away. The children talked about how lots of people were sick this morning. This meant not everyone could sit on the couch if they were sick. Some children noticed that some people who said they were sick might not actually be sick. I let everyone know that as an adult and their teacher I have a lot of experience in seeing when children are sick and how sick they are. I know if someone might need an ambulance in an emergency, or whether they should be at home resting. I also can tell if someone needs a break and sometimes they can feel better and join back in.
After this discussion we had a handful of sick people making swift recoveries and enjoying the rest of their day at school.
We also talked about our pack away – whether one or two people should be able to sit out if they were tired or sick. We came to the conclusion that unless you were truly sick and needed to go home, it would be unfair not to join in.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday, in the first half of next term I will organise a schedule for us to have mid-year parent teacher meetings and will send you your child’s report before out meeting.

All the best,







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