Photo of the Week Term 1 Week 4

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Hello everyone,

Another great week in preschool with lots happening.

The gastro outbreak was fortunately short lived. In total we had 3 cases in total, with 2 of the children coming down with it while at preschool. The teachers have ensured that everything in preschool was cleaned and disinfected daily to reduce the risk of its spread to others. We also stepped up the hand washing, with everyone being asked to wash their hands on arrival and departure at preschool. We are very fortunate to have a large well-ventilated space in preschool and as we offer indoor outdoor play for most of the day which helps with reducing the spread of illness among children. We’ll be reintroducing the fruit and veggie platter on Monday so please don’t forget to bring something in.

The children are really getting into the grove of coming together as a group. Each day we provide opportunity for everyone to come together as a large group in which they are given a choice as to what small group they would like to participate in. This week there has been ongoing work regarding painting around the sea. The other group has been focusing on emotions, conflict resolution and protective behaviours. CR is a big part of being at Currambena and an ongoing process of learning throughout children’s time at Currambena.

It was lovely to have one of the Elders ask to perform on the preschool stage this week. It’s ignited a passion in many of the children to hit the stage and perform for others. It’s great to see children being uninhibited, confident, and joyous, just like all children off.

Our first canteen experience on Monday was a big hit among the preschool. It was also great to see that all children had a lunch box with food so weren’t dependent only on canteen food. We find that often what the children think they may like from the canteen menu is different to the reality of the food that is being served.

Lastly a big thank you to Oliva in primary for the generous donation of books to preschool.


Lisa, Abi, Jenny and Katrina

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Hi all,

What wild weather we had this week! A mix of storms and rain with cold weather and lots of humid and hot days too!

We didn’t attempt to walk to swimming on Tuesday with the off and on of the storm. We will aim to walk up to swimming around 1:15 this coming Tuesday and we would love any parents who want to walk up with us or meet us there. It would be great to have another adult in the water to help some of the children explore a bit deeper into the leisure pool.

This Monday the 26th we will walk up to the library around 1:30 in the afternoon. Feel free to send me an email if you would like to join us for the walk or meet us at the library.

The children have been very excited watching the metamorphosis of our frog spawn. We have been taking scientific diagrams and discussing the tadpoles every day.

This week was our first week of independent sentence writing: on Monday, the children watch me write a simple sentence (this week was “I am Vinnie.”);Tuesday, the children help me write the sentence; Wednesday, they have a go and I help; Thursday, they try by themselves; Friday, they have a go by themselves in their new writing book and I offer help if needed. If you would like to have a look I can show you where our writing books live.

The children were also keen to get their first drawing books. This term we will be learning to tell creative stories through our drawings.

Thanks for all the baby photos, apologies for the lack of response to emails – the email firewall has been overactive for the last few months. Please let me know if I haven’t responded to your messages. This last week we looked at family trees and drew pictures of our family. This coming week we will look at artefacts from the past. Could you please send in a favourite toy from when your child was a baby – or any other historical artefacts.

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Hello Everyone,

This week it has been really wonderful to feel a sense of coming together. Our little group is beginning to feel like a proper team and I think the children are feeling a sense of who we are as a learning community. I’m excited for next week to develop this further and to encourage the children to feel even more ownership over the classroom culture and more independence. This will look like the children holding each other accountable for their behaviour (rather than relying on top down teacher corrections) and helping each other with their learning.

Our class meetings have been very engaging (if not a little long) but I’m proud of the children for showing responsibility over how the space functions. We even had a little group of children express their concerns over being called “little’ by the elders in the school and I was proud to witness how brave they were in visiting that classroom to deliver the message.

This week in maths we’ve continued to explore measuring length and place value, and in English we had so much fun making Noun Town to consolidate the children’s understanding of a noun being “a person, place, thing or idea”.

I had a gorgeous session with the younger children from Amelia and my class on Thursday as we explored a book called “Hey, Little Ant” by Hannah Hoose and Philip Hoose. We discussed the ethics of squashing ants by exploring the ways they are the same and different to humans. Our ‘Wacky Weather’ unit of work certainly came to life this week with very dramatic thunderstorms and rain, and on Thursday we explored the children’s understanding of condensation and evaporation. For some children, the thunderstorms were a very scary experience, but I was proud that we pulled through together. Perhaps this weather played some part in bonding us together as a group…


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Hi everyone,

This week our literacy stations got into full swing now that the group have become familiar with the routine and expectations. We focused on completing our Soundwaves textbook with the help of Archana, practising our handwriting on an iPad app, doing our best at writing a sentence or two about our weekends, and reading in a small group with myself. During our rotations between each station, we practised being as quiet as a mouse, tip-toeing and keeping our voices off. The best mice this week were Oscar, Audrea, Luca, and Sienna. Keep it up team!

