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Hello everyone,

We can’t believe how incredibly quickly this year is coming to an end, only 2 more weeks to go!

We’ve hit the ground running this week, with two orientation mornings for new families starting preschool next year. The current preschool children have been so welcoming to the new children, introducing themselves and inviting them into their play. On Monday morning all the children making their transition to Vinnie’s class next year spent the morning with him. We were thrilled to see how much they all enjoyed it and how ready they are to begin the primary next year.

We’ve spent this week busily preparing for one of the biggest events on the preschool calendar, the end of year preschool thank you afternoon tea. We’ve measured, poured, beaten and baked our way through over 100 vegan cookies and many loaves of banana bread.  We’ve had countless practices with the children being more than ready to greet and serve their families when they arrive this afternoon. We’re sure you will be impressed by how skilled everyone is.

The mud kitchen is now an integral part of many children’s days at preschool. Lots of food colouring is being added to the water which is incorporated with sand, dirt, leaves, sticks and petals. There’s a great deal of experimentation and exploration occurring here.

There has been great interest in writing and drawing this term. The children have been busily making thank you cards for all the people that have been a part of preschool this year. There’s also been a great deal of interest in Christmas craft, thanks to the recycled Christmas cards that were donated to preschool by Freya F’s Grandmother.

As always, thanks you to everyone that has taken our washing home for us over the last week. We’ll be putting up a preschool end of year cleaning list shortly, for those of you that may wish to have those maintenance hours done for term 1 of 2023!

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone next Thursday at 2pm for afternoon tea. Please remember that even if your child doesn’t attend on a Thursday, we’d really love them to attend as everyone has played a big part in organising and preparing for the event.

That’s it for this week!


Katrina, Michael and Lisa


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Hi everyone,

We’ve had a great week! I’ve been enjoying reading 1 on 1 with students to see how they’ve improved so much from the start of the year, to handover to the next teacher. In writing we’ve written some persuasive posters about sun protection and put them around the school! We wrote persuasive writing about all of the students in the class and their great qualities that make us want to be friends with them. We’ve also been doing some Christmas/holiday craft. In maths we’ve been learning about left and right.

We’ve been getting things ready for the next year – the orientation day was lovely, the students all had an experience of a new room, group and teacher. It’s great to see how resilient everyone is to changes at this time of year. I had the pleasure to attend the transition evening on Tuesday with Vinnie and the new parents of the next year’s class, and that was so lovely, it’s going to be a great year. Thank you beautiful Diamonds families for my gorgeous present :). So thoughtful!

Just wondering if anyone would be free to help with swimming next Tuesday or the Tuesday after (6 or 13 December)?

Just confirming the last day of school is Wednesday, Dec 14th. If anyone is going on holiday early, please, let me know, so we can say goodbye properly, send books home, and open their time capsule writing/drawing from the start of the year!

Love, Emma

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I am away on Camp…….. till next week!!!!

But here are some photos:

  • From orientation morning with the class of 2023 – making Magic Hats!!!
  • Swimming in the 50 metre pool on Tuesday
  • Drawing portraits of each other

Have a nice weekend!



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Hi everyone,
Our group is having a great time at camp. We spent the first few days at school this week discussing the activities and making agreements.
We had a fun day Tuesday getting to use the outdoor pool at Lane Cove. The children decided last week to begin the end of year Kris Kringle. As a group we came up with some guidelines and agreements.
Orientation day on Monday was great, with the group getting to visit where they will be next year.
I’ve included some photos of our activities at camp – we are all having a blast!
See you soon,

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Hi everyone.

Not very much to say this newsletter because I’ll be sending families a detailed email with information about camp next week! Very exciting!

During the past week, our Year 6s have been working hard with Chris to create their Year 6 Leavers’ project. They will work on it again today.

Orientation Morning went really well and we had a fun morning in our room with the 19 children who’ll be in this group next year. Welcome to Caetano, who will be taking over from Vinnie.

We have been tidying up some maths topics, such as data and chance, and we have been preparing a presentation about Australia for a connection with a school called Heartland Academy in Nepal, which a couple of our children have visited. One of the Heartland classes has prepared a presentation about Nepal and we are going to share ours on a Zoom meeting this afternoon. Very exciting.

Many thanks to Paul, Rebecca, Alex and Simon (especially) who drove us to Macquarie for ice skating yesterday. It was a fabulous excursion and everyone had great fun. Thank you Simon for stepping in at the last moment!

Tomorrow, Friday, I will take a small group with me to shop for groceries for camp. Please make sure you are at school between 7am and 7:30 am on Monday to help pack the trailers and gear and then be away from the “no parking” area by 8:30. We will decide on car groups tomorrow.

Fingers crossed for a sunny week next week! Have a good one.