Unfortunately, due to the wet weather, we missed out on our library and swimming sessions for the week. Instead of Library, we listened to an ABC kids weather podcast ‘Weather in the Imaginarium’. It connected nicely to our integrated unit with Jess’ class ‘Wacky Weather’, and answered some questions we will be exploring as the unit progresses. The children drew pictures of what they could hear, such as showing how the sun causes the wind or why our days are shorter during the winter seasons. Instead of swimming we created ‘Noun Town’, our class’ imaginary town filled with any noun they could think of from clouds, to fires, to giraffes, to dragons.

With Jess this week we looked at condensation as part of our introduction into the water cycle last week. We decorated sandwich bags with rain clouds and people holding umbrellas, and filled the bags with a small amount of blue coloured water. On Friday, we came in throughout the day to look at our bags and see the condensation develop. Would the condensation be clear or bright blue like the water in the bag? What do you think!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Amelia x

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It was lovely to see so many people at the welcome breakfast on Wednesday morning. Thank you to Olivia and her helpers for organising this for us.

Special welcome this week to Grace and her family who have joined the Currambena community. A wonderful week to start… with camp next Wednesday!

We are fully into planning for camp and excitement is building! Cabins are being organised and we’ve looked at some photos from last year… hopefully we’ll have good weather! Please return the forms asap if you haven’t already done so. $382 is payable into the school bank account with your child’s surname and CAMP in the reference line. We now have drivers for both trips there and back… thank you so much to everyone who has offered to help. I will send a final note on Monday after we have finalised cars.

In Maths this week we’ve continued with our number studies, learning, and revising how to round numbers off to the nearest whole number, 10 or 100 etc and also practising ordering decimal numbers. We are completing Unit 2 in our textbooks and practising times tables as usual.

In English, story writing, spelling and some grammar revision have been our focus, including a word search with some grammatical terminology just for fun.

In our Music time this week, the group went in two separate 30 minute sessions to Phil, doing different activities which seemed to work well. In Art, there is some fabulous drawing, beading and mixed media construction going on, along with some pottery using the wheel. So much to choose from!

We are also having great fun with board games in the classroom. It’s also been wonderful to see some outside games involving lots of children of different ages. We try to make sure everyone has hats and sunscreen on.

Thanks very much to Sarah D for taking the group on Friday when I had to front up for jury duty. Luckily, I was excused from being in the list for the 12-week case!

Have a great week!


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Dear Currambena community,
In 2006, a former Currambena student, Patrick Price formed a charity called The Centre for Learning & Children Rights after a trip to Nepal. This was to support a new way of educating young people in Nepal. With a group of Nepali teachers,colleagues & supporters in Australia, Heartland Academy in Kathmandu Nepal was established to educate mainly marginalised groups & young women. Now Heartland has 500 students from Pre-school to Year 12, a second small school in remote Nepal, a Women’s College & a Women’s Health Centre focusing on Cervical Cancer screening & early treatment. Through our fundraising events & donors we have been able to build,resource & train teachers to deliver a more democratic & participatory model of education to enhance our young people’s lives.
So we invite you to come our next Trivia Night to raise funds for our ongoing work. or email Chris Price – for more details.

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Wendy’s group will be away at camp next week so no piano or guitar lessons from Wednesday to Friday. Piano with Arin will go ahead as usual on Thursday.

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Hello everyone,

It seems the children are getting into the groove of becoming a preschool community. It can be tricky for some children to make the transition into preschool of a morning though it isn’t taking everyone long to settle in.  It’s lovely to see the group embracing each other through lots of group dramatic games, music and movement activities and group games,  where everyone is welcome to join.

This week has been a busy one, we’ve celebrated Chinese New Year, with the children decorating preschool using the beautiful decorations that Jasper’s Mum donated, made our own lanterns and read many stories around this celebration. On Tuesday it was National Apology Day, we discussed how many, many years ago the people that were in charge of running our country made some bad choices and many Aboriginal families were hurt and became very sad. It was Carnivale on Wednesday, with Carolina teaching the children about this celebration that occurs in many Spanish speaking countries.

We had our first Buddies session on Tuesday. We kept it informal as we didn’t want to overwhelm anyone. It was gorgeous to see how many preschool children were keen to spend time with the Elders of the school. There are a few confirmed buddies already! Next week we’ll sit everyone down to give children the opportunity to choose a buddy if they wish.

On Friday we celebrated Michael and his amazing contribution to preschool over the last 13 plus years. We all went to school meeting so he could say goodbye to everyone at school. We had a lovely whole school sing along that the preschool children really enjoyed. Michael has been an amazing preschool teacher and will be sorely missed by everyone at Currambena.

Lastly a reminder that all children need to bring either a legionnaire or broad brimmed hat each and every day they come to preschool. Also please help us help your child by ensuring all their belongings are labelled.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Lisa, Jenny, Abi and for the last time Michael.

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