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My time at Currambena began when I was three years old, I started in preschool in the same year that Katrina started.. I remember being really sad when my mummy left me at preschool for the first time. Chris (Price) taught me a secret strategy on how to not be sad by thinking of a list of things that young me would like to do. She showed me how to make tectonic plates and I thought it was the best thing ever. I also especially liked to build dams in the old sandpit that had a water pump.
Then kindy came. I had three teachers: Sue, Tammy and Jess. I don’t remember much about kindergarten, just that there was a chicken called Fluffy. I learned to climb up on the old cubby house roof and made a cardboard city. I was a cheetah in the school play.
And then it was time for year one. I had an amazing teacher called Marius. I remember making little rockets out of who knows what but it was fun. We dissected cows’ eyes for “SCIENCE”, made potions, and walked down to the magic bridge and sang a song. We had a class pet called Blizzard the lizard who we may or may not have sent down the silver slide….. I also chaired school meeting with my friend Miro.
When I moved to year two I had a nice teacher called Sarah and remember that in term two I went 24 units ahead in my spelling book, just because I could. I also remember that I did my Personal Interest Project (PIP) on the Black Death and needed 250 words but only got 249 words and was annoyed.
Then I moved into Leesa’s class for years three and four. It was Leesa’s first year at Currambena. I went on my first ever school camp to Mowbray Park. I was scared but It was so fun! During our class play in year three, I had to say a huge line about the Gold Rush and I only had two days to memorise it. In year four, there was a build week where we built the jacaranda treehouse, the tunnel at the gate (that you hit your head on) and the treehouse. I loved that week. And then C***D came and we were all stuck inside. My friend Jana and I were the last kids standing at school.
Then Wendy’s class came…… The first thing I can remember was Little River camp. It was so much fun. My friend, Miro and I were “sea dogs” because we capsized everyone’s boat. Then came our uninvited guest C***D (DO NOT EAT BATS) and cancelled our school trip to Canberra. And we were back into lockdown. AGAIN!!! But Wendy was always available for questions and Gladys’ magic number. Three of my classmates and I participated in an international conference with Derry Hannam. My project was about aviation in WWII and he told me a story about living next to the airfield where spitfires would take off. We went to Jervis Bay camp – I don’t remember much about that camp except when my friend Kiyanush put his swimmers on over his tracksuit pants.
This year, in year six, we finally did get to go on school camp to Canberra. It was great fun and I especially liked going to Questacon. There were TVs in each room!
And now we’re here, about to finish year six. My family and I are moving to Albury-Wodonga and I will be going to Trinity Anglican College for high school. My visit days there went well and I’m looking forward to the move.
I’ll miss my friends but will hopefully make plenty of new ones at my new school.
Thanks for everything, Currambena! From Peregrine

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Chaired by Evie and Rhea (Vinnie’s Class)

• Whole school party by Lucia – can we have a whole school party on the basketball court at the end of term? Vote for party in the last week on Tuesday at lunchtime. People bring food or drink to share.
• Soft plastic recycling by Safi – reminder that we can’t recycle soft plastics for now so don’t fill up the soft plastic bins/containers. Wendy reminds to try not to bring plastic to school at all.
• Sand and sink by Wendy – sink at the back of Emma’s room was full of sand and tanbark. Reminder to not to this as it damages the plumbing.
• Brooms by Alex – reminder to treat equipment with respect. Don’t jump on the brooms.
• Last week by Lucy – can I bring candy canes on the last week? Vote – the very last day you can bring candy canes as a gift for someone. However, they can’t be eaten at school.
• Toys by Zara – I lost one of my toys, someone found it. I think no one should blame it on the other person. Reminder to look after your things and if you find something put it in lost property.
• Concert by Wendy – Congratulations to all the performers! Feedback from some parents is they felt uncomfortable with the number of guns in the play. Considering Currambena has a no guns rule, please discuss the issue of guns in the play with your class.

Lost property was handed out.

Meeting adjourned, pre-schoolers first.

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Hello everyone,

The preschool children gave a wonderful performance on Friday evening. They were so courageous in getting up on stage performing in front of a huge audience, we were so proud of everyone. We’ve been talking to the children about how they are feeling after the concert, there’s a general consensus that they felt “really happy and proud.”

Now that the concert is over, we’ve started to prepare for the Preschool Thank You Afternoon Tea. This is a gorgeous event where the children invite all the special people in their lives that have helped them throughout the year. The children decide what the menu will be, make all the food and serve the afternoon tea to their guests. This week the children have been making the invitations and have started to plan what they will make to serve at the event. Please keep a look out for the invitation to this in your child’s bag if they forget to give it to you.

Preschool took great delight in participating in Summerhill Day on Wednesday. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children in preschool to spend some time working alongside older children in primary. Children took part in Spanish games, beading and jewellery making and capture the flag. A special event for everyone to be involved in, also a great transitional experience for the preschool children that will be moving into primary at Currambena next year.

The Department of Education has sent all families in preschool a box of 5 RAHT tests. As COVID cases are increasing rapidly at the moment we ask that should your child display any cold or flu like symptoms you not only keep them at home where they can rest and recover from their illness, you also use the RAHTS to test for COVID. We’ll ensure we notify all families in preschool if we have any confirmed cases.

Thank you to all the families that took part in the maintenance day on Sunday. We really appreciate the time and energy you contributed to helping maintain our beautiful school. Thank you to Annie. Jasper’s Mum in primary for the donation of toys and games and to Vince and Noni, Arthur’s parents for the huge wooden Jenga and outdoor game.


Katrina, Michael and Lisa

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